Rob Ryan bought drinks for Saints fans after big win

Rob-Ryan-Better-Head-Coach-Than-Rex-RyanNew Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had himself an incredibly satisfying night on Sunday. Last year, Ryan was in charge of a Dallas Cowboys defense that could not stop a nose bleed. As a result, he was fired. On Sunday, his Saints defense held his former team’s offense to just 17 points and 193 yards. The defense he was fired from gave up 49 points. It goes without saying that Rex’s twin brother deserved a drink.

After the game, Ryan wandered over to a bar called Ms. Mae’s and bought drinks for some fans. According to the Nola Defender (via the NY Daily News), it’s a move that he has pulled before at a joint he frequents.

After the Saints beat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1, Ryan reportedly enjoyed a couple beverages with fans and gave $100 to the bartender before he left so people could keep the party going. Like his brother, Rob can be a very likable guy. When even Jerry Jones admits it looks bad to have let you go, you know you’re having a great night.

Introducing your highly inappropriate Brett Favre Saints bounty t-shirt (Picture)

Opinions regarding the Saints bounty program have been mixed since the second the allegations came to light. Some people believe New Orleans is taking the fall for something that is a common practice across the NFL, while others feel that the pregame speeches Gregg Williams gave and the program he had in place were a disgrace to the game. Then there are those fans who make light of the entire situation. You know, the die hards who would come up with a t-shirt like this:

The shirt is referring to this nasty injury Brett Favre suffered back in 2010 when he was playing against the Saints with the Vikings. It has since been revealed that a Saints player was heard yelling, “Pay me the money!” after Favre suffered the ankle injury. From the look of it, the person who designed the t-shirt you see above wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo via Darren Rovell on Twitter

New Orleans Knows How to Celebrate a Saints Super Bowl Win

The city of New Orleans put a mini-kibosh on things when they said no flashing was allowed at the Saints Super Bowl celebration parade. That didn’t keep a Getty photographer from catching a Saints fan flashing the camera the night before, but we’re not going to let the new rule ruin our evening. Anyway, just came across this awesome video of what it was like in a local New Orleans bar following Tracy Porter’s interception of Peyton Manning. The atmosphere was just like my house only they had lots of drinks, lots of people, and lots of screaming. OK, it really wasn’t much like the celebration at my house but it was pretty priceless. Check it out via SI’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks:

I’m not going to get into any stupid discussions suggesting that the city of New Orleans and their fans “deserved” it more, but I will say that there hasn’t been another city and fan base that appreciated its team’s championship more than New Orleans. I wish all cities celebrated their championships with as much fervor.