Padres fan has foul ball land in his beer cup, chugs the beer (Video)

When you pay the prices that MLB teams are charging for a ticket to the game, you usually expect the most amazing thing you see over the course of the evening to happen on the field. As we have seen many times throughout the years, that is not always the case. We saw it again on Tuesday night in San Diego, when a foul ball somehow made its way into the beer cup of a Padres fan.

As you can see from the clip above, a few fans tried to snag the ball and were unsuccessful. That’s when the guy in the yellow jersey looked down and realized it had landed right in his brew. He didn’t catch the ball on his own which makes it slightly less impressive than what this guy did, but he still made things right when he followed through with the mandatory pounding of the beer. Sometimes it’s less about the execution and more about the adjustments.

We still say nothing beats this fan’s catch from last season.

Thanks to Fernando Stepensky for the tip

Justin Upton Robbed of Catch by Taunting Padres Fan (Video)

The D-Backs beat the Padres 3-1 Saturday night but it was no thanks to an astute San Diego fan down the right field line. That Padres fan really had his head in the game because he knew he was saving his team an out. Sadly for him, the San Diego offense is too pathetic to cobble together more than a run. At least he didn’t get shamed out of the park like the Ichiro impersonator. Given how hardcore Diamondbacks fans have proven to be, that comes as quite a surprise.