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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Shaq

Shaq, Scottie Pippen argue about Bulls, Lakers on Instagram

The NBA offseason is the perfect time for our basketball-deprived minds to engage in preposterous historical debates on the Internet and to argue about legacy and the value of rings until the cows come home. Now, two NBA legends want in on the fun. The first shot was fired by none other than the illustrious…Read More

Shaq, Phil Jackson used to deflate balls

Tom Brady isn’t the only one who prefers playing with a deflated ball. ESPN’s Baxter Holmes has a long feature about basketballs and how several players prefer their balls. In the article, Holmes points out that both Shaq and Phil Jackson have admitted to deflating balls. “Sometimes, in the games during all my championship runs,…Read More

Shaq once threatened to murder Kobe Bryant

Shaq and Kobe did not get along despite their eight seasons together on the LA Lakers that included winning three championships. Both Shaq and Kobe are Hall of Famers and among the best players ever, so their massive egos led to regular clashes. Their time together as teammates ended when the Lakers traded Shaq to…Read More

Fan cries meeting Shaq, who calls himself a ‘sex symbol’ (Video)

A lucky fan was so overwhelmed by having the chance to meet Shaquille O’Neal after Wednesday night’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks that she broke down in tears. And Shaq thinks he knows exactly why she reacted the way she did. “It’s hard being a sex symbol,” Shaq said when the clip…Read More

Charles Barkley zings Shaq for having so many kids (Video)

If you stuck around for “Inside the NBA” on TNT after the Clippers-Spurs game Sunday night, you were treated to a great show. Not only were there the usual share of highlights and postgame comments, but the jokes from the crew were flowing like usual. Take for instance this brilliant zinger from Charles Barkley directed…Read More

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