Great moments in closed captioning mistakes: the Chicago Black Cocks

Black Cocks caption

One closed caption employee may have had too many dirty thoughts on the mind Saturday.

During the Chicago Cubs-New York Mets game Saturday, the announcers must have been talking about the Chicago Blackhawks hosting a playoff hockey game at the same time that the Cubs were hosting a baseball game, resulting in the closed captioning error seen above.

My guess is the Black Cocks scored more than the Blackhawks, who lost 4-1 to the Red Wings.

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White Sox P Hector Santiago forgets he has to bat (Video)

Hector-Santiago-forgets-to-batChicago White Sox starting pitcher Hector Santiago got so wrapped up in his dominant performance against the New York Mets on Tuesday night that he forgot to bat. Interleague play can be tricky for American League pitchers. For the majority of the season, they don’t even have to think about swinging a bat. Despite the fact that his team was playing in a National League ballpark on Tuesday, Santiago chose to continue not thinking about it.

As you can see, the game was delayed in the top of the sixth inning when someone had to go into the clubhouse and tell Santiago it was his turn to hit. The left-hander was in the midst of a full-fledged pitchers’ duel at the time. He gave up only four hits and no earned runs in seven innings of work, but New York went on to win 1-0 in the 10th inning as Mets pitcher Matt Harvey threw nine innings of one-hit ball and took a perfect game into the eighth.

To make matters worse, Santiago is a native of North Jersey. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, several of his family members were in attendance at Citi Field to watch him pitch against the team he grew up rooting for. Forgetting an at-bat is embarrassing, but the way he pitched certainly was not.

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Susannah Collins fired over sex slip-up, raunchy videos or something else?

Susannah CollinsSusannah Collins was fired by CSN Chicago after her humorous, embarrassing slip-up went viral.

As seen in the video above, Collins was in the middle of an intermission report about the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night when she talked about the “tremendous amount of sex” the team had during the regular season. Collins quickly realized her error and recovered by saying “success.”

The Chicago Tribune says Comcast Chicago fired Collins after the slip-up went viral, leading to a previous raunchy video series in which she participated receiving more attention. That series was called “Sports Nutz,” and it featured plenty of dirty language and low-brow humor. You can see an example of the show below:

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Hunter Pence loses fly ball in the sun, had sunglasses on his hat (Animated)


Losing a fly ball in the sun is part of afternoon baseball. Sunglasses help, but there’s only so much they can do. As San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence could tell you, they do even less when you don’t use them to cover your eyes.

During the sixth inning of San Francisco’s 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday, Pence was unable to track down a shallow fly ball in right after losing it in the sun. Had his sun glasses been covering his face instead of sitting atop his head, he probably would have had better luck. That’s the thing about a nice pair of shades on the baseball diamond — you need to actually look through them for it to have any effect.

Pence may have only played in one game this season, but he has already become a punchline. The Facebook group MLB Memes ragged on him almost instantly (via @_SoDevilish):


That should make this White Sox fan feel better. Even the players screw up every now and then. Pence may have still been in spring training mode when tracking the ball, but the play has made its way onto the regular season blooper real. Don’t worry, Hunter — there will be plenty more bonehead mistakes to make us forget about it.

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‘Penis’ misspeak leaves hockey TV hosts in laughter throughout report (Video)

Kyle KeefeA studio host’s “penis” misspeak led to both hosts laughing their way through a funny postgame show segment Wednesday.

In the video above, Altitude studio host Kyle Keefe was giving viewers the rundown of plans for the Avalanche’s postgame show when he accidentally called Peter McNab “penis.” Analyst Mark Rycroft began busting up, and so did Keefe.

The two broadcasters continued through the rest of the highlights from the game, laughing their way through it. Around the 1:30 mark, they really bust up in uncontrollable laughter.

It was hard to watch that and not laugh, but when it comes to hockey broadcasting misspeaks, this is my all-time favorite.

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WBC umpire completely butchers call after Curt Smith fails to make catch (Video)

WBC-blown-callOne of the beautiful things about the World Baseball Classic is that we get a chance to start ragging on umpires for blown calls a full month before we typically would. During Thursday’s game between Cuba and The Netherlands, the home plate umpire completely blew a call on a foul ball that clearly dropped into the dugout but was ruled a catch.

Upon viewing the first angle of the play, you can see where the umpire was confused and almost had to take guess about whether or not Curt Smith caught the ball. In all fairness, umpires don’t have the luxury of viewing several camera angles before making a call. That being said, the second angle showed that Smith clearly dropped the ball and then picked it up while leaning over the railing.

You can understand why Cuba was furious. The good news is the bad call didn’t cost a team in the playoffs like this call did. That probably won’t save the guy from being embarrassed when he watches the replay and realizes how badly he botched it.

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George Stephanopoulos confuses Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman (Picture)


Apparently Morgan Freeman is a big Boston Celtics fan. Who knew? Wait, that’s not Morgan Freeman. The legendary actor may be a green teamer for all we know, but that would be Celtics legend Bill Russell.

Russell attended Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration on Monday morning, and George Stephanopoulos accidentally identified him as Freeman during ABC’s telecast of the event. One is a Hall of Fame actor and one is a Hall of Fame basketball player. Russell has more NBA championship rings than fingers. Freeman’s award shelf looks much different.

Aside from the fact that they are both older African-American men with facial hair, Russell and Freeman have very little in common. Rough miscue for Stephanopoulos. It happens.

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