Ryan Dempster might want a ‘devils lettuce’ care package

If ever there was a time for an athlete to claim his Twitter got hacked, it’s now.

A strange tweet was sent from the Dempster Foundation Twitter account on Wednesday, which according to the page’s bio, is the “Official Twitter page of MLB Pitcher, Ryan Dempster, The 22q Mystery Tour and The Dempster Family Foundation.”

Devil’s lettuce, as I’m sure you know, is slang for marijuana.

The tweet appears to have been sent by someone other than Dempster, so he’ll have an easy excuse to pull a Paul Pierce and claim he was hacked.

Now let’s pretend for a second that this tweet was real. It still wouldn’t make much sense. I could understand if Dempster put in the green request last month when he was struggling his first three starts with the Rangers, but he’s been money since then going 4-0 with a 1.73 ERA in his last four starts. Unless the devil’s lettuce is the key to his success? Hmmm

Naturally, Dempster’s Twitter account said it was hacked.

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Ryan Dempster reportedly missed start in Toronto because of a passport problem

Roy Oswalt started for the Rangers against the Blue Jays on Saturday in place of Ryan Dempster, who did not make the trip to Toronto for what reportedly is an odd reason. The Rangers only said Dempster was missing the series because of “personal reasons,” but Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News may know what the problem was.

Grant reported on Twitter that Dempster “may have lost his passport or something along those lines.”

Dempster didn’t have to worry about a passport the last several seasons because he was playing for the Cubs in the National League and hadn’t pitched in Canada since 2002, per Grant.

What’s strange is that Dempster is from British Columbia, so one would figure that would make things easier. Guess not.

Oswalt went 4.2 innings allowing two hits, two walks and one run. The Rangers won 2-1 thanks to the pitching and Nelson Cruz’s two-run home run in the fifth. Dempster is scheduled to start on Tuesday at home against the Orioles. At least he can take solace in knowing he’s not the only athlete to encounter this problem recently.


MLB players impersonate the cast of ‘The Expendables’ (Video)

For those of you who like movies that feature some of the most famous action-role actors of all time, “The Expendables” released a second installment of it’s over-the-top, explosion-filled masterpiece on Friday. In honor of the release of “The Expendables 2,” some players from around the MLB went on camera and did their best impressions of some of the famous cast including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren.

Within a sea of sub-par impersonations, Derek Holland killed the Schwarzenegger bit. Since Holland has been known to do funny things like this and this in the past, we can’t say we’re all that surprised he stole the show.

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Ryan Dempster holding up trade to Braves … because he can

Reports on Monday said that Ryan Dempster was going to be traded to the Braves, but as Dempster wrote on his Twitter account, that was incorrect. The deal, which would have sent Dempster to Atlanta for Randall Delgado, is on hold because Dempster has the power to block it.

Dempster is a “10/5″ player, which means he’s been in the majors for 10 years and has spent the last five seasons with the same club. That automatically gives a player the right to veto a trade, and Dempster has done that.

The Cubs are completely out of the playoff race (they have the third-worst record in MLB), but Dempster has the lowest ERA in baseball and therefore is a valuable trade commodity. Chicago is looking to deal him so they can get some pieces in return, but he’s exercising his player rights before approving anything.

Ken Rosenthal says Dempster prefers a trade to the Dodgers, which are battling the Giants for first place in the NL West. The problem is the Dodgers may be reluctant to give up players to get Dempster for two months.

Dempster reportedly is expected to take about a week to decide what he wants to do. My guess is he eventually ends up with the Braves. He may not have wanted to go to them immediately, but I bet he’ll change his mind once he’s had a little more time to think about it.

Ryan Dempster Kindly Disagrees With Your Decision to Pull Him, Good Sir

Ryan Dempster is a competitor. Like any true pitcher, he aspires to finish games he starts and he is upset when he’s pulled from games before he feels he’s done.

Naturally, when Cubs manager Mike Quade decided to lift him for a pinch hitter after just five innings of work Saturday, Dempster did not respond too well.

Dempster let Quade hear about being pulled and pleaded his case to remain in the game. He got so upset he smacked the cooler in the dugout, though he didn’t go full-on Brian Wilson.

Dempster missed his previous start because of a bad back and had already thrown 87 pitches through five innings, so it’s understandable why Quade felt it was a good time to make a change. It’s also understandable why Dempster was ticked. He brushed the incident aside after the game, saying he was fine because they won. Quade was more measured with his response.

He said about the incident “If it’s happening because a guy’s a competitor and he’s pissed off or whatever — even if it’s with my decision — I’m OK with that. He’s earned that right as much as anybody, from a veteran’s standpoint. If a young kid does that, we might have a little different [situation].’’

If it’s an issue of respect for the manager that’s one thing, but where I come from, if the pitcher doesn’t want the ball, there’s something wrong with him.

Ryan Dempster Kills it With Harry Caray Impression (Video)

Plenty of people have had a go at impersonating the legendary Harry Caray over the years.  The most successful of the bunch is probably Will Ferrell, who lit up Saturday Night Live for years with a phenomenal Harry Caray impression.  Another guy who has gotten pretty good at it is Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster.  Dempster has been fine-tuning his Caray impression for years, and he’s shown it off many times before. On this occasion, he and Rangers pitcher Derek Holland duel with their impressions:

Ferrell definitely has him beat, but for a ballplayer that impersonation is top-notch.  If he had a little time to work on it and could throw a few bits of his own in other than just reading a lineup, we might have a new champion.

Kevin Millar Rips on Ryan Dempster

About a week or so ago, Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster was feeling pretty loose and said he expects the Cubs to win the World Series this year. Not to put any pressure on his teammates or anything. Ordinarily I would have ripped on the guy for making such a brazen guarantee, but when you think about it, shouldn’t all players feel that way about their club? I certainly think so, therefore I laid off Dempster. The only problem was that he could have simply kept his mouth shut instead of providing more fuel to his opponent’s fire. Anyhow, enter Orioles first baseman/DH/scrub/loud mouth Kevin Millar:

“I’m guaranteeing a 2008 World Series. Everybody else is,” Millar said while standing at this locker before yesterday’s first full-squad workout.

“I’m going on the record right now. We’re going to shock the world. I don’t know who Dempster is in Chicago, but if he thinks he’s going to win the World Series, he has to come through us first.”

Millar had one more prediction: “I’m going deep off Ryan Dempster,” he said.

Well, Millar certainly isn’t good for much production these days, but at least we know the dude can still be relied upon for a great quote. Count me as a man eagerly awaiting the Cubs/Orioles interleague matchup if it happens. And let’s all remember, for all the teams predicting World Series victories, only one teams accomplishes its goal at the end of the year, 29 are disappointed. Not everyone can be right.