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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Ryan Kesler

Cam Atkinson sliced in face by Ryan Kesler’s skate (Video)

Cam Atkinson took a skate to the face on Friday during Columbus’ game against Anaheim and was lucky the damage wasn’t worse. Atkinson was trying to grab the puck from Ryan Kesler, who moved in front of him and lost balance. Kesler’s right skate came up in the air and caught Atkinson on the right…Read More

Ryan Kesler Cries After Canucks Lose Stanley Cup Finals (Video)

Ryan Kesler was overcome by sad emotions after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night. Much like another key player on a team that recently lost in the finals, Kesler broke down and cried. Here’s a video of Ryan Kesler crying after the Canucks lost Game 7: Kesler’s likely crying because he’s disappointed….Read More

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