Alleged attack victim suing Scottie Pippen for $4 million

Scottie PippenScottie Pippen was accused of assaulting a man outside a restaurant in Malibu and sending him to the hospital last month, but the former Chicago Bulls star was not arrested. A story later came out claiming that Pippen acted in self-defense and was being harassed by the alleged victim while he was eating dinner with friends and family. Now, the victim is suing Pippen.

Attorneys for 49-year-old Camran Shafighi filed a $4 million lawsuit against Pippen on Thursday claiming he suffers from headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing and other medical issues stemming from Pippen’s alleged attack on him.

“This has been pretty devastating to him,” Shafighi’s lawyer Lee Boyd told the LA times on Thursday. “This was not the result of some drunken barroom brawl. This is a guy who wanted to take a picture with a cellphone.”

Boyd claims Shafighi simply requested a photo with Pippen for his girlfriend’s 12-year-old son when he was knocked to the ground with a single punch and kicked while he was unconscious.

Police continue to investigate the alleged assault. Pippen was sought out for a possible arrest shortly after the incident occurred, but he voluntarily spoke with investigators who decided an arrest was not warranted. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said witnesses told police the other man involved in the altercation with Pippen appeared to be intoxicated.

Even if Shafighi wins the lawsuit, $4 million might be aiming a bit high. Pippen works as a special advisor to the Bulls’ president and chief operating officer, but he is not as wealthy as you would expect a six-time NBA champion to be. He was reportedly in a ton of debt several years ago when he was flirting with the idea of an NBA comeback, so I doubt Pippen has millions of dollars lying around to shell out in a settlement.

Report: Scottie Pippen called n-word, spit on by alleged assault victim

Scottie PippenScottie Pippen was accused of putting another man in a hospital after an altercation outside a Malibu, Calif., restaurant on Sunday, and now the former Chicago Bulls legend’s side of the story is getting out.

TMZ reported Sunday that Pippen was questioned by police for allegedly kicking and punching a man outside Nobu restaurant in Malibu. The alleged victim “was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, including broken teeth and a swollen mouth. He also suffered injuries to his head and back.”

Pippen was interviewed by police but not arrested. Now we’re learning that Pippen is saying he was acting in self-defense.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim harassed Pippen throughout the evening at the restaurant, where Pippen was eating with friends and family. The alleged victim reportedly even sat down at Pippen’s table after one of the ex-NBA player’s guests got up.

TMZ reports:

After the meal, we’re told Pippen agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant … but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. Pippen refused and we’re told that’s when the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him.

Some of the spit supposedly landed on Pippen’s daughter, causing the former Bull to go into a rage. Photos of the alleged victim being taken away in an ambulance made everything seem more dramatic, but maybe the alleged victim wasn’t exactly innocent in the situation.

Jason Kidd takes Scottie Pippen over LeBron James in all-time starting five

Jason KiddAnother day, another NBA legend who would not take LeBron James if he was starting a team with five players. On Friday morning, Jason Kidd appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” to discuss his new head coaching gig with the Brooklyn Nets. Somewhere along the line, he got to discussing who he thinks are the best players in NBA history.

Kidd was asked the same question Patrick asked Karl Malone last week about naming an all-time starting five. He went with John Stockton at point guard, Michael Jordan at the two-guard, Scottie Pippen at small forward, Tim Duncan at power forward and Shaquille O’Neal at center. The decision to choose Pippen seemed to take Kidd the longest, and naturally he was asked about leaving LeBron out.

“Lebron…I mean I could play him at (center),” Kidd responded, before Patrick told him he would take Hakeem Olajuwon over Shaq. “Listen, Hakeem is not bad and I’m leaving LeBron off right now. Those are two Hall of Fame guys and you can easily say they’re the best at their position.”

Given all the Hall of Famers that have played at each position, naming an all-time starting five is impossible to do without leaving some guys out. There were some similarities between Kidd’s starting five and the five choices Malone made, but at least Jason included Jordan.

As far as LeBron and Pippen are concerned, it’s important to remember that James is only 28 years old and could end up winning his second championship within the next week or so. If nothing else, Kidd’s and Malone’s decision to include Pippen shows the level of respect former players have for Scottie as being more than just MJ’s sidekick. Dennis Rodman, on the other hand, may take his argument a bit too far.

Karl Malone puts Scottie Pippen in all-time starting five, no Michael Jordan

charles-barkley-karl-maloneMichael Jordan is widely considered by many to be the greatest all-around player in NBA history. If you asked most people to come up with the best starting five of all-time, most of them would build the lineup around Jordan. Karl Malone is not most people.

During an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday, Malone spoke about LeBron James and some of the greatest players who have ever played the game. When asked to name his all-time starting five, Malone took John Stockton and Oscar Robertson as his guards, Wilt Chamberlain at center, LeBron at power forward and Scottie Pippen at small forward. Pippen and no Jordan — really?

“Scottie Pippen led the team in every statistical category while he was there without Michael Jordan,” Malone explained. “That’s why I have to put him there. So now you know.”

But when Jordan was there, the Bulls won six NBA championships. In fairness to Malone, the best starting five is not the same as the top five players of all time. His top five players could all be centers for all we know. That being said, it would have been an acceptable answer to put MJ at small forward or shooting guard. Robertson and Pippen over Jordan is crazy.

Malone’s answer would be surprising if he didn’t say the exact same thing in an interview last year. For whatever reason, he loves Pippen and refuses to give Jordan the same amount of credit everyone else gives him. Toward the end of the interview, Malone also admitted that he has a “man crush” on LeBron James. If he has a crush on LeBron, he must be in love with Scottie.

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Michael Jordan wedding pictures plus Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc on guest list

Michael Jordan wedding tent

Michael Jordan Yvette PrietoMichael Jordan took the walk down the aisle for the second time in his life. Yes, his Airness married model Yvette Prieto Saturday in a super private, super exclusive wedding in Palm Beach.

Earlier Saturday, we told you the wedding was expected to have 2,000 guests. Shiny Sheet tweeted that guests included ex-NBA players Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing, as well as film maker Spike Lee. In addition to Pippen, Gossip Extra says Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammates Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc also attended the ceremony. Golfer Tiger Woods was another guest from the sporting world who was in attendance.

Jordan and Prieto wed in the same church where Donald Trump got married — the Episcopal Church at Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach. Below are photos of the church where the wedding took place, plus another picture of the massive must-see tent where the reception took place:

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Scottie Pippen: Dream Team would beat current Team USA by 25

Count Scottie Pippen as the latest person to weigh-in on the Dream Team vs. current Team USA debate.

The subject heated up this week when Kobe Bryant said the current Team USA basketball squad would have beaten the 1992 Dream Team. Michael Jordan laughed off Kobe’s comments while Charles Barkley predicted a double-digit win for the ’92 group. Scottie Pippen feels similarly.

“I think we could probably beat this team by 25,” Pippen said while watching Team USA destroy the Dominican Republic in an exhibition game on Thursday. “I’ll go out on a limb and say that.”

Pippen made his comments during a guest appearance on ESPN’s telecast of the exhibition which the US won easily.

“We were well-rounded,” Pippen said. “We had good bigs, we had good small forwards, good guards. We didn’t deal with any injuries, so that team stayed assembled. [The current USA] team is really not what they put together. Even though they have some great talent and they brought in more talented players, I just felt like that team is the best of the best.

“We would have attacked this team. From inside, we would be able to attack them with our bigs. Defensively we would have shut them down because we would get up on them as they’re trying to do to this Dominican team,” Pippen concluded.

There’s no way to ever have the question answered, but it’s worth noting that sports books would have favored the Dream Team by anywhere from 6-8.5 points in a hypothetical game. Computer simulations also favor the Dream Team.

I think it would have been a close contest, but the edge goes to the Dream Team for one simple reason: Michael Jordan. With him on the team, I don’t think they would have lost.

Note: This post also appeared on the Yardbarker Olympics blog Medal Detector

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen supported Isiah Thomas’ snub from 1992 Dream Team

According to the much-anticipated NBA TV documentary about the 1992 Dream Team that airs Wednesday night, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen backed the idea of Isiah Thomas being left off the roster for the famous gold medal-winning team in Barcelona.

“That was one of the stipulations put to me that Isiah wasn’t part of the team,” Jordan said in an interview part of the 90-minute film.

It had long been rumored that MJ played a part in his rival’s snub from the squad. And while Jordan’s comments more or less confirm those beliefs, Pippen provides additional anti-Isiah sentiment and sheds light on how there was more to their disdain for Isiah than simply just their heated Pistons-Bulls rivalry back then.

“I despised how he played the game,” Pippen said.

“Isiah was the general,” Pippen added about the Pistons’ rough, arguably dirty, style of play at the time. “He was the guy who would yap at his teammates and say, ‘Kick them on their [rear]. Do whatever you have to do.’ No, I didn’t want him on the Dream Team.”

According to NBA TV, Thomas declined to participate in the making of the doc. But while Jordan and Pippen’s contempt is given the coverage, other prominent members of the Dream Team, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, reportedly were not big fans of Thomas playing on the team, either. If that many guys did not want to be teammates with Isiah, and if Isiah actually did become a member of the squad, then we could probably be looking back at a completely different Dream Team lineup that I argue would have altered history.

Photo: Andrew B. Fielding-US PRESSWIRE