Giants fan Dawn Prince arrested after getting Pablo Sandoval home run ball

San Francisco Giants fans who attended Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday were treated to many memorable moments, but the game will be remembered for other reasons for Dawn Prince.

Prince told CBS San Francisco that she was arrested for trespassing after getting slugger Pablo Sandoval’s third home run ball from the game.

Prince says she fell over the railing by her bleacher seat onto the ground behind center field at AT&T Park when she was trying to get Pablo Sandoval’s third home run ball. She says she fell accidentally, and she suffered bruises and torn pants as a result of the fall.

Prince was arrested by security on trespassing charges. The San Francisco DA has the power to decide if she will be charged for her alleged crime.

The Giants ended up with the ball, but I have to imagine getting that souvenir would have been worth the arrest.

You can see video of all three of Sandoval’s home runs here.

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A’s fan’s dog barks and snaps at Giants fan (Video)

On Thursday night, some real A’s fans finally got a chance to catch a ballgame. Oakland may rank near the bottom of the league in average attendance, but that’s because the team only allows it’s four-legged friends to sit in the stands at the Coliseum one night a season. If they held Dog Day at the Park more often, maybe we’d see some more passion from fans like this bro you see in the video above.

That St. Bernard wasn’t having it. It may have taken him a few seconds to realize the dude who was petting him was a San Francisco Giants fan, but the important thing is he sprung into action when he figured out what was going on. Real A’s fans don’t care if their team isn’t even playing the Giants that day. The dog knew it was a rare opportunity for him to even be at the ballpark in general, and he wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity to put a rival fan in his place slip through his paws. The 842 dogs that filled this hockey arena aren’t fans — they just made a lot of noise. This St. Bernard showed everyone the meaning of true commitment.

Brian Wilson Look-alike Fan D.J. Silva Wears ESPYs Outfit to Giants Game

Giants closer Brian Wilson turned heads at the ESPYs with his spandex tuxedo that caught nearly everyone off-guard. The offbeat pitcher described the outfit by saying it felt like he was naked. I guess that’s a comfortable feeling. At least I hope that’s how it is, because one Wilson look-alike wore an identical outfit to the Giants-Phillies game Sunday. Check it out:

The fan in question is D.J. Silva, a young man from Roseville, Ca according to his newly created twitter profile. A woman who drove with him to the game described him as “a real cool guy that just happens to pull off the [Brian Wilson look] really well.

So what does Silva look like without the ESPYs tuxedo or even without the beard? Let’s take a look:

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Fan Steals Fly Ball From Cody Ross (Video)

The Giants beat the Twins Wednesday night 5-1 and there was nobody happier about it than one particular fan. A Giants fan nearly cost his team an out when he stole a ball from Cody Ross down the left field line. Check out the video courtesy of Sports Grid (click close on the top right corner to watch):

The fan knew immediately that he had screwed up and felt badly about it. Luckily for him, he was spared when Alexi Casilla grounded out in that at-bat. What’s the lesson to be learned here? Don’t interfere with balls in play. Oh yeah, and anybody older than 12 who takes a glove to a game is lame.

San Francisco Giants to Join ‘It Gets Better’ Gay Support Movement with Video

San Francisco Giants fan Sean Chapin began an online petition urging the team to film an “It Gets Better” video against anti-gay bullying. At last check, the petition had over 6,500 signatures, enough to convince the Giants to make a video in support of the movement.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said that the team had been thinking of joining the campaign before Chapin started his petition drive, but that his efforts speeded things up.” The team had initially planned to produce a video for the Giants LGBT night but they’ve decided to get the video done sooner rather than later.

Part of the reason Chapin has pushed the Giants to take a stand is what’s transpired in the sports world between the anti-gay remarks by Kobe Bryant and Roger McDowell. Chapin might be missing that a Phoenix Suns exec just came out on Sunday, and that a former Villanova basketball player did the same thing on Monday. Oh yeah, there’s also hockey player Sean Avery who filmed a pro gay marriage video, and Jared Dudley and Grant Hill who made a Think Before you Speak video. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for the Giants to support the cause, I’m just saying there are more people in the sports world supporting gays than Chapin might think.

When you think about it, the Giants are the perfect team to publicly support such a movement. This is the same team that just filmed a hilarious commercial, they’ve appeared in viral videos, and they have their own reality show. There probably isn’t a better fit than the San Francisco Giants for a video like this.

Forearm bash to Big League Stew

Little Giants Fan Hits Puberty at Age Five, Grows Brian Wilson Beard

First there was Baby Mangino, and then the sports world was introduced to Baby Joe Pa. I guess now we’ll have to call this one Baby Brian Wilson?

In 20 years that kid is going to grow up, look back at this photo, and wonder what the heck was wrong with his parents. Or he’ll just continue to be a die-hard Giants fan. Besides, if his parents were real Giants fans, they would have at least given him a captain’s hat.

That picture comes to us courtesy of SI’s weekly “Did You See That?” gallery which is always a hit, shared by Jimmy Traina’s always entertaining Hot Clicks. My guess is you’ll particularly enjoy pictures 4, 5, and 10 from the gallery. A-Rod would probably enjoy picture 16.

Photo Credit: Dinno Kovic/Southcreek Global/ZUMAPRESS.com