Giants dress their rookies in spandex suits for hazing (Pictures)

The humility continues. With all the hazing we have seen throughout baseball since rosters expanded at the start of September, the challenging task for teams now is to come up with a unique way to embarrass their rookies. The Giants did their best earlier this week.

As you can see from the photo above that SFGate.com’s The Splash blog shared with us, the Giants made their rookies and sophomores dress up in fantastic spandex suits that really had no rhyme or reason to them. They didn’t beat the Rays and their “Call Me Maybe” stunt or the Marlins with their speedos in Times Square bit, but it did the trick.

Below are some more pictures that Giants reliever Sergio Romo shared on Twitter.

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NFL threatens to fine Alex Smith if he wears San Francisco Giants hat again

Last season, Alex Smith enjoyed showing his support for San Francisco’s baseball team by wearing a Giants hat to some of his postgame press conferences. Although professional athletes didn’t necessarily grow up in the area where they are playing and have allegiances to other teams, fans like to see the symmetry — hence why Tom Brady heard so much grief over this wardrobe selection. However, the NFL has warned Smith that he will be fined $15,000 if he does it again.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the NFL’s dress code mandates that players wear sponsored gear during the 90 minutes before and after games. Since a Giants hat is non-sponsored gear, Smith is not permitted to wear it.

“Yeah, can you call (Giants chief executive) Larry Baer for me?” Smith joked when reporters suggested that he ask the Giants to pay the fine.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com reports that the NFL actually did fine Smith $15,000 for wearing the hat last year but decided to rescind the fine and leave him with a warning. Smith also let reporters know that he is aware of the Giants’ magic number to clinch a playoff spot and didn’t sound like a man who intends to change his postgame wardrobe. And that, my friends, it what loyalty is all about. And wealth…

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Photo courtesy of @SFGiantsFans

Giants to give away Rory McIlroy bobblehead dolls (Picture)

If you are unaware of LBS’ highly-publicized man crush on Rory McIlroy, welcome aboard. This is likely either your first time visiting the site or one of only a handful. Although we were much bigger fans when he was still dating ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney, we’re still very much on board with Rory. That’s why we fully approve of the Giants and their McIlroy bobblehead giveaway, despite the fact that it may be a bit of a stretch.

On June 12 when they host the Astros, the Giants will be holding “Irish Heritage Night.” With McIlroy already in the area that week to defend his U.S. Open championship, the Giants have decided to honor him by giving away the nifty bobbleheads you see in the photo above. It’s rare that you’d see bobbleheads of a golfer given away at a baseball game, but it certainly beats this lame giveaway the Dodgers have planned or this creepy bobblehead the Rays gave out last season. Giants fans should be grateful to be a part of it.

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Giants replace rally thong with ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ muscle shirt

Two years ago, the Giants won the World Series and believed a red thong had a lot to do with it. For those who are unfamiliar with the history of San Francisco’s “rally thong,” it was discovered by Aubrey Huff during one of the worst slumps of his career. You can read the lingerie’s full background here, and see some pictures of Huff flaunting it at the Giants World Series parade here. Apparently the Giants feel as though the powers of the thong have run their course, so they’ve decided to replace it.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the thong has been replaced in the clubhouse with a sleeveless t-shirt that reads “I’m sexy and I know it” across the front in glittery letters.

“Whoever gets the game-winning hit has to wear it,” Pagan said while rocking the shirt Thursday after his game-winning, three-run homer in the 9th against the Reds.

If the players believe in it, it works. I’m sure Bruce Bochy will have no problem with his team’s new muscle shirt if it results in another World Series rung.

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Photo credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Sports Apparel Company Suing San Francisco Giants Over Logo

We have a category here at LBS entitled “frivolous lawsuits,” and this definitely applies. SF Weekly reports that a sports apparel company in Hayward, Ca. is suing the Giants for stealing their logo. Follow me on this one.

The Giants have been using their San Francisco script logo on uniforms and merchandise since 1993, but they never registered the logo. Gogo Sports specializes in knock offs, and registered the logo in March. MLB tried to trademark the logo a month later, but was told a similar design already existed.

MLB and Gogo Sports have gone back-and-forth over the issue. MLB is telling Gogo to stop using the logo, while Gogo is saying they have trademark rights to it. The Giants are in a good position to win the suit because federal law protects unregistered trademarks. Anyone with common sense agrees. The person who sued the Yankees for stealing their logo fails to see the issue.

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Tim Lincecum Doesn’t Want Long-Term Deal, Is that a Bad Sign for the Giants?

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is completing a two-year deal he signed with the team last February. He still has two more arbitration seasons with the Giants before becoming a free agent, and there is little doubt San Francisco would like to lock him up long term. But the two-time Cy Young winner says he is not interested in signing a long-term deal, even if that means turning down a potential $100 million guaranteed contract.

“I just don’t know how I’m going to feel five years from now, or three years. That’s why I’d kind of like to take things step by step and why I liked the deal I got last year,” Lincecum told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It’s just easier for me mentally not to have to put that kind of pressure on yourself,” he said. “Not that you don’t want to succeed, but when you’re signed to a long-term deal, it’s like saying, ‘I’m going to live up to every expectation.’

There is a lot of sound reasoning to Lincecum’s explanation. One of Tim’s teammates is Barry Zito, who signed a 7-year $126 million deal in 2007. Zito hasn’t come close to pitching like an ace since signing the contract and he’s been ridiculed for failing to perform up to expectations.

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Miguel Tejada Upset with Reporters for Saying He Doesn’t Have Range

Miguel Tejada is upset with reporters for writing that he has no range, perhaps thinking the criticism prompted the Giants to acquire another shortstop at the trade deadline. Tejada is currently on the disabled list with an abdominal issue, so the team acquired Orlando Cabrera from the Indians. Speaking on Sunday prior to the Giants’ game against the Reds, Tejada went off.

“People forget I’ve done too much in this game. All the things you guys put in the papers, that I don’t have range in this game, I’ll prove it. I never pay attention to what reporters put about me. The only thing I do is hard work. … All the reporters in San Francisco forget who I am.”

No Miguel, I’m pretty sure they know who you are. I think the issue is you don’t know what you’ve become. If you were so great as a shortstop, Baltimore wouldn’t have moved you to the hot corner. The Giants wouldn’t have played you there half the season if you were a fantastic shortstop. Instead, the Giants who have Tejada and Freddy Sanchez on the DL, have now acquired Jeff Keppinger and Orlando Cabrera to aid their middle infield.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure they could have gotten whatever production those two will give them from people in the minor leagues. But hey, if Brian Sabrean wants to be in the business of giving prospects away, who am I to stop him?