Kings Hire DeMarcus Cousins a Babysitter err His High School Coach

Before the 2010 NBA Draft, we told you we were big on Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins. Unlike other worried teams, the Sacramento Kings did not shy away from Cousins and his “character issues,” instead pulling the trigger with the fourth overall pick. Cousins rewarded Sacramento for the bold decision by playing like a future All-Star during summer league in Las Vegas. The Kings are reciprocating by doing everything possible to make DeMarcus feel at home; they announced on Thursday the hiring of Otis Hughley as a new assistant coach on the staff.

Hughley is taking the Kevin Garnett route jumping from high school to the NBA. The main reason they brought him aboard is because he was Cousins’ high school coach in Mobile, Alabama. While the high school coach label suggests Hughley is unqualified for the job, his resume says otherwise. Hughley was an assistant coach at three colleges, he’s coached for the league’s NBA China program, and he’s worked over 10 years at Pete Newell’s “Big Man Camp.” And now he’ll be Cousins’ personal babysitter help continue to develop DeMarcus Cousins’ all-around skills. Smart move for the Kings who could wind up with back-to-back rookie of the years between Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus. Sadly none of it will matter with the superteams like the trio in Miami dominating the NBA.


So Sacramento Sucking Is Reggie Theus’ Fault?

When I look at the Raptors or the 76ers, I see what they did last year and the talented players on the roster, therefore I can understand people having fairly high expectations for the team. But when you’re the Sacramento Kings and you’ve been in the lottery the last few years and you traded away one of your best defenders in the off season in Ron Artest, what are you really expecting for the season? Additionally, factor in Kevin Martin’s ankle injury that has caused him to miss pretty much the last five weeks, and you’re looking at a team that’s — let’s face it — not very good. I guess from an outsider’s perspective, the move was surprising given the timing. It even surprised Theus:

“I had no idea [in advance]. We were just coming off our best win [over the Lakers] the past two years. We’ve had a lot of injuries. … Everyone knew we were rebuilding and the projection was for 20-25 wins.”

Yup, injuries and projections of 20-25 wins. That’s about where the Kings were. And it’s really tough to win without a weapon like Martin in the lineup. I guess there really must have been a lot of problems going on behind the scenes because I can’t understand the rationale from a sheer basketball standpoint. The loss to the Knicks was embarrassing, but it’s not like the Kings haven’t been competitive in most of their games. Seriously, given that roster, what are you really expecting the team and coach to do? Unlike the P.J. Carlesimo and Eddie Jordan firings, I can’t understand this one.