Charles Barkley thinks Sam Cassell looks like Gollum

On the left is Sam Cassell, a former All-Star point guard who’s now coaching with the Wizards. On the right is Gollum, a character from “The Lord of the Rings.” Charles Barkley thinks they look alike.

During a discussion on “Inside the NBA” about Amare Stoudemire punching a fire extinguisher, Kenny Smith said that some players like when a teammate gets hurt or sick because it gives them an opportunity to play. He pointed out that Sam Cassell, who shared the point guard position with him on the Rockets, used to think that way. That led Barkley into an unprompted Gollum comparison.

“Sam Cassell, the guy, he won an Oscar!” Barkley said.

Smith, clearly annoyed, pleaded with Barkley to leave Cassell alone. Barkley of course continued.

“Y’all got a picture of Gollum?” Barkley asked the TNT production crew. “Have you ever seen Sam Cassell and Gollum at the same place? You know I love Sam Cassell …”

Here’s video of the exchange:

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Rashard Lewis Reportedly Sat Out Game After Argument with Coach Sam Cassell

Wizards forward Rashard Lewis decided not to play in his team’s game Sunday after getting into an argument before the game, CSN Washington reports.

Frank Hanrahan had very few details other than Lewis getting into an argument with assistant coach Sam Cassell and not playing, but he notes that Lewis was not on the team’s bench for the game. The boxscore says Lewis missed the game with a sore knee.

The Wizards have started out the season 0-8 and Lewis is their highest-paid player. He’s had a poor season like most of his teammates, and he’s off to his worst start since his rookie season.

Shockingly, nothing has improved with the Wizards since Andray Blatche demanded the ball more after the team’s first game.

H/T Bullets Forever via Eric Bickel

Major League II Started Big Ball Dance, Not Sam Cassell or Eddie House

I’m not sure what’s more upsetting, the lack of knowledge regarding the origin of the “Big Ball Dance,” or that the NBA actually fines people for doing it. See, the origin of the Big Ball Dance dates back to 1994 and the release of Major League II. In the movie, Pedro Cerrano has made a transition from hot-head to peaceful lover, and a slump ensues. Japanese import Isuro Kamikaze Tanaka mocks Cerrano for being a sissy, and tells him one day in the locker room that he needs to sack up. Tanaka uses a dictionary to find the Japanese translation of balls and comically ends up saying Cerrano “has no marbles.”

The “no marbles” chant is used to goad Cerrano the rest of the movie. Angered by the taunts, Cerrano winds up hitting monster home runs and does the “Big Ball Dance” as a way to shut Tanaka up (as you can see above). The whole marbles thing is one aspect of the movie that was memorable, and that made it funny and cute. Every time I see an NBA player use that celebration, I think back to Major League II and laugh. But apparently someone in the commissioner’s office is clueless and taking things all the wrong way.

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