Japan’s Matsuki Terada Loses Race After Taking Wrong Turn (Video)

Here’s a perfect example of one of those stories that sucks so bad it’s kind of funny.  I’ve heard of people losing the lead in a marathon for a lot of reasons: running out of steam, falling down, becoming ill, disqualification, and many others.  Never in my life have I come across a runner who lost a race because he took a wrong turn.  Aren’t these things usually pretty well mapped out?  Apparently not in Japan, and Matsuki Terada paid the price.  Check out the Matsuki Terada marathon fail video, courtesy of Ted Williams Head:

To make matters worse, Terada took the wrong turn a mere 200 meters from the finish line, so there’s a tremendous chance he would have won the race.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’ll never make that mistake again — assuming he isn’t too pissed off to never run another marathon.

Rangers Center Dale Weise Gatorade Squirt Fail (Video)

I guess you can say it was just one of those nights for New York Rangers call-up center Dale Weise. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had a goal waved off when the refs determined he kicked it into the net, someone played a prank on Weise when he returned to the bench. Or at least it certainly looks like a prank to me. If not, he really did have a rough night. Check out the Dale Weise Gatorade fail video, courtesy of Deadspin:

FOX Screws Up Downs at End of Redskins-Buccaneers Game Because of Chain Gang

Yes, that FOX graphic from the Redskins-Buccaneers game showed that it was 4th and 4 for the Redskins. The play in progress was a pass from Donovan McNabb that slipped out of Fred Davis’ hands and should have ended the game. Only it didn’t.

What happened was FOX made a mistake on a 1st and 10 play from the 12. Donovan McNabb completed a 10-yard pass to Anthony Armstrong to the two that gave the team another 1st and 10. FOX thought it was a 9-yard pass leaving them with a 2nd and 1 (and it was, the chain gang helped the Skins by shortening the first down distance by a yard). There was an incomplete pass to Roydell Williams and a run by Ryan Torain that lost four yards. It set up a 3rd and goal situation that according to FOX’s downs was a decisive 4th and 4.

Many people were confused, and I had thought the game was over with a 17-10 final after the incompletion to Davis. I was pleased because that was one of Doc Brown’s Top 3 selections for the week. The only problem is the Buccaneers were not celebrating as if they had won the game, and the Skins weren’t sulking as if they had lost. It’s because they didn’t, and they really had one last crack at the end zone.

On their real 4th and goal play, Donovan McNabb hit Santana Moss for a touchdown. The Skins blew the extra point on a high snap, giving Tampa Bay a 17-16 win. It may have been a loss for all I care since it screwed up Doc’s Top 3. Thanks to FOX for getting my hopes up … and then letting me down, all because of the chain gang.

UPDATE: The mistake was apparently created by the chain gang which awarded the Redskins a first down when they shouldn’t have.

Antoine Walker Free Throw Fail (Video)

Antoine Walker just wants to make some money.  He filed for bankruptcy about six months ago so he’s looking to resurrect his NBA career in some way.  Walker recently signed a five-figure contract with the Idaho Stampede of the NBA D-League.  In his debut Wednesday night, Antoine scored 13 and supposedly looked solid considering how out of shape he is.  There was no Walker Wiggle, but there was an embarrassing free throw.  Check out the video of Antoine Walker airballing a free throw, courtesy of Deadspin via YouTube user outsidethenba:

We’re told Walker also missed by about three feet on one of his infamous three-point attempts (of which he missed all three), so obviously there’s some work to be done.  Give him some credit for getting back after it, I guess?

Video: MMA Fighter Backflip Epic Fail

One could argue that everyone loses in an MMA fight.  Most of the time even when you win, you lose.  If you go three rounds with a guy and get your face pummeled enough that you have to immediately report to the hospital following the fight, you’re losing something even if you win.  If you can’t pull off a celebratory back flip and the result is a six-foot free fall onto your back, you lose even more.  Check out this MMA fighter backflip fail video, courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude:

I guess this guy needs to add the top-of-the-cage backflip to his next training regimen.  Either that or he should probably stop trying it, because that wasn’t even close.

Stuart Scott Drops an Accidental F-Bomb in Referencing Derek Anderson (Video)

Derek Anderson can thank Stuart Scott for making sure he wasn’t the only one dropping curse words on live television after the Cardinals embarrassing loss to the 49ers on Monday night.  Last night, we showed you Anderson’s rant after a reporter asked him why he was laughing during the game when his team was getting spanked.  As a Deadspin reader pointed out, our man Stu wanted to make sure the Cardinals’ QB was in good company, so he took it upon himself to warm up ESPN’s “bleep fucktion” — as he so gracefully put it.  Check out the Stuart Scott f-bomb video, courtesy of YouTube user weaksauc321:

Islanders’ Announcer Howie Rose is Sick of the Islanders (Video)

The New York Islanders are absolutely atrocious this year.  With a 4-12-4 record through 18 games, I can’t imagine there are many Islanders fans out there who are still holding out hope for a successful season.  Many have likely lost interest, but one person who has definitely lost interest is their TV announcer, Howie Rose.  How do I know that?  Why don’t you ask Howie himself?  Check out the video of Howie Rose bashing the Islanders on TV, courtesy of YouTube user blevine77:

Rose also does the TV announcing for the New York Mets in case you didn’t understand the “Is it spring training yet?” comment.  The comments were made during what Howie thought was a commercial break before the Islanders went on to lose their 13th straight game.  For that reason, the only real crime here is carelessness.  Rose later apologized for what he said and explained that he was unaware he was still on the air, but is there anyone out there aside from his producer that can honestly say they’re upset about it?  When a team is that horrendous, you can’t expect a guy who has to watch them every night to be immune to the stench — even if he’s getting paid to do it.  Thanks to Deadspin for the heads up on the video.