All-Hottest Olympians at Beijing Team

By popular demand, we have the All-Hottest Olympians Team. Usually they have the all-tournament teams and stuff, but athletic prowess is not exactly what concerns us in this instance. After all, what else are the Summer Games good for? Anyway, Jimmy Traina at SI Extra Mustard gave us plenty of excellent choices and provided some inspiration for this carefully selected group. Same with Brahsome who put together a hottest 11 Olympians list, and FanIQ’s Olympians that posed in Playboy.

LERYN FRANCO – Javelin, Paraguay, With Leather favorite

ANA IVANOVIC – Tennis, Serbia, LBS favorite

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Richard Williams Hates the White Man

This might initially appear to you as a headline written for immediate shock value. Au contraire, it is merely representative of Richard Willams’ thoughts. Richard Williams, for those of you unfamiliar with him, is the father of Venus and Serena Williams. He is no stranger to racial issues in tennis, nor is his daughter, Serena. But You Been Blinded points out that Richard Williams was exceptionally caustic in his comments about the white man recently. As he told the Deccan Herald:

Tennis is a prejudice game. Well, I’m Black and I’m prejudiced, very prejudiced. I’ll be always prejudiced as the White man. The White man hated me all my life and I hate him. That’s no secret. I’m not even an American, it just so happens that I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don’t think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little White no good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great.

Must we revisit this subject again? It’s not my place to discuss how Richard Williams has been treated his entire life — I don’t have a clue. But I do know that any time a person says “I hate ___,” they’re putting themselves on thin ice. It also doesn’t help when you’re talking about most of the population either. Man, talk about going waaaay off the deep board here. Sheesh.

The Venus and Serena Williams Era of Dominance Is Over

The recent grand slam results for each of them speak loudly, starting with the quarterfinal exit by both Venus and Serena at the Australian Open. The sisters are still top 10 players who can go far in the tournaments, but it’s no longer a lock that at least one sister will reach the finals, or even semifinals of a grand slam event. Venus Williams expressed the same sentiment in her post-match comments following her quarterfinal loss to Ana Ivanovic. As Venus said, she and Serena are playing at a good level, it’s just that the competition is improving (and surpassing them, I believe). It’s also a matter of the two women being past their peaks, which is typically at a much younger age for women in tennis than men.

Usually at a grand slam event, one of them goes far, if not both. If one goes out early, at least the other goes farther, like to the semis or finals. I’m not saying that they should be pulling titles left and right — that is unreasonable. The reality of the situation is that there are several good, young players in the game today who can knock either one out. No, I’m not completely writing the sisters off here, but I will say it without a doubt, this Australian Open marked the definite end of dominance by the Williams sisters. I think I’m being fair when I say I’ll give them one more grand slam title between the two of them for the rest of their careers.

Announcer Roger Rasheed Likes Venus Williams’ Ass

Just last week we had a Golf Channel announcer make an off color remark about Tiger Woods — and that’s putting it mildly. Maybe I’m talking to myself here when I say that announcers need to watch what they say on-air. Remember a while back we had the story of the women’s basketball announcer who thought one of the coaches was hot but didn’t realize his microphone was live when he said it? Yeah, that was bad. Well Roger Rasheed is following in everyone’s footsteps. Check out what happened with him:

Roger Rasheed, a former coach of Lleyton Hewitt, commented on Williams bottom during a slow motion replay of her match against China’s Yan Zi at the Australian Open.

“Take a look at this now. Make or think as you will, ladies, but for me, that’s a pretty good sight,” The Daily Telegraph quoted him, as telling co-commentators Tracy Austin and Nicole Bradtke.

And while the two women found it funny, viewers certainly didnt and broadcaster Channel Seven was inundated with calls.

Though admitting that there had been a number of calls, the broadcaster maintained that there would be no action taken against Rasheed for his comments.

Now, I wonder what Venus’ alleged fiance would have to say about all this? Probably would just take it as a compliment — after all, it’s Serena who’s quite bootylicious.

UPDATE: video below, via Awful Announcing and FanIQ

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Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne Now Possibly Engaged?

Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne

I told you before about Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne getting pretty close to each other and being photographed together at Wimbledon. Well, the cushy couple are now reportedly set to get married. It’s being said that boyfriend Hank has popped the question:

Venus Williams will soon be planning her wedding now that beau Hank Kuehne has popped the question.

The news of the engagement comes after a year of courtship.

A source close to the star tells MediaTakeOut.com, that the couple are trying to stay away from the spotlight especially as Williams is preparing for the Australian Open.

Venus is preparing for (the Australian Open) and she doesn’t need the (media) distraction, Contactmusic quoted the source, as saying.

Best of luck to the pair and hopefully the marriage works out. Hopefully Venus can find a way to balance her tennis career with a new love life and family, just as she was able to balance out going to college with tennis. Congrats to Venus and Hank if the rumors of the marriage are true. Now, who will be lucky enough to marry Venus’ bootylicious sister, Serena?

Serena Calls Henin ‘Bitch’ in Match

I chronicled Serena’s humility in her post-match press conference Wednesday following her loss to Justine Henin at the US Open. The comments I included didn’t even highlight possibly the most disparaging remarks by Serena — that Henin was lucky. Yes, the same Henin who knocked Serena out of the past three grand slams. Well, the astute Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant fame picked up a clip from the match in which Serena clearly calls Henin a bitch. Check it:

There was a bit of dispute on the comments over at Mr. Irrelevant as to whether or Serena’s remark was directed at Henin since it was made in the heat of battle. Here’s how I break it down. If your head is down and you’re talking to yourself, it’s one thing. But if you’re looking directly at your opponent across the net when you make the comment, it’s a complete other thing. Besides, as Signal to Noise has brought up in past comments, the two have a horrible history dating back to past grand slams. That’s poor form by Serena, truly poor form.

Serena Williams Does Not Lose, Part II

Back in June, when Serena Williams lost in straight sets to Justine Henin in the quarters of the French Open, I quipped that Serena does not get beat. Of course, that was in reference to her post match comments suggesting that although Henin destroyed her handily, it was because of Serena’s own doing, not Henin’s. Well, you guessed it, Serena is at it again. After being eliminated from her third straight grand slam by Henin (I don’t sense a pattern developing at all, do you?), Serena was laconic in responding to reporter’s questions:

Reporter 1: Serena, you’ve said that when you’re playing your best, you can beat anybody in the world. Has this match done anything to change that feeling or do you still feel that way?

Serena: Do you think I played my best?

Reporter 1: No, no.

Serena: OK, well then.

Reporter 2: Serena, are you saying that you lost the match rather than that Justine won it?

Serena: I think that’s usually the case with me, that it’s for me to either win or lose. I really don’t feel like talking about it to be honest — I don’t want to get fined — that’s the only reason I came. I can’t afford to pay the fine since I keep losing.

Well, at least we did get some humor out of her comments. But come on Serena, we all know that competitors don’t like to lose, but please, show some humility. Acknowledge that your opponent, who has eliminated you from three straight grand slam titles, has played well. Would it kill you to do that? Even if you are the best player, sometimes you have to give credit to your opponent for making things uncomfortable on the playing field or even — get this — playing a good game! Who knew? Is it possible that Henin just happens to play well against Serena? I certainly think so. Oh Serena, does it pain you so that you can’t even drop in a compliment once in a while? I know Justine’s got that whole herpes thing going on, but come on, she doesn’t deserve your scorn, and neither do the rest of your opponents.

(Photo Courtesy Darron Cummings/AP)

UPDATE: Our Book of Scrap has the video.