Rutgers sends recruit Noah Brown a creepy bodybuilding recruiting letter (Pictures)


I don’t know if creepy recruiting tactics are becoming more popular across college football or if recruits are simply sharing them with us more, but I don’t like it one bit. We have all seen the creepy messages Florida wide receivers coach Joker Phillips has been posting on Twitter and Instagram since the season ended, but Rutgers may have outdone the Joker with the letter it sent to Noah Brown of Sparta, N.J.

Brown, a three-star receiver recruit, recently got the letter you see above in the mail. It featured the head of Scarlet Knights offensive coordinator Dave Cohen superimposed onto the body of a massive bodybuilder.

“If you can’t beat me, join me!” it read. “We want you … come to Rutgers!”

The letter was certainly unique, and Brown appreciated it. In fact, he doesn’t understand why people like us have been calling it creepy.

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Rutgers to wear patriotic helmets to support US Armed Forces (Picture)

With an upcoming game against Army this weekend, Rutgers has decided to unveil patriotic helmets to show their support for the Armed Forces. We have seen a few teams across the nation like North Carolina do the same already this season, but the detail of the Rutgers helmets definitely gives them an edge.

In particular, I’m a huge fan of the distressed chrome look in addition to the “R” resembling an American flag.  While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the design is more aesthetically pleasing than the black Boise State helmets we showed you recently, the fact that Rutgers is showing support for the men and women who protect our country is certainly worth some bonus points.

Picture via Jason Baum

Video: Rutgers’ Jourdan Brooks Tackled by His Hair, Loses Touchdown

Back when Matt Light and Channing Crowder got into their fight, I commented that I didn’t like guys wearing long hair in football games. In case you’re wondering, the hair is in play for action. And in some cases, it actually becomes useful as a tackling tool. Witness the Louisville/Rutgers Thursday night game when Jourdan Brooks lost a touchdown:

That play had no bearing on the final outcome as Rutgers pummeled the Ville 63-14, but I’m sure it taught Brooks a lesson. Video via College Football Talk.

Rutgers Student Gives ESPN the Middle Finger During North Carolina Game

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s that you don’t show crowd shots of fans of the home team following an interception by their quarterback –This is not some gentle english sport like cricket or horse racing. Either that, or certain Rutgers fans are pretty classless. If there’s a downside (and upside?) to live television, this is it:

Big ups to E.K. for emailing in the tip — I completely missed that. We can only assume the fan was upset becuase they lost a football bet from an ESPN tip or something. The only question now is whether or not the Rutgers fan in question will become a hit much like Thunder Labia fan and Jenn Sterger, though I’m not sure how exactly what sort of gig he could parlay this into. Oh, and in case the video’s down, here’s what one Rutger fan did when they panned the crowd following a Mike Teel interception.

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See Ray Run, Ray Rice for Heisman!

If there’s any rhyme or reason behind Rutgers’ recent surge to competitiveness and popularity — besides Greg Schiano — it’s their P.R. department. They are flawless. Probably the greatest group I’ve ever worked with when it came to interview requests. And this story fits right in. As Ben Maller pointed out, the athletic department has created the website SeeRayRun in order to promote Rice for the Heisman. The mission statement of the site is as follows:

Welcome to the official website for Heisman Candidate Ray Rice. Throughout the 2007 season, the site will be updated with stats, photos and video highlights as Ray runs his way into the Rutgers record book.

Even better, the New Jersey Star Ledger says that a SeeRayRun themed gift will be sent out to reporters across the country. Speaking from experience, if there’s any way to get the media in your favor, a good meal and a nice gift are excellent starting points. All P.R. directors and media relations departments should take note. Now this is how to promote a player. And it’s much cheaper than buying a billboard in the middle of Times Square.