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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Watch: Russell Westbrook snaps on Jazz fan

Russell Westbrook Jazz fan

Russell Westbrook snapped on a Utah Jazz fan who appeared to be taunting him, causing the fan to back down quickly.

The Oklahoma City Thunder guard was heading into the locker room. As he approached the tunnel, a Jazz fan leaned over and appeared to yell something that set Westbrook off. The fan likely was not expecting a reaction and backed away quickly after Westbrook turned towards him and said something in response.

Westbrook also said something to a nearby security worker, potentially suggesting that the fan should be ejected. The fan clearly did not see that coming.

Russell Westbrook fined $10,000, gets tech for Rudy Gobert incident

Russell Westbrook Rudy Gobert

Russell Westbrook was fined $10,000 and assessed a technical foul for his incident with Rudy Gobert during Game 4 of the Thunder-Jazz series on Monday night.

Westbrook was entering the game with under eight minutes remaining and got into it with Gobert, who had just been fouled. The Oklahoma City guard made contact with Gobert:

The NBA reviewed the play and on Tuesday announced that Westbrook had been fined and received a tech.

The Jazz lead the series 3-1 after winning Game 4.

Watch: Mitt Romney taunts Russell Westbrook during playoff game

Mitt Romney Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was most certainly public enemy No. 1 in Salt Lake City on Monday night, and even Mitt Romney got in on the act.

The former presidential candidate was in attendance for Game 4 of the Utah Jazz’s playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After Westbrook picked up his fourth foul late in the second quarter, Romney was among those to taunt the Thunder guard.

Romney, who previously served as governor of Massachusetts, has announced his candidacy for a senate seat in Utah. Taunting one of the Jazz’s postseason enemies will certainly help endear him to the voters. And Westbrook hasn’t exactly helped his popularity in the state with his comments on Ricky Rubio.

Kevin Durant claims he accidentally liked anti-Westbrook Instagram comment

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is calling a controversial Instagram like an accident.

Durant was caught on Instagram liking a fan comment that called former teammate Russell Westbrook the “problem” that led to his departure. This raised a lot of eyebrows and started a lot of chatter, but according to Durant, it’s a non-story because it was all an accident.

It’s up to you whether or not you buy it. Durant has been fairly forthcoming about his questionably social media activity in the past, so perhaps he’s earned the benefit of the doubt here. That said, it’s quite the coincidence that this would be the comment he just happens to like by mistake.

Kevin Durant appears to like Instagram comment bashing Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook will never truly die.

The latest spark is Durant allegedly liking an Instagram comment suggesting Westbrook was “the problem” when the duo were teammates on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Weird things happen on Instagram. Sometimes things accidentally get liked or faked. Given the context and the history between Durant and Westbrook and the fact that Durant has a long history of using social media to defend himself and his past, however, this looks like it may be legitimate. If it is, it’s going to needlessly drum up more questions about that relationship as the Warriors are still trying to close out the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference quarterfinals — while the Thunder try to fight back from a 2-1 deficit in their matchup with Utah.

Russell Westbrook guarantees he will shut down Ricky Rubio in Game 4

Ricky Rubio had arguably his best game of the year in Saturday night’s playoff win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Russell Westbrook has promised it will not happen again in the series.

After Rubio led the Utah Jazz to a victory with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, Westbrook admitted he let his counterpart get in too much of a rhythm. The NBA MVP candidate insists Game 4 will be different.

“He made some shots,” Westbrook told reporters, per ESPN’s Royce Young. “Too comfortable. But I’m gonna shut that s— off next game though. Guarantee that.”

The Thunder have been intentionally forcing Rubio to take midrange shots throughout the series, and it seemed to be working prior to Game 3. After he shot just 5-of-18 from the field in Game 1 and 6-of-16 in Game 2, Rubio converted 9-0f-18 on Saturday but was a perfect 5-for-5 with midrange jumpers.

“I think the first two games, I wasn’t being effective in the midrange area,” Rubio admitted. “It’s been something I’ve been working on. I felt good about it, but it wasn’t going in.

“But tonight, it felt good seeing the first couple go in. It’s just the way we played. We got open shots, and it’s easy to make shots when you are open.”

Westbrook is apparently planning to eliminate some of those open shots going forward, but he also needs to improve offensively. He’s shooting just over 36 percent from the field in the series and scored just 14 points in Saturday’s 115-102 loss. That’s not the player we saw recently make NBA history with his offensive ability.

Russell Westbrook has moved on from announcer’s ‘cotton-picking’ comment

Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder found themselves in some controversy this last week after a bad comment from their play-by-play announcer.

During the Thunder’s season-ending win over the Memphis Grizzlies, play-by-play man Brian Davis said point guard Russell Westbrook was out of his “cotton-picking mind” as he continued to fill the stat sheet. This was widely viewed as racist, and it led the Thunder to suspend Davis from his duties for the opening game of the playoffs.

Davis has apologized publicly and privately met with the team. On Saturday, Westbrook condemned the comment while adding that he was ready to move on.

“Brian has been here for a while. What he said wasn’t OK,” Westbrook said, via Erik Horne of NewsOK. “We all understand that. But he definitely came in and talk(ed) to us. The team has made the decision to do what they need to do. We just have to move on from it.”

Teammate Paul George agreed, adding that the team’s focus is on their playoff run.

“He just addressed the situation. That was it,” George said. “That’s not where our focus is right now. It happened. He owned up. He took it head on. That’s for the front office and him to discuss. They did, so we move on. We move on. We got something bigger to focus on and be worried about. So again, it happened, but we’ll move on.”

Westbrook has had other worries, too. With the playoffs looming, the Thunder will want to put this behind them and focus on that instead.