Marijuana Ad in SF Weekly Using San Francisco Giants Logo

Weed and the Giants, it’s the new baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet. If you recall in October during the World Series, fans were offering bud for tickets, Josh Hamilton commented that fans were toking up in center field, and Tim Lincecum said he hoped the city was up in smoke after the Giants won it all. Yup, the history between the Giants and weed is rich. So much so, that as Bugs and Cranks pointed out (via Sportress of Blogitude), an “urban garden specialist” advertised marijuana in the SF Weekly using Giants logos:

I’m sure MLB or the Giants will sue for some sort of copyright infringement, but you know if Tim Lincecum has his way he’ll be fighting for the ad to stay. Can you even think of a more appropriate use of their logos? Neither can I.

Why Didn’t Bruce Bochy Use Any of the Giants’ Starting Pitchers in All-Star Game?

You know how we roll at LBS. When we seem some b.s., we call b.s. And Giants manager Bruce Bochy naming three of his starting pitchers to the NL All-Star team was a total homer move. It’s not the first time a manager has picked his own players to join the All-Star team when other players were more deserving, but it was a pretty blatant abuse of powers. Even though two of the Giants were on our list of NL players who should have been left off the roster, we lived with Bochy’s decisions. But the crap he pulled managing the NL squad was inexcusable.

In case you missed it, Bochy did not use any of his starting pitchers during the game. That’s right, he put 60% of his starting rotation on the squad and didn’t use of one of them. Naturally you’re asking if his pitchers had proper rest to be able to pitch. Here’s the breakdown:

    - Matt Cain pitched Sunday, so he was ineligible
    Tim Lincecum pitched Saturday, he could have gone an inning
    Ryan Vogelsong pitched Friday, he should have been able to pitch an inning

For comparison, let’s look at the starters of other NL teams he decided to use instead:

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Giants Looking for Fans Who Conceived the Night They Won World Series

The San Francisco Giants have become known for having a pretty clever marketing team.  That, along with their insane personalities in the clubhouse, is a huge part of what made them such an attractive commodity during their World Series run last season.  Having already put out one of the funniest commercials we have seen this season, the Giants may have outdone themselves with their latest promotion.

As Off the Bench pointed out, the Giants are currently searching for the World Championship Baby.  If you thought they already found it when this kid was spotted in the stands last season, think again.  The current contest is calling for the baby who was conceived closest to the Giants World Series-clinching game against the Rangers in October.  Parents of children who were born roughly nine months after Game 5 of the World Series — which will be in about a month — can show their child’s birth certificate for a chance to win according to the promotional video on CSNBayArea.com.

At this point it’s unclear what these families actually stand to win aside from being named the person who got busy with their significant other immediately after San Francisco won the title.  The point is the promotion is unique, it’s weird, it’s a little perverse, and it has people buzzing.  What more could you ask for?

Buster Posey Injury Could Lead Giants to Call Bengie Molina

Giants prized catcher Buster Posey suffered an awful break Wednesday night when he was injured on a collision at the plate. Marlins pinch hitter Scott Cousins tagged up from third on a fly ball in the 12th and launched into Posey to score the winning run. Posey’s left leg was planted in the ground and his body was bent backwards, likely injuring his ankle or leg. It was a brutal injury and an extremely difficult break for such a good young player.

Though we don’t want to minimize how much this could set back Posey — team officials would only say that the injury was “not good” — the Giants are still the NL West leader and need a replacement. Eli Whiteside is their only other catcher on the roster, so they’ll likely call up Chris Stewart from the minors. But maybe another name familiar to Giants fans can end up in San Francisco: Bengie Molina.

Molina has been out of baseball this year because he did not receive a contract offer in the offseason that he deemed satisfactory. The Red Sox reportedly had contacted him earlier in the month, but now that Jarrod Saltalamacchia has started to hit, their interest may be limited.

We have no idea what kind of playing shape he’s in, but Bengie is familiar with the Giants having played there since ’07 (they traded him to the Rangers mid-season last year). If any opportunity could make him come back to baseball this would be it. If it does happen, he’ll probably need several weeks of minor league action before being ready for the Giants, but the wait would probably be worthwhile.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

San Francisco Giants to Join ‘It Gets Better’ Gay Support Movement with Video

San Francisco Giants fan Sean Chapin began an online petition urging the team to film an “It Gets Better” video against anti-gay bullying. At last check, the petition had over 6,500 signatures, enough to convince the Giants to make a video in support of the movement.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said that the team had been thinking of joining the campaign before Chapin started his petition drive, but that his efforts speeded things up.” The team had initially planned to produce a video for the Giants LGBT night but they’ve decided to get the video done sooner rather than later.

Part of the reason Chapin has pushed the Giants to take a stand is what’s transpired in the sports world between the anti-gay remarks by Kobe Bryant and Roger McDowell. Chapin might be missing that a Phoenix Suns exec just came out on Sunday, and that a former Villanova basketball player did the same thing on Monday. Oh yeah, there’s also hockey player Sean Avery who filmed a pro gay marriage video, and Jared Dudley and Grant Hill who made a Think Before you Speak video. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for the Giants to support the cause, I’m just saying there are more people in the sports world supporting gays than Chapin might think.

When you think about it, the Giants are the perfect team to publicly support such a movement. This is the same team that just filmed a hilarious commercial, they’ve appeared in viral videos, and they have their own reality show. There probably isn’t a better fit than the San Francisco Giants for a video like this.

Forearm bash to Big League Stew

Video: Giants Confessional Booth Commerical is Pretty Funny

This just in: the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are a bunch of nut jobs.  They like to party.  Tim Lincecum loves having fans who smoke weed and probably puffs on a little herb himself before heading to In-N-Out Burger.  Brian Wilson is clinically insane and Pat Burrell dresses up in freakish sexual attire to enable him.  Oh, and let’s not forget about Aubrey Huff’s lucky red thong.  The boys from the Bay are as entertaining as they come (which is why their Showtime reality show should be phenomenal) and that’s what makes their latest commercial so hilarious.  Check out the Giants confessional booth commercial, courtesy of Big League Stew:

I have no doubt in my mind the Giants will get a lot of crap from some religious groups for the ad, but whoever thought of it is a genius.  Like the infamous “Idiots” from the 2004 champion Red Sox, the Giants’ wacky ways appeal to their fan base and even casual fans who are not seriously committed to any particular team.  Embracing their ways makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective, which is why I’m giving this commercial a solid A.

Aubrey Huff Has Body Drawn in Right Field by Teammates

Aubrey Huff has been a corner infielder most of his career, but he’s also played the corner outfield positions a fair amount. That doesn’t mean he does it well. After right fielder Cody Ross got hurt in spring training, the Giants decided to promote rookie Brandon Belt to the major leagues and put him at first. They moved Huff to right field and he’s endured some struggles out there.

Before Sunday’s game against the Dodgers, teammates Pat Burrell (aka the Machine) and Dan Runzler drew a mock chock outline of Huff’s body in right field making a joke of how he’s dying out there from making sprawling catches, as you can see in the picture above via Andrew Baggarly. Sadly, Huff played to form in the first inning when he misplayed a ball allowing Jamey Carroll an RBI triple. Poor show Aubrey, poor show.