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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Ryan Dempster

MLB players impersonate the cast of ‘The Expendables’ (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. For those of you who like movies that feature some of the most famous action-role actors of all time, “The Expendables” released a second installment of it’s over-the-top, explosion-filled masterpiece on Friday. In honor of the release of “The Expendables 2,” some players from around the MLB went on…Read More

Ryan Dempster holding up trade to Braves … because he can

Reports on Monday said that Ryan Dempster was going to be traded to the Braves, but as Dempster wrote on his Twitter account, that was incorrect. The deal, which would have sent Dempster to Atlanta for Randall Delgado, is on hold because Dempster has the power to block it. Dempster is a “10/5” player, which…Read More

Ryan Dempster Kills it With Harry Caray Impression (Video)

Plenty of people have had a go at impersonating the legendary Harry Caray over the years.  The most successful of the bunch is probably Will Ferrell, who lit up Saturday Night Live for years with a phenomenal Harry Caray impression.  Another guy who has gotten pretty good at it is Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster.  Dempster…Read More

Kevin Millar Rips on Ryan Dempster

About a week or so ago, Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster was feeling pretty loose and said he expects the Cubs to win the World Series this year. Not to put any pressure on his teammates or anything. Ordinarily I would have ripped on the guy for making such a brazen guarantee, but when you think…Read More

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