Bengals Fans Will Enjoy Their New Prick

Just like the Bengals to take a jackass in the draft, right? Selecting guys with character problems seems to be their forte, that’s why I was surprised they elected for Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham over Dez Bryant. But apparently Cincinnati broadcaster Curtis Fuller doesn’t think so highly of Gresham. Check out this blooper uncovered by Sports by Brooks:

I’m sure it was just an honest mistake but it was a bad one. Or perhaps a Freudian slip given Cincinnati’s history?

Cincy TV Sports Anchor’s Pointed Draft Coverage [Sports by Brooks]

Boise State Now Offering ‘Cummunication’ Major to Students


FOX must have realized its mistake early on because they made a point to show the profiles for two more players after they screwed that up. Each player happened to be a communication major and they got the spelling both times. No doubt they went out of their way to try and correct things. I hope they do something to make it up to Jeron Johnson because it would be easy to take that as a commentary on a kid from Compton.

Thanks to Something Awful via FanHouse twitter for the pic (if I had DVR, I would have grabbed the screen cap like usual)

Apparently All Black Coaches Look the Same to This Photographer

While surfing through Getty Images’ photos from the Seahawks/Bears game to use for my Jim Mora/Olindo Mare story, I came across a picture I didn’t recognize. I clicked on the thumbnail to see what I was missing. At that point I realized I wasn’t the one who was missing something — it was Getty’s photographer, Otto Greule Jr., who got his black coaches mixed up. Check out this photo and then read the caption:


SEATTLE – SEPTEMBER 27: Head coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears looks on during the game against the Seattle Seahawks on September 27, 2009 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. The Bears defeated the Seahawks 25-19. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the person pictured above is not Lovie Smith. The picture actually appears to be one of Chicago’s running back coach, Tim Spencer. Naaaa, all black coaches look the same, what’s the difference, right?

The Packers Didn’t Draft B.J. Raji for His Command of the English Language

Yes, that’s how Packers first-round pick and former Boston College Eagles DT B.J. Raji signed an autograph as pointed out by the folks at Deadspin. Let’s just hope this guy stuffs the run and sacks quarterbacks better than he spells. Maybe he should have put down the bong and actually attended a few English classes. Perhaps that would have helped. For the record, I’m expecting him to be a bust — I just get a horrible sense about his body language.

(Or maybe he was just trying to share with us how all the players felt after games??)

Tim Tebow Won FOX’s Heisman Trophy

We went over a similar issue when the Giants won the Super Bowl. When there’s a big announcement/outcome expected in the sports world and there’s a pre-determined amount of possibilities for how things will turn out, media members will often try to get a jump start on announcing the result first by pre-producing stories for each side. For instance, Reebok had two versions for the Perfectville commercial depending on who won the Super Bowl. When the Giants won, they aired one version and just discarded the other. That means all media outlets had all week to prepare articles and reports for each of the three possible Heisman Trophy winners. Foxsports.com apparently was quite diligent in doing their preparation. Only one problem. As Deadspin points out, they published the wrong winner on their site:

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Danyelle Sargent Probably Would Like This One Back

I first heard about this ever-so-awkward interview between FOX reporter Danyelle Sargent and 49ers head coach Mike Singletary on Monday. Unfortunately by the time I had a chance to take a peek, it had already been pulled down from YouTube. The video was posted a second time and then taken down because of copyright violation. Alas, we have found yet another version (crossing fingers it doesn’t get taken down) … here’s the infamous Danyelle Sargent/Mike Singletary video in which Sargent asks what advice the deceased since 2007 Bill Walsh gave him before the game (transcribed below in case the video doesn’t work):

Here’s how the video went in case it’s gone when you go to check it out, coupled with Sargent’s explanation for the screw up:

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LA Times Is Up-to-Date on its Hockey

LBS reader Andy happened upon the front page of the LA Times online the other day and noticed a nice feature story on Rob Blake getting some prominent play on the site. We’re talking about the front page of the entire site mind you, not just the sports section. And that’s in a town with fan favorites like the Lakers and Dodgers. Needless to say, it was a big step for the NHL to get that type of pub. Only problem, the web editor creating the captions isn’t exactly Mr. Current Affairs when it comes to the NHL. Check it out:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Rob Blake did sign with the San Jose Sharks a few weeks ago, no? Heck, didn’t the LA Times even have the story a few weeks ago? That’s what I thought. You know, I much prefer when web editors just stick to dirty titles instead.