Ron Artest Appears at UCLA ZBT Fraternity House for Rush Event

Its been well documented that Lakers forward Ron Artest is a nutball and shameless self-promoter. From dying his hair blonde to showing up on late night talk shows in his boxers, we’ve known he was crazy. We also know that the guy connects with his fan base better than almost any other athlete thus making him extremely likable. Such was the case on Monday when Artest showed up at Zeta Beta Tau’s fraternity rush event at UCLA. ZBT actually won the right to have the Lakers star in attendance that night, according to UCLA’s student newspaper, the Daily Bruin, by selling the most tickets to a Los Angeles D-Fenders game of any fraternity.

Artest enjoyed Korean barbecue and played H-O-R-S-E with the attendees. About 130 rushees were in attendance which is about triple the crowd for a typical event and a handful accepted bids to pledge the house, according to the DB. For as much crap as Artest takes on and off the court, the guy really is incredible when it comes to connecting with the local fan base. I’m surprised he had a chance to make it out to Westwood now that he’s busy starring in a reality TV show. Anyway, here are some pics from the event, courtesy of Zeta Beta Tau.

Lakers forward Ron Artest shows up to Zeta Beta Tau’s rush [Daily Bruin]

Ron Artest Shaves His Head but the Purple Dye Remains

The blonde hair look was short-lived for Ron Artest. As we posted on Saturday night, Artest showed up to the Lakers game in Orlando Sunday with his hair bleached blonde and the word “defense” written in his hair in purple, spelled out in three different languages. Either Artest wasn’t feeling the blonde/purple look or was remorseful of all the attention his hair drew, or he just felt it needed to go since the team lost to the Magic. As of Monday, Artest had shaved his head, eliminating all the blonde. The only problem is the purple dye stuck in his scalp so it still fittingly reads “defense” in three languages on his head. Here’s Artest explaining why he shaved his head and a look at the purple dye stuck in his scalp:

I wouldn’t be surprised if guys like Kobe and Phil gave him crap after the loss and made comments like “we have guys more concerned with their hair than the game.” All I know is that was a waste of five hours on Saturday.

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Ron Artest Dyes His Hair Blond

If Ron Artest didn’t already draw enough comparisons to Dennis Rodman, he certainly will with his latest hairdo. Artest changes his hair so frequently he actually should have his own “Ron Artest’s hair” category here at LBS; Ron’s sported a Lakers logo, mohawk, and Rockets logo in the past few years. His latest change is going blond. Artest posted some pictures on twitter of his new blond look:

Although many people will compare Artest to Dennis Rodman, I don’t have any problem with what Artest does away from the court. I think most of his fun is in a good nature and that his hairstyles are harmless. He’s definitely a little off mentally but he doesn’t mean anything bad. The bottom line is that Artest is committed to the Lakers and that he’s figured out his weight issues. Being lighter on the court has translated to some stifling defense he’s played lately; he’s been the shutdown defender the Lakers thought they were getting. He even spelled out the word “defense” in his hair in three different languages to make his point.

Ron Artest Wears the Lakers Logo in His Hair For Debut

Laker fans were curious to see how Ron Artest would look in his Lakers debut. They soon found out he’d be content to defer to his teammates on offense and serve as a shutdown defender. Things went pretty well for the Lakers as they beat an improved Clippers team 99-92 and Artest had 10 points, 5 boards, and 4 assists. He also debuted a new hairstyle complete with some (Japanese?) characters in his hair, a Lakers logo, and then the word “Chat” which was a tribute to his late friend, Mike Chatfield. Anyway, here’s Ron Ron’s Lakers haircut from opening night:

Ron Artest Haircut Lakers Logo

Ron’s hair is often a hot topic here at LBS, particularly because a young student got sent home from school last year for mimicking Artest’s hairstyle. As for judging Ron’s hair for the opener, I’d say the Lakers logo was a fine touch but the writing on both sides was a little too much. Still, the Lakers should be even better this year with him in there as a defensive stopper. They’ll be tough to beat once again.

Houston Student Angel Mata Sent Home from School for Ron Artest Haircut

Well Angel Mata’s first mistake is cutting his hair like Ron Artest. The ‘do maybe was “hot” the first time around but now it’s getting a little out of hand because the fade is going too high on the sides. Anyway, when Charles Barkley says athletes aren’t role models, he might want to look at this story and think again. Where else would the kid get the idea from?

Angel Mata had the Houston Rockets logo shaved into his hair just like Rockets forward Ron Artest. But the haircut violates school policy and Angel has been told he can’t come back until the design is gone.

Angel’s father, Mike, said he is going to let his son keep the design until the Rockets are through playing. The Los Angeles Lakers have a 3-2 series lead in the NBA’s Western Conference semifinals.

Artest said he appreciated the support but wanted the kid to follow the school’s rules (which prevent designs in hair). While that’s the proper response I would expect to hear, to think that there’s a parent out there who would prefer to break the school’s rules and keep his kid from being in class is ridiculous. Even Ron freakin Artest knows better, and when he’s giving a good lesson in parenting, you know something’s wrong.

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

Ron Artest Wants to Know if You Think His New Mohawk Is Hot

Gotta love Ron Ron. First he meets with Craig Sager to say that Brandon Roy was the best guy he’s played against. Apparently unfazed by the backlash from that interview, he met with Craig yet again, this time to show off his new do. In case you missed Game 1 between the Rockets and Lakers, Ron Artest was sporting a mohawk with some designs carved into the sides, including the Rockets logo. As NBA tipoff shares with us, Artest just wants to know if you think the cut is hot:

I would say that Anthony Mason definitely approves. I’m not gonna lie either, that is kinda hot — you know, as far as Artest haircuts go. I think the Lakers might have to lose on purpose just so the world can see what his inverted mohawk will look like. Skeets has more on the Artest ‘do at Ball Don’t Lie.

Ron Artest: Brandon Roy Best SG in NBA

This off-day interview by TNT’s Craig Sager with Rockets forward Ron Artest was causing a nice little buzz in the TNT studios after the Nuggets/Hornets game. You Been Blinded summarizes the Ron Artest interview best: “In less than 80 seconds Ron says he’ll take Brandon Roy over Kobe and LeBron, calls out Roy’s defense, disses Charles Barkley, and claims Michael Jordan wanted to face him in his prime.” Yeah, that pretty much covers the entire interview. Turn the volume up and see whether or not you believe what you hear:

Yes, this is Ron Artest we’re talking about, so you can’t exactly put too much stock into anything the guy says. In case you couldn’t listen, here’s what he said “Roy’s probably the best player I’ve played against. He’s the best shooting guard. Defense, not on defense now … but he’s the best player I’ve played against.” And when Sager mentioned Kobe and LeBron’s names, Artest didn’t waver. That’s some pretty strong praise. For anyone who’s been watching the series, it’s easy to see where that praise is coming from — Roy’s played quite well and has been pretty responsible for their wins in the series.