Sam Bradford reportedly out for season with torn ACL

Sam Bradford knee

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Sam Bradford is out for the season with a torn ACL.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Bradford is out for the season after an MRI revealed the quarterback tore the ACL in his left knee.

Bradford exited Saturday night’s Rams-Browns preseason game after getting hit and taken down. It hardly looked like he was hit with any force, but whatever happened was enough to re-injure his knee.

Bradford suffered a season-ending knee injury last season and was recovering from surgery to repair the torn ACL in his left knee. Shaun Hill will now be the starting quarterback in St. Louis, which is probably just how they drew it up before the season.

In five NFL seasons, Bradford will have missed 32 of 80 possible games (including the entire upcoming season he’s about to miss). Things have just not worked out well for him or the Rams.

Sam Bradford knee injury forces him from preseason game (Video)

Sam Bradford was forced from Saturday’s preseason game between the St. Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns after appearing to suffer a knee injury.

Bradford was 4-of-9 for 77 yards before exiting the game after appearing to hurt his left knee. Bradford had surgery last year to repair a torn ACL in his left knee suffering in his 7th game of the season.

Bradford was hardly even hit on that play, making you worry about the condition of his knee. I really don’t even see how/why/or where he would have been injured.

Sam Bradford knee

Sam Bradford totally befuddled by 49ers defense – hilarious GIF

Does anything better depict Sam Bradford’s frustrating night against the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday than the brilliant GIF seen above?

Bradford struggled against San Francisco, going 19-of-41 for 202 yards with one touchdown and an interception in an ugly 35-11 home loss. He also lost a fumble in the game.

Bradford was on the sidelines late in the second quarter and was seen reviewing a book handed to him by some assistants. It looked like a book that had still photos of the defensive formations the 49ers were running against his offense, intended to give him a better look at what the defense was doing. Whatever he was looking at didn’t seem to be pleasing, because he looked up from the book and seemed more confused than a kindergartner trying to do calculus.

A lot of people are starting to get on Bradford for being a disappointment thus far in his career. The Rams have gone 16-29-1 in his starts, and they are 1-3 this season. If I had to compare Bradford to anyone, it would be Carson Palmer. Palmer was also a No. 1 overall pick who went to a bad team. Neither player is terribly mobile, and both have pretty strong arms. Palmer was a Pro Bowler when he had great receivers (Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh and Chris Henry) and a good line in front of him (Levi Jones, Bobbie Williams, and Willie Anderson). He’s a turnover machine without the receivers and line. I think Bradford would put up some good numbers if he had a strong supporting cast, which he hasn’t really had. Who have been his weapons? Their line hasn’t been very good, Danny Amendola got hurt a bunch, and Steven Jackson always had nagging injuries. Now he has Jared Cook and no running backs. His offensive complements are worse than Tom Brady’s.

Bradford isn’t good enough to turn a team around on his own. He’s the kind of quarterback who needs everything to be set up for him. Remember his offenses at Oklahoma? They were loaded with running backs, linemen, tight ends and receivers. Life’s great when you have DeMarco Murray, Jermaine Gresham, Ryan Broyles and Juaquin Iglesias on your side and coaches calling plays and audibles for you. The Rams better get more offensive talent in there if they want Bradford to shine, otherwise they’re not going anywhere.

GIF via Turf Show Times; H/T Will Brinson

Sam Bradford Autographs Fan’s ‘Marry Me’ Poster, Makes Her Swoon

Who knew Sam Bradford was so well loved in St. Louis? What happens when he makes a Pro Bowl, wins MVP, or wins a Super Bowl? Will there be any of the female population in St. Louis left or will they all have died from delight after getting an autograph like this young lass?

UPDATE: The fan who created the poster has been identified. A young woman named Carly Triggs tells LBS that she is the girl who proposed to Bradford.

Triggs says she has been a fan since Bradford was at Oklahoma and that Saturday was the best night of her life. She wrote on twitter “Sam Bradford I love you so much. Thanks for being amazing.”

The young lady added that she’s “Completely in shock from what happened last night. I cry everytime I think about it.”

It’s nice that Sam made her day (year?).

Sam Bradford Tried to Learn Josh McDaniels’ Offense from Charlie Weis

One of the many downsides to the NFL lockout was players being unable to meet with coaches. Saints quarterback Drew Brees had to organize and fund workouts to keep his team fresh. Matt Hasselbeck threw to his receivers in a parking lot. Guys had to improvise in the lockout to stay sharp, and apparently Rams quarterback Sam Bradford got really creative.

In order to get a jump-start on learning new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ offense, Bradford headed to Gainesville to pick Charlie Weis’ brain. You may recall that Weis was the offensive coordinator in New England when McDaniels was the team’s quarterbacks coach. Even though their offenses aren’t identical, Bradford figured it would be a good starting point.

“They spent time in New England together,” Bradford told Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples. “So their offensive philosophies are fairly similar. Obviously, they don’t run the exact same offense. But I just thought if I could come down and just talk some ball with coach Weis and get a feel for what his philosophy is, then it could possibly help me try to transition to Josh’s offense.”

Bradford said that even though he had the playbook, it’s not the same as having someone explain it to you. He says meeting with Weis was beneficial so he could gain an understanding of what McDaniels would be looking for.

I already was a Bradford fan based on his playing ability, but now we can add more positive characteristics to his abilities: creativity and improvisation.

Sam Bradford the Latest Heisman Trophy Winner to get a Statue

Sam Bradford may only be 23 years old, but that doesn’t make you too young to have a bronze statue fashioned in your likeness in Oklahoma. The former Heisman Trophy winner had his statue unveiled Saturday night at the Sooner Spectacular gala, and it will go on display outside Memorial Stadium in Norman alongside Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims and Jason White’s statues in OU’s Heisman Park. Here’s a great shot of the statue (which looks more like a dude wearing a #14 jersey than anything else) courtesy of the Tulsa World:

Sam Bradford seemed pretty uncomfortable at the ceremony — he’s already a quiet guy — but how are you supposed to react when you get a bronze statue at the age of 23? He spoke from the heart in his reception, talking about how he was an Oklahoma fan growing up and how this is a dream come true. You can watch a video of his speech on Facebook courtesy of Mike Houck, and you can read about the evening at the Tulsa World.

I will say this: between what already happened at Alabama and Florida this spring, and what will happen at Auburn, this is a tradition I could certainly live without.

Here are a few more pictures:

Helmet knock to College Football Talk

Photo Credits: Tulsa World, Mike Houck

Sam Bradford Gives Rams Reason for Hope

The St. Louis Rams haven’t had a winning season since 2003. They went a pathetic 6-42 the past three years and had the League’s second worst defense each season. As a result of their poor play, they picked in the top two of the draft each year. After selecting defensive lineman Chris Long in 2008 and offensive lineman Jason Brown in 2009, it looks like they struck gold with quarterback Sam Bradford in 2010.

Despite being a rookie quarterback playing on a bad team, Bradford is making plays and keeping the Rams competitive. He got his first career win as the Rams surprised the Redskins 30-16 on Sunday in week three.

I had the Rams and the points in this one figuring the game would be low-scoring and close the entire way. I had an inkling they would win, mainly because I figured the Redskins would still be bummed out over their last-second loss to Houston — but felt it was too risky to select them. With a reliable quarterback handling the offense, it’s time to express more confidence in the Rams.

Watching Bradford work does not feel like watching a rookie making his first career starts. He stands in the pocket without panic, doesn’t have happy feat, and he acts like he’s in command. Even though Sam doesn’t have any strong receiving options, he frequently finds the open man and puts the ball in catchable spots. His stats won’t blow you away — four touchdowns and five picks with 655 passing yards — but for a rookie that’s pretty darn good.

St. Louis is no longer the pathetic squad we saw the past three years. They’re no longer a doormat in the NFL and NFC West. Yes they lost to two poor teams to begin the season and yes they have a pretty easy schedule, but this team looks ready to compete, and most of it is because of their new quarterback, Sam Bradford.