Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum Rip Amare Stoudemire After He Calls Pau Gasol Soft

On Saturday, Knicks big man Amare Stoudemire called Lakers forward Pau Gasol soft. He was at the Foot Locker House of Hoops and was asked what it was like going up against Pau Gasol when he got off the blast. Here’s the video via Slam Online:

When word got back to Lakers center Andrew Bynum, he immediately questioned Amare’s place to call Gasol soft, writing on twitter, “The NBA is a weird place! How can a man that plays 0 defense call a 2 time champion soft?”

But the best response of all came from Ron Artest, no surprise given his level of craziness. According to Beto Duran, Artest said before the Lakers’ loss to the Jazz Tuesday night “Amare butt naked in magazines and Pau’s soft?” That of course was a reference to Amare’s participation in a partially nude spread in a magazine. And if that wasn’t enough, perhaps making an Amare sailor outfit reference would have worked just as well.

The NBA, where hypocritical happens.

Ron Artest Nominated for Citizenship Award by Basketball Writers

Ron Artest, everyone’s favorite crazy man, was one of four players nominated for the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship award. Go ahead and file this story under phrases you never imagined could have been true five years ago.

Yes, the same Ron Artest who was a big part of the Malice at the Palace, who bailed out on his teammates in Indiana to promote his rap album, and who used to drink liquor at halftime of games, is actually up for a good guy award. The crazy thing is Artest actually is a highly deserving nominee after changing his ways.

Ron Ron started seeing a psychiatrist who helped him overcome many mental issues, and he even shouted out his doctor after winning the finals. He’s become a citizen of the people, showing up at fraternity events and other community events. He frequently gives tickets away to fans and even treated a couple to front row seats to Game 1 of the Finals last year.

Perhaps nothing displays Artest’s kind heart, generous soul, and selfless nature than his decision to raffle off his championship ring — something for which he worked his whole life — to raise money for mental health charity. Most players would keep the memento to commemorate the landmark achievement, but Artest decided to use it as an opportunity to enhance other people’s lives.

Ron is a changed man and should win this award in a landslide. Outside of his occasional crazy relapses, he has been a model citizen from whom many players can learn.

Oh yeah, Dwight Howard, Kyle Korver, and Marcus Camby will be the runners-up are the other nominees.

Ron Artest Runs a Fan Over, Spills Beer Everywhere (Video)

Have you ever sat in the front row at a sporting event with a beer in hand? If you can answer yes to that question, I’d be willing to bet the thought of wearing your beer by the end of the game has crossed your mind at some point. The fear became a reality for a fan named Bob from San Antonio on Sunday, only his incident was a little worse. When a player came crashing into Bob, he ended up with a cup of coffee all over his white shirt. Check out the video of Ron Artest running over a fan, courtesy of Black Sports Online via SI Hot Clicks:

With how much people are paying for courtside seats these days, you might think the ticket comes with a personal butler.  Unfortunately for Bob, that isn’t the case.  Needless to say he’ll be on his toes for a full 48 minutes if he ever has floor seats to a basketball game again.

Ron Artest Gets Lakers Car from George Lopez Tonight (Pictures)

Ron Artest joined Lopez Tonight on TBS Wednesday evening to collect on a promise George had made on a previous visit. Lopez promised the Lakers forward a car — a Phantom actually — but the charitable Artest said all he needed was a Hyundai. Whenever Ron Ron saw George sitting courtside at Lakers games, he would remind him about the car. So Lopez finally invited Artest back on the show to promote his rap album and that’s when George presented him with the Laker Mobile. Here are some pictures of Ron Artest’s Lakers car:

The car came with purple and gold rims and breaks, as well as Lakers colors on the seats and interior. Here are a few more pics:

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Phil Jackson Says Ron Artest Runs Offense Better Than Kobe Bryant

When Lamar Odom looked sluggish toward the end of the game against the Thunder on Sunday and missed two crucial free throws, Kobe Bryant sent him a message.  On Tuesday, Phil Jackson was either attempting to send a message of his own to Kobe or giving Ron Artest a confidence booster.  Regardless, Bryant will probably let it go in one ear and out the other.

According to Pro Basketball Talk via the Orange County Register, Jackson told reporters on Tuesday that Artest can run the Lakers offense more effectively than Bryant. “He’s probably a little better at it (triangle offense) than Kobe is, because Kobe ignores the offense,” Jackson said.

Obviously that in no way means Artest is a better offensive player than Kobe, but it’s just another example of the Zen Master being himself.  What exactly Phil is trying to accomplish is a mystery as always.  One thing is for sure: Kobe taking over games and breaking out of the offense has won the Lakers multiple championships over the years.  His game isn’t going to change and Jackson doesn’t want it to.

The Lakers aren’t playing their best basketball, and Jackson understands that.  If he thinks a few subtle jabs here and there will help, he’s more than happy to provide them.

Ron Artest Briefly Chokes Shawne Williams, Refrains From Going Ron Artest

I’m no NBA insider, but I do know that a psychiatrist is about to be fired. After being on his best behavior all last season, Ron Artest seems to be breaking down in his second year with the Lakers. The volatile forward reportedly confronted coach Phil Jackson during a recent practice, and I have to say I believe the story after what happened Sunday night.

Artest got a technical foul for putting his hand on Knicks forward Shawne Williams’ throat in a choking position before retracting. The choking was the instinctual Ron Artest while the quick removal of the hand was the David Stern-ized Artest. Much like his comments two years ago, you could tell what Ron Ron really wanted to do but refrained from doing.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, later in the third quarter Artest went thug life on Amar’e Stoudemire, clothes lining the forward as he drove the lane. The move was completely excessive and indicated some frustration with Ron Ron. He seemed to be preparing for his NFL career after the NBA with the physical play. All I know is that if he keeps this stuff up, his brother’s prediction will come true. Here’s a video of the incident in case you missed it:

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Ron Artest Reportedly Confronted Phil Jackson Over Public Embarrassment

The Lakers have been struggling recently, losing the Christmas day warmup game to the Bucks, getting hammered by the Heat, and getting spanked by the Spurs and gasp! Grizzlies. Phil Jackson’s coaching methods that typically are termed “genius” when the team is winning have now been deemed problematic since the team is losing. One such person who has struggled with Phil’s coaching style is Ron Artest, who has complained about being publicly embarrassed by his coach dating back to last season. Artest has admitted to being lost in the team’s offense, and it’s clear his fragile psyche is not responding well to Jackson.

According to a recent story at Yahoo! Sports, “at a recent practice, league sources said, Artest loudly confronted Jackson. As he tried to fit into the defending champions a season ago and earn his way, Artest grudgingly went along with Jackson’s public floggings. This season, Artest has less tolerance for it. Essentially, Artest told Jackson that if he wants to coach him, coach him. Just stop embarrassing him in public.”

The message is the same as last year, but the report that Artest loudly confronted Jackson suggests the situation has escalated. It’s information like this that confirms what Artest’s brother recently suggested about Ron’s future with the team. As for the Lakers, they’ll likely turn things around, but it’s hard to say they’re better than Boston, Miami, or San Antonio. Another three-peat seems unlikely at this point, but not out of the question.