Rafael Nadal hits amazing shot against Ryan Harrison (Video)

Rafael Nadal may be seeded second at the US Open, but he is looking like the favorite to win the tournament.

Rafael NadalNadal entered the tournament having won in Cincinnati and Montreal — both on hardcourts — and he appears to be on top of his game. He rolled Ryan Harrison in the first round of the event, winning 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 for his 16th straight win on hardcourts. Every shot seems to be falling for him.

Take for instance what happened in his match with Harrison on Monday. Harrison spun a serve out wide on the deuce court, forcing Nadal to go wide to float a soft return. Harrison sent him back in the corner on the run, and Nadal hit a lob back to recover. Just as Harrison was putting away on overhead winner in the corner, Nadal somehow reached the ball and hit an overhead from 10 feet behind the baseline with enough spin for an unbelievable passing shot.

In the GIF below, you can see how much spin he put on the ball to hook it back into the court:

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Ryan Harrison gets warning for tossing racket, almost hitting ball boy (Video)

Tossing an object in frustration is a common occurrence in sports. It happens, and sometimes the objects people throw end up in an unintended spot. During his first-round match against France’s Gilles Simon at the French Open, Ryan Harrison became frustrated after failing to convert two set points on a serve. He wound up losing the game and flipped his racket backward. It happened to land near a ball boy, so Harrison was given a racket abuse warning. This did not please him.

“How is that racket abuse?” Harrison asked the chair according to Sports Illustrated’s Bryan A. Graham. “The racket slid. I don’t give a s***. That’s not racket abuse.”

As Busted Racquet pointed out, even the original bad boy of tennis John McEnroe said on the Tennis Channel that the warning was deserved whether he intended to throw it at someone or not — which he clearly did not. That being said, the racket didn’t slip. It wasn’t exactly as blatant as this toss from Andy Roddick, but the act was certainly done in frustration.