Serena Calls Henin ‘Bitch’ in Match

I chronicled Serena’s humility in her post-match press conference Wednesday following her loss to Justine Henin at the US Open. The comments I included didn’t even highlight possibly the most disparaging remarks by Serena — that Henin was lucky. Yes, the same Henin who knocked Serena out of the past three grand slams. Well, the astute Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant fame picked up a clip from the match in which Serena clearly calls Henin a bitch. Check it:

There was a bit of dispute on the comments over at Mr. Irrelevant as to whether or Serena’s remark was directed at Henin since it was made in the heat of battle. Here’s how I break it down. If your head is down and you’re talking to yourself, it’s one thing. But if you’re looking directly at your opponent across the net when you make the comment, it’s a complete other thing. Besides, as Signal to Noise has brought up in past comments, the two have a horrible history dating back to past grand slams. That’s poor form by Serena, truly poor form.

Serena Williams Does Not Lose, Part II

Back in June, when Serena Williams lost in straight sets to Justine Henin in the quarters of the French Open, I quipped that Serena does not get beat. Of course, that was in reference to her post match comments suggesting that although Henin destroyed her handily, it was because of Serena’s own doing, not Henin’s. Well, you guessed it, Serena is at it again. After being eliminated from her third straight grand slam by Henin (I don’t sense a pattern developing at all, do you?), Serena was laconic in responding to reporter’s questions:

Reporter 1: Serena, you’ve said that when you’re playing your best, you can beat anybody in the world. Has this match done anything to change that feeling or do you still feel that way?

Serena: Do you think I played my best?

Reporter 1: No, no.

Serena: OK, well then.

Reporter 2: Serena, are you saying that you lost the match rather than that Justine won it?

Serena: I think that’s usually the case with me, that it’s for me to either win or lose. I really don’t feel like talking about it to be honest — I don’t want to get fined — that’s the only reason I came. I can’t afford to pay the fine since I keep losing.

Well, at least we did get some humor out of her comments. But come on Serena, we all know that competitors don’t like to lose, but please, show some humility. Acknowledge that your opponent, who has eliminated you from three straight grand slam titles, has played well. Would it kill you to do that? Even if you are the best player, sometimes you have to give credit to your opponent for making things uncomfortable on the playing field or even — get this — playing a good game! Who knew? Is it possible that Henin just happens to play well against Serena? I certainly think so. Oh Serena, does it pain you so that you can’t even drop in a compliment once in a while? I know Justine’s got that whole herpes thing going on, but come on, she doesn’t deserve your scorn, and neither do the rest of your opponents.

(Photo Courtesy Darron Cummings/AP)

UPDATE: Our Book of Scrap has the video.

Are You Excited About Serena Williams Posing Nude?

Serena Williams decided to bare all in a 2007 edition of Jane Magazine. Standing with her self-proclaimed “bootylicious” backside turned towards the camera, Serena is posing with nothing but a flower covering her behind, and some silver pumps on her feet.

I’ve heard this met with conflicting opinion. Some people feel Serena is the sexiest being on Earth (see this for proof). They say she’s pretty, athletic, curvy, and toned. Others feel she is way too bulky, muscular to the point of having a man’s body.

You know, I could see the argument from both sides. I think Serena definitely has a cultural flavor to her — especially if you like her “massive” booty.

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Serena Williams Is Yoked

I was going through TMZ per usual only to come across a somewhat disturbing photo. They have caught Serena Williams in shall we say, a muscular pose. Check it out for yourself:

There’s no wonder only the likes of LaVar Arrington could handle that. No surprise, my man Michael David Smith has this up at FanHouse as well. Serena is stacked. In a different way. And she straight up puts me to shame.  But it’s OK, I’m comfortable with that.

Serena Williams Does Not Get Beat

She may lose matches, but she does not get beat. After losing to Justine Henin 6-4, 6-3 in the quarters of the French Open on Tuesday, Serena made like a typical Williams sister and failed to credit her opponent. Check out the sportsmanship oozing from Serena’s lips:

“All she had to do was show up,” Williams said. “I just pretty much stood back and let her take advantage of me.”

Responded Henin: “It’s her opinion. I thought I just did a good job. And I just see it from my point of view, and I did everything I could to control the match.”

Spoken like a true brat. Now you know why people around tennis dislike Serena. Think about it — it takes a world-class player and stellar performance to knock out the likes of Serena. But there she is diminishing the feat accomplished by Henin — “all she had to do was show up.” I repeat, Serena Williams does not get beat.

Serena: Screw LaVar, I Got a New Guy

OK, the closest thing I could find on the internet about the rumored romance between Serena Williams and LaVar Arrington was from a chat answered by LaVar on The Washington Post website in which LaVar says the two are just friends. By just friends, I’m sure he meant Carrie and Mr. Big. But anywhoo, getting to the point, Media Take Out has pics of Serena Williams and her reported new man — actor Jackie Long. (is it bad that I’ve never heard of him?)

Am I the only one who thinks they look like brothers in the pic on the right? Man, she’s brutal without makeup. Kinda reminds me of someone else without makeup. But my man HG at You Been Blinded says she’s hot, so I guess that puts me in my place. Congrats to Long, he’ll most likely be living off Serena’s fame. And with more messes like this, don’t be surprised not to see a stellar performance at the French Open and Wimbledon by Serena. Pre-quarterfinals exit anyone?

Compton Can’t Prepare Serena Williams for Racist Heckler

It was a bad night to be Serena Williams in Key Biscane on Monday during her straight set win over Lucie Safarova. Serena had a heckler going so Happy Gilmore on her that she had to complain to the chair umpire about it. Here’s a sampling of what the guy was saying:

“Every time I missed a shot or a serve, he would say, ‘That’s the way to do it,’” she said. “He was calling, ‘Foot fault.’ He was saying, ‘Hit in the net.’ … I mean, who does this? That’s so elementary. You don’t do this on a professional level.”

The heckler even made a racist remark towards Serena,

“The guy said, ‘Hit the net like any Negro would.’ I was shocked,” Williams said. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to do a double take. I think I hit a double fault on that point.”

Amazingly enough, Serena compared the heckling to surviving drive-bys, saying that’s what her father prepared her for growing up. Don’t ask me what drive-bys and serving have to do with each other, but I guess they’re somehow related.

This story begs the questions:

  1. Was she waring something offensive? (revealing)
  2. Where was LaVar?

Yeesh, I’m not a fan of Serena, but that’s pretty harsh. Good thing the dude got kicked out for his behavior. As retribution, I propose that someone buy that man courtside tickets to a Sacramento Kings game.

Hey Artest, you will not make this shot, you jackass!