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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Articles tagged: San Diego Chargers

Will Luis Castillo Be the Next Madden Cover Victim?

As I posted at FanHouse, Luis Castillo might be the next player to suffer the Madden Jinx. We’ve already seen ’08 cover boy Vince Young fall victim to a pulled quad this weekend, and next up might be Castillo. How is that possible you ask? Well, the North County Times notes that Castillo has been…Read More

LaDainian Tomlinson Is a Poor Sport

Despite touting himself as a classy person and growing into the role as the face of the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson has now proved for the second time that he is a poor sport. The first time was when he called the Patriots classless after losing to them in the playoffs. And now comes the second…Read More

Media Pleas for Marty as Victim

The media has created a victim role for Marty Schottenheimer since his firing by the San Diego Chargers. That is incorrect as Marty’s own actions led to his firing.

Tomlinson says Classless Patriots learn from Belichick

LaDainian Tomlinson went to meet some of the opposing players on the field following the game – as is the tradition in the NFL.  However, the post-game show on CBS caught Tomlinson getting into a shoving match with a few Patriots. In his post-game interview on the podium, Tomlinson addressed the shoving, saying it had to do with…Read More

Schottenheimer’s Bolts go down in Flames

14-2, best record in the NFL, top seed in the conference, home field throughout the playoffs.  What does all this buy you?  A 2nd round exit in the playoffs.  They picked off Tom Brady 3 times.  3 times!!  So what went wrong?  I have identified the biggest problems that led to the Chargers blowing the…Read More

Golden Tickets for Chargers Playoff Games?

Taking a page out of the Willy Wonka playbook, the San Diego Union-Tribune buried 10 “golden tickets” in their Sunday papers, causing a frenzy in Daygo.  “There will be one ticket, the actual ticket to the game, with a coupon for that second ticket.  But the Union-Tribune wants to avoid a frenzy. People shouldn’t form…Read More

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