Alex Morgan engaged to boyfriend Servando Carrasco

Alex Morgan engaged Servando Carrasco

We have some disappointing news to pass along to those who fantasized about one day being together with Alex Morgan. The US soccer star announced on her Twitter and Instagram accounts Monday that she got engaged to longtime boyfriend Servando Carrasco.

Well, Morgan didn’t exactly announce the news, but she shared photos of a giant engagement ring staring us blatantly in the face, so it wasn’t too tough to figure out.

Alex Morgan boyfriend Servando Carrasco

“#InstaBling” she captioned the photo.

Morgan and Carrasco received congratulations from many prominent people on Twitter.

Former US women’s national team star Mia Hamm sent her congratulations:

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Alex Morgan’s boyfriend says the two are ‘going to be together for a very long time’

Sorry if you were one of the thousands of eager males who sent marriage proposals to Alex Morgan during the World Cup — you don’t have a chance — if her boyfriend has anything to say about it, that is.

Servando Carrasco has been together with Morgan since the two played soccer at Cal together in college. Though the two were in opposite parts of the country playing professionally, they said Skype was the key to their relationship. And even though Morgan has exploded in popularity — she’s thrown out the first pitch at an MLB game and posed in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition — the two are still together.

Carrasco helped organize a deal for Morgan to be traded to Seattle so they could play in the same city. He also told The Seattle Times he sees the two staying together regardless of how much attention Morgan gets.

“In my eyes, she’s the same girl that I met in college. Nothing’s changed in our relationship,” Carrasco said. “We’re going to be together for a very long time. She’s a very down-to-earth girl. She doesn’t let all of the attention get to her.

“She’s been so successful lately, but she still has that same work ethic. The sky’s the limit for her, and I think the Olympics coming up is going to be a great stage for her. I’m sure she’s going to do some amazing things this summer. There’s a lot of opportunities coming up for her and I’m extremely proud of her.”

Carrasco’s comments are not surprising. Last September, Morgan even said all the attention she was receiving was a little weird, so it’s no surprise to hear she hasn’t changed.

Skype Key to Alex Morgan’s Relationship with Boyfriend Servando Carrasco

Alex Morgan became one of the most recognizable figures on the U.S. women’s soccer team due to a combination of her playing talent and good looks. Morgan, who scored key goals against France and Japan in the World Cup, disappointed millions of single men around the country when it was revealed she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Servando Carrasco, and he is a soccer player for the MLS Seattle Sounders.

Morgan and Carrasco have been dating for over three and a half years, and they met at Cal where they both played soccer. Morgan was drafted by the Western New York flash of the WPS and had to move across the country. So what is keeping them together? Many bachelors hoping for a shot with the forward will be disappointed to know that two communicate regularly thanks to Skype.

In an interview with the Seattle Times last month, Carrasco explained the situation. “She’s in Buffalo and I’m in Seattle. Skype has been the glue of our relationship,” he said. “She’s been here a couple times. She’s come to Seattle twice and might come up before she leaves for Germany. She’s doing her thing and I’m doing my thing. The good thing is we’re in the same lifestyle. It’s OK if we don’t talk to each other until 6-7 o’ clock — if she’s been practicing or had something to do with the team. That’s always good; we can relate to each other.”

Hopefully for their sake they’re able to remain together and avoid a Rory McIlroy situation, which will be even more challenging given Morgan’s newfound celebrity status. In the 24 hours since the World Cup finals, Morgan’s twitter following exploded and she’s now over the 150,000 follower mark. If memory serves correctly, she was not above 30,000 followers prior to the knockout stage of the tournament.