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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell blatantly lied to make Tom Brady look dishonest

There are plenty of things Tom Brady could be lying about when it comes to his alleged role in Deflategate. But after skimming through the transcript from Brady’s appeal hearing, it has become obvious that Roger Goodell tried to make Brady look more dishonest than he actually was. The best example can be seen in…Read More

Roger Goodell asks police to keep an eye on his Maine vacation home

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not a very well-liked man in New England, which has led to some concern about his vacation home in Maine. According to the Portland Press Herald, the NFL contacted the Scarborough police on Tuesday shortly before or after Goodell announced that Tom Brady’s four-game suspension has been upheld. “They did…Read More

Tom Brady agent Don Yee: Roger Goodell ignored electronic information

Tom Brady had no luck appealing his four-game suspension in front of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and his agent is not surprised. Shortly after it was announced on Tuesday that Brady’s suspension has been upheld, Brady’s agent Don Yee called the appeal process a “sham” and said he is not surprised with the result. He…Read More

Rob Gronkowski: Roger Goodell being ‘annoying’ with Tom Brady ruling

Roger Goodell is reportedly nearing a decision with Tom Brady’s suspension appeal, though “nearing” could mean almost anything. Like the rest of New England Patriots nation, Rob Gronkowski is tired of waiting. Gronk went on CBS This Morning on Friday to promote his new book, “It’s Good to Be Gronk.” When asked about Brady’s four-game…Read More

Joe Horn: Roger Goodell is the devil

Former NFL receiver Joe Horn is no fan of Roger Goodell, which isn’t too surprising given that that seems to be the popular public sentiment. But Horn had harsher words for the league commissioner than most. In an interview with The Football Girl, Horn spoke negatively about Goodell and called him “the devil.” “I don’t…Read More

Did Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft hug it out?

The NFL and the New England Patriots could be searching for a way to put the entire Deflategate scandal behind them. More specifically, Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft may have called a truce. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Kraft and Goodell both attended CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus’ 60th birthday party over the…Read More

NFLPA plans to call Roger Goodell as witness in Tom Brady appeal

The NFL Players Association on Friday released the full text of Tom Brady’s appeal letter, and it aims to have Roger Goodell removed as the arbitrator in the case. The NFL announced on Thursday night that Goodell himself will be the one hearing the appeal of Brady’s four game suspension, which most would agree is…Read More

Roger Goodell to preside over Tom Brady appeal

The odds of Tom Brady winning the appeal of his 4-game suspension for Deflategate just got a lot longer. Bleacher Report NFL reporter Mike Freeman reported (yes, that’s three times I said report or reporter in six words) Thursday that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will preside over Brady’s appeal. The NFL later confirmed that move….Read More

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