Video: Sam Bradford Hit by BYU, Sprains Shoulder

So much for a repeat Heisman Trophy performance for Sam Bradford. Right before the half, Bradford got crushed by Coleby Clawson and he was driven down into the turf, shoulder first. The hit was very reminiscent of the Tom Brady/Albert Haynesworth play, but this seemed more direct. Check out the Sam Bradford BYU hit video to judge for yourself:

Just another reason to leave for the NFL and make the money when you can get it, you know? Based on the way Bradford cradled his arm close to his body throughout the second half, I’d guess it’s separated. He’s probably out at least half the season but maybe I’m just overstating things. One thing to keep in mind is that this doesn’t mean Oklahoma should be counted out for the season. Remember when they kicked Rhett Bomar off the team right before the season? They still went 11-3 and made an appearance in the Fiesta Bowl. This should be interesting.

video via BSO

Video: Sam Bradford Goes Airborne Against Oklahoma St, Gets Helicoptered

When a guy throws 46 touchdowns in a season, it’s pretty hard to narrow down his very best plays. That’s why I’m guessing the following play will standout in Sam Bradford’s highlight reel at the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York. Aching to get into the endzone, Bradford let his body go and just leaped for the goalline against Oklahoma State. He didn’t quite make it, but the spectacle was phenomenal:

That reminds me so much of the John Elway play from the Super Bowl, the way they both just laid their bodies on the line. Bradford said after the game that he felt his team needed the lift and that’s why he went airborne. The move must have worked because the Sooners were pretty charged up after that point and went on to win the game. Now it’s just a little computer mess to sort out before the National Championship Game is decided.