Caroline Wozniacki: I’m the Real Superstar in Relationship with Rory McIlroy

Caroline Wozniacki is the top-ranked female tennis player in the world and she jokes that she’s the real superstar in her relationship with golfer Rory McIlroy.

“I tease Rory, saying, ‘That’s how it is when you go out with a superstar,’” she told The Mirror.

Woz says she did not expect news of her relationship with Rory to blow up the way it did, but she’s used to the attention.

“In Denmark, I’ve been in the public eye for a long time and you just learn to live your life and not think too much about everything around.”

Both athletes have said that being with one another helps them because they each understand what life is like in the spotlight. We’ve thought that their relationship was kind of lame, especially when they stupid things like this and this. We at LBS still play for Team Holly.

Holly Sweeney Bans Friends from Mentioning Rory McIlroy Over Christmas

This just in: Holly Sweeney hasn’t gotten over Rory McIlroy.  I realize that may be hard to believe when you take into consideration her golf pros and tennis hoes party and the fact that she is still giving interviews about how Rory broke her heart.  The most recent proof that she still longs for McIlroy came over the Christmas weekend, when she turned the golfer into He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

“Holly is a very strong girl so she’s not losing sleep over the fact Rory is bringing Caroline (Wozniacki) home to the North for Christmas but she has banned any mention of him,” a source told the Irish Daily Mirror.

That means no talking about any of his big wins and certainly no mention of the corny moments Rory and his new girlfriend have shared together.  Holly even made it clear that Rory is not allowed to send her presents or cards, but she had a friend deliver gifts to her dogs which still live with McIlroy.

Sweeney was with McIlroy for every Christmas since she was 15 prior to this year, so you can understand why she might feel bitter.  A friend said she’s “looking forward to a new start in 2012,” but something tells us we haven’t heard the last of McIlroy stories that pertain to Holly Sweeney.

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Rory McIlroy Admits He Cried After Choking at the Masters

Rory McIlroy won the U.S. Open in June by shooting the lowest score in the tournament’s history. At 22 years old, he also became the tournament’s youngest winner in 88 years. But before that, McIlroy had choked away a four-hole lead entering the final round of the Master’s in April. McIlroy says the brutal showing left him in tears.

“I definitely felt like crying because the drive on the 13th was the one that took all my chances away,” McIlroy said.

“But I didn’t actually cry until the next morning, when I spoke to my mum and dad. I spoke to them before I went to the airport on the Monday. My mum might have said something like: ‘Oh don’t worry Rory, everything will be OK,’ and I just blubbed back: ‘No, it won’t be OK.’

“When did I last cry over golf? I don’t know – when I was kid, probably. It’s not worth crying over, is it? It’s only a game.”

Easy for McIlroy to say now that he’s a major winner. Even though golf is only a game, it’s easy to see why he was so disappointed with choking. Man, if I had choked away a lead that bad and lost what I had been working my entire life for, I probably would have broken down too. McIlroy says he wanted to prove to the world that he’s not a choker. He did that a few months later, which shows his mental strength. Now he has two years to win the British so his father can cash in.

Holly Sweeney Says Rory McIlroy Always Had a Thing for Caroline Wozniacki

It’s no secret that we flip back and forth between Team Holly and Team Rory here at LBS.  The bottom line is life was just much simpler when the two were together, but now Rory McIlroy is with Caroline Wozniacki and Holly Sweeney spends a lot of her time bashing him and coming up with clever practical jokes.  Recently, the 21-year-old Sweeney gave an interview that would be fit for an MTV reality show, but she did reveal an interesting piece of information about Rory and Woz.  According to Holly, Rory always had a thing for Woz.

“I always suspected he had a thing for her,” Sweeney said according to the Irish Sunday Mirror. “He’s always been a big fan of tennis. When he was watching the women’s games he always said he fancied her but I didn’t take it that seriously – little did I know.

“It was Rory that ran away with Caroline – not the other way around – so I guess I blame Rory, or both of them if I’m totally honest. I have to put the blame on him for what has happened but obviously I’m not her biggest fan ever.”

Holly added that McIlroy met Wozniacki at a boxing match in Germany while he and Sweeney were still together.  She said she saw a tweet from Woz saying she had met Rory and hadn’t heard from him while he was gone, so that’s how she knew something was up.  When he returned home, McIlroy broke the news that he was going to date Woz.

One corny custom golf club later and McIlroy and Wozniacki are still going strong.  Sweeney said she thinks their relationship will last “a good while,” but we hope she’s wrong.  They’re well on their way to taking the cake as the world’s lamest couple.

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Holly Sweeney Takes Shot at Rory McIlroy with ‘Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes’ Party

It’s no secret that we here at LBS are huge Rory McIlroy fans. We have been since he burst onto the golf scene over a year ago, and I can’t speak for L.B. but I can assure you Rory remains a Del favorite.  That being said, the kid is slipping a little.  Since he started dating tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, McIlroy has become visibly softer.  Whether it’s making out in front of a college football team or exchanging the most corny presents in gift-giving history, Wozzilroy has become tough to follow.

After hearing about the latest shot Holly Sweeney took at McIlroy, I might be a bigger fan of Rory’s ex-girlfriend than I am of him.  As the Irish Independent shared with us, Sweeney recently threw a golf pros and tennis hoes party as a blatant shot at McIlroy and Wozniacki’s relationship.  You may call it the work of a bitter ex-girlfriend, but I say it’s genius.

What makes the stunt so special is Rory’s reaction.  According to the report, McIlroy sent Sweeney texts begging her not to go through with the theme, since it is a dinner party that will be shown on TV3′s Celebrity Come Dine With Me next month.

“She was preparing the starter when her iPhone went off. A series of text messages arrived one after another and she just stopped dead in the kitchen,” a source from the TV show said. “She started laughing and said Rory had just discovered that she was having a tennis and golf themed night and asked her to back out of it. She just laughed and carried on cooking.”

It was a hilarious jab to begin with, let alone McIlroy actually being bothered by it.  Score one — a huge one — for Holly.

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Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki Are Now No. 1 and No. 2 in the World

Caption: Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki tell fans their preferred bathroom activity

Rory McIlroy moved up to second in the world rankings after finishing tied for fourth in Shanghai this weekend. The young golfer took a picture with girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki, who’s ranked No. 1 in the WTA rankings, to celebrate the occasion.

I know they’re proud of their accomplishments, but between this lameness, and the whole “Wozzilroy” business, Rory is losing some serious bro points. I really don’t know how much more of this I can handle before I jump off the band wagon for good.

Hey Rory, remember Holly Sweeney? You know, the girl who helped keep you grounded? Yeah, we’d like to see you grovel to get her back again. We can’t take any more of this cheesiness.

Pic via Graeme McDowell

Rory McIlroy Gives Caroline Wozniacki Custom ‘Wozzilroy’ Golf Club (Picture)

To say that it kills me to have to do this would be an epic understatement.  We all know how much I love Rory McIlroy.  I was arguably his ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney’s biggest fan, so when it came out that Rory had to beg to get her back I was okay with it for the most part.  When he dumped Holly (which is obviously what happened because Rory is a boss), I thought he just wanted to enjoy being the young guy at the top of the golf world.  Now I’m not so sure.

In lieu of everything that has happened since McIlroy began dating tennis player Carolina Wozniacki, I have no choice but to deduct a bro point.  Don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against Woz.  But the 22-year-old who feeds off of arrogance and confidence shouldn’t be making out in front of the Yale football team and showcasing his soft side.  And he certainly shouldn’t be giving Woz cheesy presents that fuse his and her name together.  Check out this picture that Devil Ball Golf shared with us:

Poor form. First of all the name looks like it was punched in using the same tool I use to mark my keys with words such as “HOME” and “OFFICE.”  More importantly, the whole combining of the last names thing is extremely lame.  Rory owes me a tournament victory.