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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Seattle Mariners

Jose Guillen Was the Mariners’ Glue

With the Mariners in town to visit the Royals for a weekend series, it gave the Seattle writers a chance to catch up with former Mariner Jose Guillen. And believe me when I say this, I was absolutely floored to read the comments not only Guillen made about the state of the Mariners, but also…Read More

Fired John McLaren on Mariners Mess

The second of the managers to be whacked this week — Willie Randolph and John Gibbons being the others — spoke out today, one day after being fired. Not unlike Willie who was critical after his firing, McLaren took a small hammer to his former team. Via Mullet’s perm at FanHouse: ”There is tension, friction…Read More

Washburn: Mariners Deserve Boos

First it was Ichiro saying that the Mariners were playing so poorly that he’d be drinking beer and booing the team if he were at the games. Ichiro generally keeps comments to himself, so hearing that carried even more weight. Well, after getting swept by the Nationals — truly an amazing feat — Jarrod Washburn…Read More

Edgar Martinez Didn’t See Steroids Rampant in Mariners’ Clubhouse

It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned Edgar Martinez’s name in any context. I’ve always liked the man; he was a fantastic hitter, and really made you believe there was a science to it. Perhaps that’s why I take his word as being more credible than that of Shane Monahan, who if you remember,…Read More

Peter Angelos Wisely Holding Up Erik Bedard Trade

Jayson Stark has sources saying the reason the Erik Bedard to the Mariners deal for Adam Jones hasn’t gone down just yet is because the big boss — owner Peter Angelos — has yet to approve the deal. Now there’s a rumor floating around that Jones failed his physical with the Orioles and that’s why…Read More

Ichiro Might Try Pitching

Ichiro gave a rare, extended interview to Jon Saraceno of USA Today in which he revealed a lot about himself. In the article, Ichiro says the possibility of leaving the Mariners would be a touchy subject. The entire article is well worth a read if you want to get inside the head of the Mariners…Read More

King Felix Hernandez Stole the Show

On what was supposed to be Dice-K vs. Ichiro night, it was the other pitcher who stole the show. In what was supposed to be the biggest regular season game by Japanese players in Major League Baseball, it was the wrong pitcher who shined. He was supposed to be an afterthought, an ignored man. He…Read More

Baseball Preview: Seattle Mariners

A spring training preview of the Seattle Mariners including a list of what fans should and shouldn’t be excited about, how the off-season went, and where the club will finish

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