Seahawks fans’ noise caused safety on first play of Super Bowl

Seahawks Broncos safety

Seattle Seahawks fans have gained a well-deserved reputation for being some of the best and noisiest fans in the NFL. A lot of that has been attributed to the structure and design of CenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks play their home games. But if you believe that C-Link Field is the sole reason for the Seahawks having a homefield advantage, you’re definitely not giving the fans enough credit.

Seahawks fans are so good that they traveled to the Super Bowl in New Jersey and made enough noise to cause the Denver Broncos to have a miscommunication that led to a safety on the first play of the game.

There were questions immediately after the game about what led to the safety. Broncos center Manny Ramirez initially blamed Peyton Manning before saying it was his fault.

Thanks to NFL Films’ “Sound FX,” we now know it was the fans that created the problem.

“I called the snap count, you didn’t hear me,” Manning told Ramirez as he was jogging off the field, as pointed out by Shutdown Corner.

“We gotta go to the silent count,” Manning said twice to offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

The reaction from head coach John Fox was an interesting one.

“Little louder than we thought, huh?” Fox said into his headset with a smile.

Fox didn’t seem to be worried and probably just figured that was one minor hitch they’d be able to overcome. Boy was he wrong.

Manning even seem unconcerned at that point in the game.

“I called the cadence,” Manning said with a chuckle. “Couldn’t hear anything.”

Manning then admitted that they should have started with a silent snap count.

The safety was obviously one of the most notable plays of the game because it’s so rare that you see a team — particularly as one as sharp as the Broncos — screw up that badly on the first play when they’ve had two weeks of preparation. The play also set the tone for a Seahawks blowout that Denver never saw coming.

If you watched the Sound FX video, you would have seen that the Broncos still were extremely confident, and almost arrogant, that early in the game. I’m sure the mood on the sidelines changed pretty quickly after they saw how stingy Seattle’s defense was.

12th Man symbolism popped up all throughout the Super Bowl


By now we are all well aware of the type of impact Seattle Seahawks fans, a.k.a. the 12th Man, had on the team’s success throughout its championship season. Super Bowl XLVIII was one of the loudest in history, and Seahawks fans deserve a ton of credit for traveling well and making life difficult for the Denver Broncos. And how about the eery symbolism throughout the game?

A quick look at the Super Bowl box score will tell you how prevalent the No. 12 was as Seattle was blowing out Peyton Manning and company. For starters, the safety that set the tone and won this dude a ton of money came exactly 12 seconds into the game. That was only the beginning.

When Marshawn Lynch plunged into the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown that gave the Seahawks a 15-0 lead, there was exactly 12:00 remaining in the first half. And when Percy Harvin returned the opening kickoff of the second half 87 yards for a score, the touchdown came — you guessed it — 12 seconds into the third quarter.

Coincidence? I suppose it could be. Seahawks fans might not think so.

Seahawks fans celebrated Super Bowl win without jaywalking

The 12th Man was more than a little excited with the way the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m sure a couch was being burned on some college campus in Washington and a car was being flipped elsewhere, but some Seahawks fans were beyond classy while celebrating. We’re talking don’t cross the street without pushing the walk button classy.

That’s right, a large group of Seahawks fans were careful not to jaywalk as they were partying in the streets. They patiently waited for a walk light to turn green and traffic to stop before crossing the street to hoot, holler and high-five.


I’ve seen Red Sox fans cross the street without looking after a midseason game on a Wednesday. Bravo, 12th Man. Except for that one guy who sprinted across early — damn jaywalkers.

Video via Twitter/Kevin Kaduk

Seahawks fans give their child ’12th Mann’ as a middle name


Super Bowl fever may have officially gone too far. We knew the Seattle Seahawks winning the NFC Championship was going to lead to some crazy decisions from their fan base, which is known for being one of the loudest and most dedicated in sports. But when parents start using “12th Mann” as a name, we have to draw the line.

I think the hashtag #Seattlebestfans is probably inappropriate in this situation. Can anyone imagine a 14-year-old girl being happy she has “12th Mann” as a middle name?

This kid is going to be the prime example of the high schooler that makes it all the way to senior year with her classmates believing she has no middle name, only for some substitute teacher to read it out loud one day and rock her world.

Passing up on $5,000 because you couldn’t watch a game in silence is pretty hardcore. Stuffing sausages with Skittles is downright weird. Let’s leave the innocent children out of this.

H/T The Big Lead

Seahawks fans offered $5,000 to watch NFC Championship Game in silence but couldn’t do it (Video)

FOX Sports 1’s “FOX Football Daily” offered some hardcore Seattle Seahawks fans $5,000 if they could watch the NFC Championship Game last weekend in complete silence. The fans, who were comprised of players and coaches from a Seattle youth football league, were allowed to jump up and down and make body gyrations, but they were not allowed to make a sound.

Do you think they were able to do it?

Watching the fans resist the urge to groan following bad plays — such as the Russell Wilson fumble on the team’s opening possession — and the urge to cheer following great plays — like the touchdown pass on 4th and 7 — was hilarious. But after Richard Sherman’s play that led to the game-clinching interception, the fans lost it and blew up in excitement. Who could blame them for that?

The bonus part was watching the dude do the worm at the bottom of the screen.

Sure, having the extra money would have been nice, but being able to scream following one of the best plays in team history certainly had to feel fantastic and liberating. I’m sure those fans don’t regret it a bit, especially after FOX gave them their great surprise reward afterwards.

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Seahawks fans

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Seattle butcher shop selling ‘Beast Mode’ sausage with Skittles in it

Beast-Mode-sausages-SkittlesSeattle Seahawks fever is sweeping the entire Washington area, and that has resulted in some new dishes being created. Blue Max Meats in Puyallup is well-known for its sausages. The butcher shop sells 20 varieties of sausage that include traditional blends like Louisiana pork hot and beef cheddar with jalapeno, but Marshawn Lynch has inspired them to create something disturbingly unique — sausage with Skittles in it.

Blue Max’s “Beast Mode” sausages are made by grinding up meat and adding spices. It all sounds pretty standard until a full bag of Skittles is poured into the mixer.

“Initially when people see it they’re like, ‘Ooh,'” store co-owner Tommy Marshall told King 5 News in Seattle.

Believe it or not, people actually like the spicy sausage with the chewy candy mixed in. Marshall said the “Beast Mode” sausages are currently Blue Max’s top seller.

Lynch was spotted eating Skittles on the sideline after scoring a touchdown a couple of seasons ago. Since then, the Seahawks have started selling a burger with a side of Skittles and fans have been showering players in the popular sweets. Other teams have even mocked Seattle by eating Skittles. And now, we have Skittle sausages. Hopefully the trend stops there.

Seahawks fan accidentally set wedding date for Super Bowl Sunday

Shawna-Cook-Seahawks-fanShawna Cook is getting ready to marry her fiance Brian Mascarelli on Feb. 2, 2014. Shawna Cook was also born and raised in Washington and is a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan. Does anyone see a problem with this?

Feb. 2 also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday, when the Seahawks will be taking on the Denver Broncos to crown the next NFL champion. While Mascarelli, a San Francisco 49ers fan, is probably not that worried about the scheduling conflict, Cook said her friends and family are already freaking out.

“All of my cousins who are coming said there better be a big screen TV there,” she told King 5 News in Seattle. “There is – there’s going to be a 60-incher.”

When Mascarelli proposed to Cook, Shawna wanted to pick a date that would be easy for him to remember. She wasn’t taking the Super Bowl into consideration at the time.

“How about February 2?” Cook said of her thought process. “2/2 – that’s easy enough for my fiance to remember, right?”

Easy to remember? Yes. Ideal? Not exactly. The wedding ceremony starts at 4:00 p.m. local time, with kickoff for the Super Bowl scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Once the ceremony is over, Cook — who said she has blue and green running through her veins — is fine with the attention turning to the big game.

“We’re commemorating the most awesome event in our life with the most awesome event in Seattle life,” she said. “As soon as the ceremony’s over it’s going to be Seahawks central for the next hour and a half.”

You certainly can’t expect someone to plan their life around their team possibly being in the Super Bowl, so I’m sure Shawna’s friends and family appreciate the compromise. Some brides would be far less reasonable.