Notre Dame drink cups feature embarrassing spelling error

Notre Dame drink cup

Notre Dame is a prestigious school with a sterling academic reputation. But even they make embarrassing mistakes every now and again.

Seen above is a photo of a drink cup being sold at Notre Dame’s season-opening game against Temple on Saturday. Yes, it has a horrible spelling mistake and calls the Fighting Irish the Figthing Irish.

Does it get much worse than that?

Lest you think that was a sole occurrence and there is no way they could sell cups with that mistake, here’s another one shared by an Instagram user:

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Alabama’s fan has misspelled tattoo to pledge ‘allegence’ to Roll Tide


We make fun of tribute tattoos quite often, because many of them look ridiculous. But at the end of the day, it’s a person’s prerogative to choose what they want permanently drawn on their body. Just try to make sure everything is spelled correctly.

As you can see from the photo above that a Reddit user passed along, a fan recently got a famous Alabama saying tattooed on his forearm. The problem is the passage says he is showing his “allegence” to Roll Tide. That looks like a pretty expensive fix.

I’m no tattoo artist, but I doubt it’s possible to change the word “allegence” to its proper spelling of allegiance. If there is a way to turn an “e” into an “ia,” I can’t envision it. We have seen spelling errors and grammatical mishaps in tattoos before, so this is nothing new. It is, however, still hilarious.

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Ben Zobrist, Matt Moore mixed up in All-Star Game introductions

Imagine being 24, in your third MLB season, and getting the huge honor of being named to the All-Star team for the first time in your career. That’s a big deal. Unfortunately for Matt Moore, his moment of fame was botched when Joe Buck accidentally got the two Tampa Bay Rays all-stars mixed up during introductions.

Moore appeared first on first base line, but was introduced as his teammate, Ben Zobrist. Next up was Zobrist who, you guessed it, was introduced as Moore.

Moore had a “what just happened” look on his face (seen below), while Zobrist was just laughing about the mistake.

Matt Moore

Rays fan Timothy Burke points out that this was not the first time Zobrist was misidentified in an All-Star Game. There was a mistake in a graphic during his first All-Star Game appearance in 2009 when Jason Barlett was misidentified as Zobrist:

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Bill Simmons’ Wimbledon joke backfires

Bill-SimmonsThe 2013 Wimbledon Championships have featured a number of unexpected upsets on the ladies’ singles side. The semifinal matches have been set, with 15th-seeded Marion Bartoli awaiting her Thursday meeting with 20th-seeded Kristen Flipkens and 23rd-seeded Sabine Lisicki pitted against No. 4 Agnieszka Radwanska.

The big names are lacking. Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka all lost in the fourth round or sooner, which will likely result in lower ratings for the semis and final. Bill Simmons attempted to mock the lack or star power remaining in the tournament on Tuesday, but he made an embarrassing mistake.

Let’s have a massive round of applause for NBC Sports for making sure there was no way Simmons’ idiotic tweet flew under the radar. Granted, Simmons has never been shy about criticizing ESPN in the past, so he probably would have tweeted it anyway. But he was definitely attempting to be witty and failed miserably.

Between this tweet and the drama-filled week he had sparring with Doc Rivers, Simmons should probably just give it a rest. He’s going to give himself and thousands more a headache.

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NBC affiliate KXAN runs promo, misses Blackhawks’ winning OT goal (Video)

NBC KXANFans in Austin, Texas, watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals on their local NBC affiliate buckled up for 70 awesome minutes of high-scoring hockey between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately, their local station, KXAN, ran a poorly-timed promo during the middle of sudden-death overtime, right as Brent Seabrook scored the winning goal for Chicago, preventing viewers from seeing the suspenseful payoff.

Adding insult to injury, after missing the winning goal in OT, KXAN ran a story about the popularity of hockey increasing in Austin. They later apologized to viewers for the mistake.

If those of you in Austin (or elsewhere) would like to see Seabrook’s winning goal, you can watch it below:

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Dennis Eckersley after Boston Red Sox 17-5 win: ‘We gotta recap this s***?’ (Video)

Dennis-EckersleyThe Boston Red Sox demolished the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night in one of those rare 17-run games that we only see a few of each season. Boston managed to score runs in each of the first seven innings before being kept off the board in the ninth by none other than outfielder David Murphy, who actually recorded a must-see strikeout of Mike Carp.

At the conclusion of the 17-5 Boston victory, Red Sox announcers Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersley — who was filling in for Jerry Remy because of an illness — barely knew where to start. Recapping a game that saw 22 total runs on 28 hits can’t be easy, which is why Eckersley was overwhelmed by the task ahead. Having said that, it probably would have been best if he waited a few more seconds before dropping an S-bomb and complaining about it. Check out this video, which includes some NSFW language:

Eck, who typically works as a Red Sox analyst for NESN, should be used to recapping games. But on a night where eight different players drove in at least one run and seven balls left the park, it’s tough to get to everything. I feel your pain, Eck. I probably wouldn’t want to do it either. At least he didn’t go full Warren Sapp with the cursing. That’s always a plus.

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High school yearbook has horrible typo: ‘Congrats to our Home Run Hitler’


High school athletes are sometimes viewed as heroes. Whether it’s the quarterback who throws a touchdown pass to lead his team to a state championship or the basketball player who drains a three at the buzzer to beat a cross-town rival, it’s easy to why athletes tend to hog the spotlight in high school. But you know who deserves more credit? The yearbook committee.

Without a diligent yearbook staff, disasters like the one you see above that was posted on Reddit can occur. Because of an unfortunate typo, some Class of 2013 slugger has a new nickname — “Home Run Hitler.”

There are no do-overs. Instant replay isn’t going to save the day. In 2063, everyone will be asking if “Home Run Hitler” is making an appearance at the 50th high school reunion. If you ask me, yearbook committee members might as well be chemists.

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