Shane Victorino to appear in an episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0′

My only question is this: What took them so long? Shane Victorino and CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 had to run into each other eventually. Now that we are smack dab in the middle of the MLB offseason, it’s happening. According to theFive0s.com, the Flyin’ Hawaiian will be a guest star in the Feb. 20 episode of the show. Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno will be joining him.

Five-0 investigates the murder of a man dressed as a Hawaiian NaKoa warrior found in the jungle near the site of a historical war re-enactment. Philadelphia Phillies outfielder and Hawaii native Shane “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino guest stars as a business executive on a company retreat. Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time, guest stars as a Hawaiian history buff who helps Five-0 with the case.

As Big League Stew pointed out, Victorino called the appearance a “small scene” on Twitter, but we know anything the Flyin’ Hawaiian does is bound to be big enough. He’s going to fit in perfectly. How could he not?

Shane Victorino Says Budweiser Horses Crapped All Around Phillies Dugout

In order to take a 2-1 NLDS lead over the Cardinals on Tuesday, the Phillies had to overcome serious adversity. Playing on the road is always a challenge — especially during the postseason. Visiting players have to deal with unfamiliar locker rooms, noisy crowds, and unruly fans. In rare instances, the visiting team even has to deal with horse crap.

When we say horse crap we aren’t talking about the phrase that is synonymous with nonsense; we’re talking about actual crap. Before Game 3 at Busch Stadium Tuesday night, the Cardinals had the Budweiser Clydesdales do a little trot around the stadium. As Hardball Talk shared with us, Shane Victorino said the horses left quite a mark.

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Picture: Classy Cubs Fan Pours Beer on Shane Victorino During Game

If this were a basketball game in Detroit, Shane Victorino might have wound up in the bleachers. As it stood, Victorino made a catch in the bottom of the 5th at Wrigley Field with the bases loaded and one out. Some dopey Cubs fan who likely was a) drunk and b) pissed the team was down 12-2 in the 5th, showed Victorino what he thought of him. In a pathetic act, the fan threw his beer all over the center fielder. Check out the photo via the Sun Times:

8-12 cruze cubs phillies 10

You pay your money, buy your ticket, I guess you have the right to heckle opposing players, even though I don’t like it when it crosses lines. But come on, let the guys actually play. Tossing a beer on someone at the exact moment he’s trying to make a catch? Might as well flash a picture five feet from the batter as he’s trying to hit a 95mph fastball. Deadspin has possibly identified the culprit if you’d like more of this story.