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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Sammy Sosa

Aroldis Chapman pokes fun at Sammy Sosa’s white face

Former MLB slugger Sammy Sosa has been looking ghastly for quite some time now. Sosa’s skin coloring change first became evident back in 2009, when speculation began to build that he was suffering from some sort of skin condition like the one Michael Jackson had. On Tuesday, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman had a little…Read More

Pictures of Sammy Sosa’s Light Skin Coloring Change

Much like the case of Roberto Alomar Jr. who was alleged to have HIV, the blog world is now abuzz about the recent pictures of Sammy Sosa that have emerged. Midwest Sports Fan via Sports by Brooks has recent photos of Sosa at an appearance during the week. Let me just say the guy does…Read More Ignoring Bonds, Sosa in Ads

I haven’t watched MLBTV since college. Man, those were the days. There were like a half dozen hardcore baseball fans on my dorm floor all playing fantasy baseball so we used to try and catch the at-bats by our players in between classes and studying. Best part was we all shared the same login info…Read More

Sammy Sosa’s 600 Is a Fraud

From the FanHouse: I am so sick and tired of watching the media fall back in love with Sammy. This love affair is disgusting. If there has ever been a player whose career achievements reeked more of performance-enhancement, I have yet to see him. Sammy Sosa is the biggest fraud in baseball. He puts Barry…Read More

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