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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Articles tagged: Rutgers Football

Rutgers to wear patriotic helmets to support US Armed Forces (Picture)

With an upcoming game against Army this weekend, Rutgers has decided to unveil patriotic helmets to show their support for the Armed Forces. We have seen a few teams across the nation like North Carolina do the same already this season, but the detail of the Rutgers helmets definitely gives them an edge. In particular,…Read More

Video: Rutgers’ Jourdan Brooks Tackled by His Hair, Loses Touchdown

Back when Matt Light and Channing Crowder got into their fight, I commented that I didn’t like guys wearing long hair in football games. In case you’re wondering, the hair is in play for action. And in some cases, it actually becomes useful as a tackling tool. Witness the Louisville/Rutgers Thursday night game when Jourdan…Read More

Rutgers Student Gives ESPN the Middle Finger During North Carolina Game

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s that you don’t show crowd shots of fans of the home team following an interception by their quarterback –This is not some gentle english sport like cricket or horse racing. Either that, or certain Rutgers fans are pretty classless. If there’s a downside (and…Read More

See Ray Run, Ray Rice for Heisman!

If there’s any rhyme or reason behind Rutgers’ recent surge to competitiveness and popularity — besides Greg Schiano — it’s their P.R. department. They are flawless. Probably the greatest group I’ve ever worked with when it came to interview requests. And this story fits right in. As Ben Maller pointed out, the athletic department has…Read More

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