Broncos running backs played rock, paper, scissors for last touchdown

Ronnie HillmanThe Denver Broncos have created a fantasy football nightmare with their crowded backfield. Knowshon Moreno emerged as the clear-cut starter with his breakout performance against the New York Giants last weekend, but Ronnie Hillman and rookie Montee Ball have still received their fair share of carries. On Tuesday night, the trio may have decided fantasy matchups with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Hillman ripped off a 19-yard run in the fourth quarter to get the ball down to the 1-yard line. In order to decide which running back would get the chance to punch the ball in, Hillman says he played rock, paper, scissors against Ball and Moreno.

“I mean, you definitely don’t want to see anybody else go in at that point,” Hillman told Gray Caldwell of DenverBroncos.com. “We were just messing around on the sideline. Just something to do. Have fun. Luckily I won, so it all worked out.”

So there you have it. Ball has lost a fumble in two straight games and Hillman put the ball on the ground three times in preseason. You would think Moreno has earned the goal line work by default, but fantasy owners who have Hillman or Ball really just need their running backs to get better at rock, paper, scissors. That would help your team rack up more wins.

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Ronnie Hillman not worried about competition with Montee Ball

Ronnie HillmanThe Denver Broncos have many running backs vying for carries this season, but Ronnie Hillman is not too worried about the competition.

Hillman rushed for 330 yards and a touchdown as a rookie last season, and he posted 83 yards in a playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos drafted former Wisconsin running back Montee Hall in the second round this year, but Hillman is not too concerned,

“He’s a good back,” Hillman said of Ball during an interview with Larry Brown Sports at the Playboy Mansion last week. “We’re two different backs. I’m happy for the guy. He’s a good player and he’s giving us competition in the backfield.”

Hillman told LBS that he is looking to build on his success last season and contribute more than he did last year. He also says the experience he gained last year will help him this season.

“I didn’t really know what to anticipate,” Hillman said of his rookie year. “It was my first year and I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I know now.”

There was a lot of change in Denver last season. The team signed Peyton Manning as quarterback, and he returned from multiple neck surgeries to have a fantastic season, which included throwing for 37 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions. Hillman talked about Manning’s style as a leader.

“He’s going to hold you accountable for everything for you do. How deep your route is, how far. He holds you accountable but he also holds himself accountable to the same (standard).”

In addition to Ball, the Broncos added wide receiver Wes Welker this offseason. Hillman called Welker “another weapon” for the offense. Asked if the offense could set some records this season, Hillman gave a smile.

“Probably, could be. We’ll see.”