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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Articles tagged: Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark wearing No. 21 in practice in honor of Sean Taylor

Ryan Clark signed on for his second stint with the Washington Redskins earlier this offseason. The veteran previously played for the Redskins in 2004 and 2005, when he was teammates with the late Sean Taylor. As a tribute to Taylor, Clark has been wearing a No. 21 jersey during practice. He’ll continue to wear it…Read More

Ryan Clark throws shade at Darrelle Revis over Twitter

Free agent safety Ryan Clark threw some shade at Darrelle Revis over Twitter Wednesday night after news of the cornerback’s contract agreement with the New England Patriots was reported. Revis signed a one-year, $12 million contract with New England, which is four million less than what he was set to earn with Tampa Bay. Here’s…Read More

Ryan Clark concerned about how players should interact with Michael Sam

There is a difference between expressing an honest opinion about a controversial topic and being discriminatory or insensitive. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark expressed concern on Monday over the prospect of Michael Sam playing in the NFL, but he did it without being homophobic. Sam, an All-American defensive end at Missouri, came out publicly as…Read More

Ryan Clark: I think referees have meetings about me before the game

Ryan Clark was flagged for a hit on a defenseless receiver during the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the New York Giants on Sunday after officials ruled he made helmet-to-helmet contact with Victor Cruz. Replays showed that Clark did not make contact with Cruz’s head and that it was a clean hit to the midsection, and…Read More

Ryan Clark on Matt Flynn signing: No one wants to go to the Dolphins

Now that the Seahawks have swooped in (no pun intended) and signed Matt Flynn, the Dolphins are facing what could become an extremely ugly situation. Miami’s objective this offseason was to find a viable starting quarterback, and things were looking up when they appeared to be the front-runners for Peyton Manning. Since that ship has…Read More

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