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Friday, December 19, 2014

Articles tagged: Seahawks Fans

Seahawks fan got Super Bowl champions tattoo before season began

One Seattle Seahawks fan will either end up being the biggest jinx ever, or the greatest prophesier the NFL ever saw. Before the season began, Seahawks fan Tim Connors got a Seahawks tattoo that called the team the Super Bowl XLVIII champions. He says he had to talk the tattoo artist into doing the tattoo,…Read More

Seahawks fans throw Skittles after Marshawn Lynch TD (GIF)

The Seattle Seahawks jumped out to a 13-0 start over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, capitalizing on an early Mark Ingram fumble deep in New Orleans territory. Marshawn Lynch scored a 15-yard touchdown after the Seahawks took over, and the fans at CenturyLink Field reacted accordingly. As Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch returned to…Read More

Seahawks Fans Discover Beer Controversy at Qwest Field (Video)

For those of us who were already conspiracy theorists, the controversy discovered at Qwest Field by some alert Seahawks fans was quite a concern. Two Seahawks fans demonstrated that the small and large beer sold at Seahawks games actually hold the same amount of liquid. Here’s the video from 12th Man Army: The Seahawks have…Read More

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