Sean Rooks Is Reffing a Local Rec League

If the NBPA and League owners can’t figure out a labor settlement by the end of June, there will be a lockout. Because of this inevitability, the NBPA has urged players to save their money and plan for the worst. They’ve even suggested players consider getting a second job.

Some players may be making plans to play overseas, like Ron Artest.  FIBA rules aside, most players won’t land themselves a cash-rich Euro contract.  So if these players are really desperate for work, maybe they should call up former NBA player Sean Rooks to see if he’s got any job openings.

What’s Sean doing for a living these days? Reffing my local rec league. Yes, you read that correctly. I was just as shocked when my friend sent me this picture of Rooks working a rec league game at Birmingham High School in Los Angeles, CA. For the record, he was a pretty good ref, besides, no one was going to argue with his calls; aside from playing in the NBA, the man stands 6’10” tall.

Sean Rooks has played 12 NBA seasons and has collected over $17 million dollars in salaries. Yet here he is, the tallest man on the court, reffing a few games a day over the summer. Not sure if he needs the extra cash, the extra exercise, or if he just misses being around the game. Either way, get ready to see a lot more of this from current NBA players who don’t have the financial ability to just vacation during the lockout.

A Closer Look at Ron Artest’s Decision to Change His Name to Metta World Peace

It was a lot easier to play the Name Game back in the days when people were named Shirley, Lincoln, and Tony. Now that celebrities have set the bar at a level as far away from common sense as humanly possible, names have spiraled out of control. Everything from hand fruit to descriptions of places and types of pickled vegetables to things you might find on a matchbook have been used to name the next generation of misfits who will grow up to be on the receiving end of countless beatings, swirlies, and wedgies. Athletes have taken the practice a step further. Seemingly dissatisfied with their given names, they have decided to change their names, presumably using some name-generator website on the Internet, creating an amalgam of foolishness and craziness before brandishing their “choice” as some kind of homage or political statement.

It’s fully understandable when you come across cases like Hakeem Olajuwon, who decided to add add the ‘H’ to his name early in his career or Dan Gadzuric- once gad-ZER-ik, later gad-ZOO-reech. Joe Theisman changed the pronunciation of his last name from “TEES-man” to rhyme with “Heisman” in an ill-fated attempt to win the trophy given to the top college player. Horrible irony, considering that it was the thigh that ended his career. There was even a time when the Nuggets’ J.R. Smith spent a day-and-a-half as Earl Smith just to avoid detection after a bad shooting night. In addition to the legion of spelling and pronunciation changers, there are plenty of athletes who were brought up in broken spelling homes. Chone? Andruw? Dwyane? It’s enough to cause my spell-check to take an early retirement.

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Foreign Reports Suggest Ron Artest May Try to Play in Finland

Ron Artest is known for his crazy behavior and spontaneous actions, so reading reports that he may be making plans to play basketball in Finland should not be taken lightly. Still, it’s extremely difficult to put much stock into these reports. BallinEurope.com via Eye on Basketball explains what’s going on. Someone named Hippo Taatila says:

“Finland’s top league Korisliiga will witness some serious NBA talent in September 2011, when Los Angeles Lakers forward/multipersonality Ron Artest will join league newcomer LoKoKo Loimaa.”

And in an Ilta-Sanomat newspaper, the LoKoKo sports directer says:

We have sorted things out and I can happily confirm that Artest will arrive in Finland.”

Alright, even for a guy who changes his name to Metta World Peace, reading a report suggesting he is planning to play in Finland is difficult to believe.

I’m guessing one of two things is going on here: one, maybe Artest is planning to go to Finland for some sort of goodwill tour. Two, maybe this is a backup plan in case there is a lockout. It just doesn’t make sense that a guy who has three years left on his Lakers contract would leave it for Finland. Seriously, think about how ridiculous that sounds. Can you really picture the reigning sportsmanship award winner playing ball in Finland while he still has good years left in the NBA? Neither can I.

UPDATE: Ron Artest’s agent denies the report

Ron Artest Trying to Change Name to ‘Metta World Peace’

Ron Artest, one of the wackiest dudes in the NBA, has done something you would expect him to do — he’s trying to change his name to “Metta World Peace.” According to TMZ, “Ron’s filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to — World Peace.”

We already know what “world peace” means, so naturally you’re asking what “metta” is. Metta apparently is a Buddhist term for the virtue of kindness.

Artest’s representative has confirmed the story to the Mason & Ireland show. The best part is Ron wants to have “Peace” written on the back of his jersey, apparently in aspirations of being like Chad Ochocinco who did the same thing. When it comes to Artest, should this really surprise us?

Of course not, this is the same guy that:
– Admitted to drinking whiskey at halftime of games
-Choked a player mid-game
Thanked his psychiatrist after winning the NBA Finals

I actually would have been disappointed if Artest hadn’t come up with something like this.

Ron Artest: Mike Brown Took LeBron James and Bunch of Old Ladies to Finals

Ron Artest supports the Lakers coaching hire of Mike Brown, his former coach in Indiana. Though Artest is disappointed that the players made it tough for Brian Shaw to be considered for the job because they fell apart in the playoffs, he thinks Mike Brown is a good coach. And he expressed his support in a way only Ron Artest can.

During an interview with Mason & Ireland on 710 KSPN in Los Angeles to talk about his hilarious prank by Jimmy Kimmel (watch the video here), Artest shared his thoughts on the Mike Brown hiring.

“I think it’s good,” Artest said. “Mike Brown is a guy who got LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship with just LeBron and a bunch of old ladies in canes. I don’t know how he did that, I don’t know how he did that, but he’s a great coach — I played for him in Indiana. He was a great defensive mind. Rick Carlisle did all of the offense, and Mike Brown did all of the defense.”

If you can get past the hilarious insult of the rest of the ’07 Cavaliers, Artest has some serious confidence in Brown. He also said that if he were more mature back in Indiana the team could have won some titles. Ron Ron also says he’s picking the Heat to win the Finals despite being down 3-2.

You look at his comments about the Cavs being a bunch of old ladies with canes and it’s no wonder he won a sportsmanship award this year. I’m also sure Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Drew Gooden, and some of the other players from that squad will have some words for Ron next time they see him.

Jimmy Kimmel Punks Ron Artest With Crazy PETA Ad (Video)

Ron Artest is one of those people who you can never seem to get a read on.  Buried within the maniac who drinks liquor at halftime and chokes opposing players on the court is a humanitarian who gave up his championship ring for mental health charity, showed up at a fraternity rush event, and was even nominated for the Citizenship award by basketball writers.  If that seems like a wide array of stuff, it is.

While he may be one of the most volatile personalities in all of sports, no man is off-limits for the brilliant Jimmy Kimmel.  Since we know Artest does a lot for the community, it shouldn’t surprise you that he agreed to do a public service announcement for PETA.  Little did he know he was being completely punked by Kimmel.  Check out the Jimmy Kimmel Ron Artest PETA video:

How great is that?  Artest’s reactions just get better and better as the video goes along, yet he just keeps on trucking.  A+ work for Kimmel.

Video: Ron Artest Clotheslines J.J. Barea

The Lakers were losing to the Mavericks at the end of Game 2 when Ron Artest decided to go Ron Artest. In a move only someone as numbskulled as him could have conceived, Artest ran into Mavs guard J.J. Barea clothesline style.

Artest received a technical foul and ejection for his actions. I know some people will defend him and say he shouldn’t be suspended, but there’s little doubt in my mind that he should be. The game was no longer in question, there was 30 seconds left, and Artest’s intent to harm Barea was clear. That’s a lot different from a physical play or doing something in the heat of the moment. This was clearly planned out by Artest and he should have to pay the price. Sadly, with the way he’s been playing, it might not be the worst thing for the Lakers if he missed Game 3.

UPDATE: As the Mavericks were getting ready to finish a sweep of the Lakers, Andrew Bynum leveled Barea with an even worse cheap shot.