Ronda Rousey reacted to Anderson Silva’s injury like the rest of us (GIF)

Ronda-Rousey-Anderson-Silva-reactionThe broken leg that Anderson Silva suffered during his loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 168 over the weekend was one of the nastiest injury’s the sport has ever seen. If you have watched the replay of the moment where Silva snapped his leg, you must have a pretty strong stomach. In fact, it was so bad that even Ronda Rousey almost fell out of her seat when she saw it.

After retaining her UFC title by submitting Miesha Tate with an armbar, Rousey watched the Silva-Weidman fight in her locker room. A hidden camera captured her reaction to Silva’s broken leg. Rousey may be one of the toughest women in the world and someone who is capable of beating up men at movie theaters, but the flopping leg made her cringe like anyone else.

Rousey’s reaction was much more reasonable than the one we think we heard from Weidman’s corner.

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Ronda Rousey refuses to shake Miesha Tate’s hand (GIF)

Ronda Rousey Miesha Tate handshakeThe beef between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate is real.

After defeating Tate by third-round armbar at UFC 168 on Saturday, Rousey refused to shake her opponent’s hand. Tate extended her hand as a show of sportsmanship, but Rousey turned her back on her enemy.

Rousey explained after the fight that Tate went too far by insulting her family. She said she wouldn’t shake her hand for doing that.

“Once you insult my family, I can’t shake your hand,” Rousey said. “For me family comes before anything. I can’t shake the hand of someone who spits on my back.”

Though it’s unclear exactly what Tate did to insult Rousey’s family, this probably goes back to something that happened on “The Ultimate Fighter.” The two fighters have despised each other for years and traded insults all throughout their training and time as opposing coaches on the UFC reality show. Rousey holding a grudge and maintaining it after winning further shows how strong her feelings are for Tate.

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Ronda Rousey submits Miesha Tate with armbar (GIF)

Ronda Rousey Miesha TateMiesha Tate did what nobody else has ever been able to do: take Ronda Rousey past the first round of a fight. But she eventually succumbed the same way all of Rousey’s opponents have in the past — by submitting because of an armbar.

Rousey submitted Tate in the third round of their UFC 168 fight to remain undefeated. She is now 8-0, while Tate is now 13-5 and has lost three of her last four.

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Ronda Rousey does not have a boyfriend but enjoys pre-fight sex

ronda-rousey5Ronda Rousey may not have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping up one of her important fight traditions.

Rousey has said multiple times that she believes having sex before fights is a good thing and she tries to do it frequently.

“It’s actually the opposite for women; if you have sex it raises your testosterone,” she explained during an interview with Conan O’Brien last year. “So it kind of sucks that I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I’m sure my Twitter’s blowing up with offers.”

Last November, Rousey elaborated on her pre-fight sex habits during an interview with Jim Rome.

“For girls it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually. Not with like everybody, I don’t put out like a Craigslist ads or anything, but if I got a steady I’m going to be like, ‘Yo, fight time’s coming up,’” Rousey said.

Yes, so Ronda Rousey, the best female MMA fighter in the world, says she tries to have as much sex as possible before fights because it raises her testosterone. She has medical science on her side, and you can’t mess with that.

The only question is who is Rousey’s steady at the moment? We know she’s been busy filming movies. For her sake, hopefully she’s been able to find a partner … not that that should be very difficult for her. When she gets in the octagon, she definitely has the aggression of someone who’s had a testosterone boost.


Ronda Rousey too cocky entering fight with Miesha Tate

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a huge favorite entering her rematch with Miesha Tate at UFC 168 for good reason. Rousey is 7-0 and has won all seven of her fights by first-round submission. She is an armbar machine, and it was only in her most recent fight against Liz Carmouche that she looked anything less than invincible. But Rousey is too cocky entering this fight.

Rousey will be starring in “Fast & Furious 7″ and “The Expendables 3″ and has been filming scenes for both movies. Filming has been time consuming; the long hours led to Rousey getting sick, which she says rarely happens. Rousey told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that the reason she filmed while preparing for a fight was to further challenge herself because just beating Tate again wouldn’t have been enough. You can hear Ariel’s question about filming the movies around the 1:10 mark in the video below:

“I need to prove people wrong about something,” Rousey tells Helwani. “I can’t just have everyone think it’s a foregone conclusion [that I'm going to win]. That doesn’t do anything for me, that doesn’t get me motivated. I need to have people doubting me. And I needed to create a reason for people to doubt me because I already won the UFC title and I already beat Miesha. So I needed to come up with a way to make it even harder and more difficult for people to be like, ‘Is that even really possible?’

“I need to find a way to make sure I’m doing something that’s never been done before for every single fight because that’s the only way I’m going to fight to my fullest potential.”

Despite the balancing act, Rousey says she feels great and that she’s never felt better entering a fight.

Feeling a need to challenge yourself and creating more obstacles is nothing new for top athletes, but it’s certainly risky. Rousey is making it sound like just beating Tate again wouldn’t be enough for her. I’m not sure why she feels that is the case. What, does she want to strap one arm behind her back and see if she can win? Will she only feel satisfied if she beats Tate by hopping on one leg?

It’s a dangerous attitude for her to have, even if I still think she’ll win the fight. She needs to give Tate much more credit than that.

Ronda Rousey swears during live SportsCenter interview (Video)

Ronda-Rousey-SportsCenterSomebody may need to wash Ronda Rousey’s mouth out with a bar of soap. The female MMA star is having herself a banner week. In a recent segment for FOX Sports, Rousey said she would get her upcoming opponent Miesha Tate lube for Christmas. On Thursday, Rousey swore during a live interview on SportsCenter.

Rousey described something as “sh–ty” during the interview, and instant awkwardness followed. She was reminded that the interview was on live television and children could be watching, at which point she put her hand over her mouth and apologized.

She seemed legitimately sorry for swearing, but ESPN should be well aware by now that Rousey can’t help herself. Keeping it PG-rated just isn’t her thing. Hey, at least she didn’t swear three times during one SportsCenter interview like this famous WWE star.

Video via The Big Lead

Ronda Rousey would give Miesha Tate lube for Christmas

Ronda Rousey SantaRonda Rousey’s dirty and inappropriate mind was at work again when she was asked what she would give Miesha Tate for Christmas.

Rousey did a video for FOX where she was asked what she would give as Christmas gifts to multiple MMA personalities. A lot of the gifts she mentioned were nice and thoughtful. That was until she was asked what she would give Tate, her nemesis and upcoming opponent.

“I’d get her some lube for [Bryan] Carraway, because spitting on it’s just mean.”

Carraway, of course, is Tate’s boyfriend, who also happens to be an MMA fighter.

Ronda Rousey for ya, everybody.

The rivalry between her and Tate is definitely one of the fiercest in all sports. It’s seriously at Auburn-Alabama levels.

Oh, and after volunteering answers like that to innocent questions, it seems wrong for Rousey to get upset when people ask her sex questions

Her mustache trimmer gift for Cyborg Santos was pretty funny, too, though.