San Diego State student wins car with half-court shot at Midnight Madness (Video)

Friday marked the first official day of NCAA basketball across America, and as usual it was filled with high-flying dunks and quirky dance routines from players and coaches. But at San Diego State, it was a student who is not on the basketball team who stole the show.

According to Rush the Court, the student you see in the video above is Craig Horlbeck. Horlbeck drained a half-court shot and won a new car. Not only that, but he reacted like he had done it before. On a night when we saw incredible dunks like this one, it’s tough to upstage the athletes. Horlbeck managed not only to do that but to do it with swagger. As this guy would tell you, there’s nothing like draining a 47-footer and winning a new set of wheels.

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Reporter Ben Higgins Almost Hit by Car Covering San Diego State (Video)

Sometimes it can get dangerous standing courtside at a basketball game.  Players come diving into the stands and take out fans, camera people, and reporters quite regularly.  Just ask Bob from San Antonio.  One would think that as long as you aren’t standing courtside, you probably won’t get run over.  Unless, of course, we take vehicles into consideration.

Ben Maller called our attention to a video clip of ABC 10 in San Deigo’s Ben Higgins, who is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured by an SUV while doing a report on San Diego State’s tournament victory in Tucson.  Check out the video of Ben Higgins almost getting run over:

Was that driver trying to hit him? How do you not see him from 40 feet away?  The person just kept backing up as though they weren’t looking or didn’t care.  My parents always told me to drive defensively.  I guess I’ll have to remember to broadcast defensively, too, if I ever break into that field.

Kansas, Ohio State, San Diego State, Who Will be Last Undefeated Standing?

With Pitt knocking off Syracuse at home Monday night, college hoops is down to only three unbeaten teams 5-6 games into conference play. Ohio State and Kansas are teams people expected to be in the top five, but the surprise squad is San Diego State which is 19-0 and ranked 6th. Which of these impressive starters will be the first to lose? We take a look.

Ohio State: The Big Ten has six teams in the Top 25 including the top ranked Buckeyes. Thus far, Ohio St. has played only one of the other five ranked teams from their conference — Minnesota. In the next seven days they will host Iowa (whom they beat by only five earlier this month), travel to #22 Illinois on Saturday, and then play 13th-ranked Purdue in Columbus. In February it only gets worse with five straight games against the other ranked teams from the conference. They will be a number one seed in the tourney, but may have a bump or two along the way.

Kansas: The Jayhawks are 18-0 and 3-0 in conference. They have a better shot at remaining undefeated compared to Ohio State, given that the only ranked opponent they face in their next five games is Texas in Lawrence. Their following challenge would be 14th ranked Missouri at home on February 7th. Beware of surprising Colorado which is 14-4 after defeating Mizzou and Kansas St.

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