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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Scott Hall

Scott Hall calls out Chael Sonnen for stealing his line

Chael Sonnen is one of the best crap talkers in sports. The guy is a classic heel and totally embraces it. He makes his living off of it. He does it better than many others. He’s even turned his ability to talk like a madman into a nice broadcasting gig with FOX. But one thing…Read More

Scott Hall arrested for allegedly choking out girlfriend in drunken rage

The problems for Scott Hall continue. Hall reportedly was arrested Friday for allegedly attacking his girlfriend in a drunken rage. TMZ obtained the police report and says cops were called to Hall’s Florida home. Hall’s girlfriend, Lisa Howell, apparently claimed Hall was drinking for days and the two got into an argument. Howell got into…Read More

Scott Hall and Son Cody Reportedly No Longer Speaking

Scott Hall and his son, Cody, reunited towards the end of the Hall’s captivating special on E:60. The special was apparently filmed in May, and Cody’s mother — Scott’s ex-wife — reportedly told TMZ that the reunion only lasted a month. According to TMZ, Cody gave up on his dad due to “constant verbal abuse…Read More

Scott Hall: Drugs and Alcohol Are Fun

The story of Scott Hall’s decline was chronicled in a recent edition of E:60. Hall was once one of the most recognizable figures in pro wrestling, working under the name Razor Ramon. Although his days as a prominent pro wrestler ended long ago, he has remained in the news because of his declining health and…Read More

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