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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Articles tagged: San Francisco Giants

Giants Looking for Fans Who Conceived the Night They Won World Series

The San Francisco Giants have become known for having a pretty clever marketing team.  That, along with their insane personalities in the clubhouse, is a huge part of what made them such an attractive commodity during their World Series run last season.  Having already put out one of the funniest commercials we have seen this…Read More

Buster Posey Injury Could Lead Giants to Call Bengie Molina

Giants prized catcher Buster Posey suffered an awful break Wednesday night when he was injured on a collision at the plate. Marlins pinch hitter Scott Cousins tagged up from third on a fly ball in the 12th and launched into Posey to score the winning run. Posey’s left leg was planted in the ground and…Read More

Video: Giants Confessional Booth Commerical is Pretty Funny

This just in: the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are a bunch of nut jobs.  They like to party.  Tim Lincecum loves having fans who smoke weed and probably puffs on a little herb himself before heading to In-N-Out Burger.  Brian Wilson is clinically insane and Pat Burrell dresses up in freakish sexual…Read More

Aubrey Huff Has Body Drawn in Right Field by Teammates

Aubrey Huff has been a corner infielder most of his career, but he’s also played the corner outfield positions a fair amount. That doesn’t mean he does it well. After right fielder Cody Ross got hurt in spring training, the Giants decided to promote rookie Brandon Belt to the major leagues and put him at…Read More

Barry Zito’s Team Attitude Was Critical to Giants’ World Series Run

Opening day for the 2011 Major League Baseball season is a week away, and this year’s defending champions are the San Francisco Giants, much to the surprise of many people who follow baseball. The Giants won last year’s World Series with incredible starting pitching, a dependable, shut-down bullpen anchored by an eccentric closer, timely hitting…Read More

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