Possibly the Most Hilarious Titans Headline Screw-Up Ever

Kudos to Ted Williams Head for picking up on one of the most incredible journalistic headline failures of all-time.  We’ve shown you some great screw-ups here at LBS, but this one ranks among the best.  Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Derek Cox, a third-round selection in 2009, has played his way back into the starting lineup after struggling early in the season.  After a solid showing against the Bills off the bench last Sunday, writers at Tennessean.com apparently believe Cox is a player to watch in the upcoming Jaguars-Titans game.  As a matter of fact, they think the Titans will have their hands full with him.

Natually, Tennessean.com has since removed the headline and changed it to “Titans Will Have Hands Full With Jaguars’ Cornerback,” but I don’t know how you could print something like that and not pick up on it right away.  That has to have been intentional, right?

Moroccan Goalie Celebrates a Bit Early

What appeared to be a timely save for keeper Khalid Askri ended up one of the worst cases of premature celebrating soccer has ever seen.  Maghreb Fez and FAR Rabat, two of Morocco‘s top division teams, were squaring off in a game that I have absolutely never heard of entitled the “Throne Cup” when Askri stopped a penalty kick — or did he?  He certainly thought he had, as he began walking away and kissing the logo on his shirt in celebration.  The ball, however, was not finished rolling.  Check out the video of a Moroccan goalie celebrating a penalty kick save too early, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

Worse than English goalie Robert Green’s miscue?  Nah, no way.

SI Hot Clicks 9/10

ESPN Anchor Accidentally Lets Fans Know His Views on Citi Field

If you believe in the “Freudian slip,” you might be forced to conclude that ESPN anchor Anish Shroff isn’t a fan of the stadium where the New York Mets play their home games, Citi Field.  When ESPN broke from it’s regular broadcast of the Mets-Cardinals game on Wednesday night to bring viewers coverage of Alex Rodriguez making a bid for his 600th career home run — which we feel he doesn’t deserve the press for — Shroff had a bit of a slip-up when sending it back to New York after A-Rod doubled.  Pardon my English, but check out the video of ESPN anchor Anish Shroff calling Citi Field “Shitty Field,” courtesy of The Big Lead:

ESPN Anchor Commits Gaffe. Oh, And He Calls Citi Field “Shitty Field,” Too [The Big Lead]
Video Credit: YouTube user vDTCx

JC Penney Anticipated a Celtics Win

First it was Macy’s misspelling “Los Angeles” on their Lakers championships shirts. Now, it’s JC Penney screwing things up. We’ve already touched on how the media and clothing companies prepare two sets of products depending on the possible outcomes of a major sporting event. Department store JC Penney is no exception, and as ProBasketballTalk points out, they accidentally advertised Boston Celtics championship trophies in the LA Times. Here’s a screencap of the report from CBS2 in Los Angeles:

Yeah, I’m sure those would be really popular in Boston too. I guess the execs at JC Penney didn’t get the pre-Game 7 memo from Stern’s office saying the Lakers would win. Sure would have saved them a lot of money, not to mention embarrassment.

JC Penny offers Laker fans Celtic championship trophy [ProBasketballTalk]

Bengals Fans Will Enjoy Their New Prick

Just like the Bengals to take a jackass in the draft, right? Selecting guys with character problems seems to be their forte, that’s why I was surprised they elected for Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham over Dez Bryant. But apparently Cincinnati broadcaster Curtis Fuller doesn’t think so highly of Gresham. Check out this blooper uncovered by Sports by Brooks:

I’m sure it was just an honest mistake but it was a bad one. Or perhaps a Freudian slip given Cincinnati’s history?

Cincy TV Sports Anchor’s Pointed Draft Coverage [Sports by Brooks]

Boise State Now Offering ‘Cummunication’ Major to Students


FOX must have realized its mistake early on because they made a point to show the profiles for two more players after they screwed that up. Each player happened to be a communication major and they got the spelling both times. No doubt they went out of their way to try and correct things. I hope they do something to make it up to Jeron Johnson because it would be easy to take that as a commentary on a kid from Compton.

Thanks to Something Awful via FanHouse twitter for the pic (if I had DVR, I would have grabbed the screen cap like usual)

Apparently All Black Coaches Look the Same to This Photographer

While surfing through Getty Images’ photos from the Seahawks/Bears game to use for my Jim Mora/Olindo Mare story, I came across a picture I didn’t recognize. I clicked on the thumbnail to see what I was missing. At that point I realized I wasn’t the one who was missing something — it was Getty’s photographer, Otto Greule Jr., who got his black coaches mixed up. Check out this photo and then read the caption:


SEATTLE – SEPTEMBER 27: Head coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears looks on during the game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 27, 2009 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. The Bears defeated the Seahawks 25-19. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the person pictured above is not Lovie Smith. The picture actually appears to be one of Chicago’s running back coach, Tim Spencer. Naaaa, all black coaches look the same, what’s the difference, right?