Bills tried to trade up to No. 1 for Sammy Watkins

Sammy-Watkins-ClemsonHow high were the Buffalo Bills on Sammy Watkins heading into the draft? They had to trade a first round and fourth round pick in next year’s draft to the Cleveland Browns in order to move from No. 9 to No. 4. That’s a fairly steep price, but the Bills were willing to spend even more. Earlier this week, Bills director of player personnel Jim Monos admitted the team tried to acquire the top overall pick.

“We went with Houston right off the bat,” Monos said, via Pro Football Talk. “We tried to go to No. 1. They weren’t having it. They knew who they wanted, so we started working our way right down.”

The Bills really, really love Watkins. On Monday, St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead said he had discussions with a team that wanted to move to No. 2. It’s now safe to assume that team was the Bills, who were concerned that the Jacksonville Jaguars — in need of wide receiver help in the wake of the Justin Blackmon disaster — might take Watkins at No. 3.

“We really didn’t know,” Monos said. “Jacksonville never tipped it. We had just heard so much that they needed a receiver. We thought that this was going to be Sammy. We knew that if Jacksonville didn’t take him we had a shot.”

Plenty of teams call to inquire about moving up and back in the days and hours leading up to the draft, but the effort the Bills made to secure Watkins is noteworthy. They obviously would have been extremely disappointed if they somehow missed out on the former Clemson star.

Sammy Watkins takes selfie with Roger Goodell after being drafted

Sammy Watkins selfie Goodell

The Buffalo Bills traded two first-round picks and a fourth in order to move up five spots to select Sammy Watkins with the fourth overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft. After being picked, Watkins decided to become a pioneer — he took a selfie with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Much like what David Ortiz did at the White House, we’re guessing Watkins was paid by Samsung for this attention-grabbing stunt.

As for the pick … I like Watkins. A lot. I think he’s a great playmaker and will make Buffalo a lot better. Many people think they gave up too much by trading a first rounder in 2015 to move up five spots this year, but that tells me the Bills are banking on having a strong season which would translate to a late pick.

I really like the core the Bills are putting together and expect them to be at least a .500 squad next season.

And their players sure liked the pick too:

And this was from ex-Clemson Tiger CJ Spiller:

Screencap via @worldofisaac

Sammy Watkins went to Jacob with more than 25 thou

Sammy Watkins jewelrySammy Watkins looks like he’s going to be a star at the next level, and he better be, because the former Clemson wide receiver appears to already be following that JaMarcus Russell keys to bankruptcy playbook.

Watkins shared this video on Instagram of him flossing the ice all over the place. We’re talking gold watches, gold chains, diamonds and the works. There was more jewelry in that 10-second clip than an entire Zales commercial.

Sure it looks cool to show off all that jewelry the night before you’re going to be a top-10 pick in the NFL draft, but you know what’s not cool? Filing for bankruptcy seven years later when all you have to your name is a couple of ACC rings and some Air Jordans. Ask Warren Sapp about that — he’ll tell you.

Don’t be a fool, Sammy, use your money wisely. The same goes for all you other first-round picks who don’t want to be the next athlete interviewed for a 30 for 30 special on broke athletes.