JR Smith untied Shawn Marion’s shoes in the free throw line (Video)

JR Smith Shawn MarionJR Smith apparently has a humorous habit of untying an opponent’s shoes in the free throw line, and Shawn Marion was his victim on Sunday.

Smith pulled off the trick upon entering the game late in the second quarter during the Knicks’ 92-80 win over the Mavs. When a fan on Twitter told Smith he saw the Knicks guard pull off the move against Dwight Howard, Smith added that this is something he does every game:

That’s easily the best defensive move Smith has shown all season.

Shawn Marion pretends like he doesn’t know Jeremy Lin’s name

Is there anyone not swept up in the hoopla surrounding the NBA’s latest sensation, Jeremy Lin? Apparently Shawn Marion is not impressed.

With Marion and the Mavericks taking on the Knicks in The Garden on Sunday, Shawn was asked if he was prepared for Linsanity.

“For who? His name is Lin. It’s Jeremy Lin, right?” Marion said Friday, according to Mavs beat writer Dwain Price.

It should be interesting to see how Lin responds if Marion, who has done a tremendous job of shutting down points guards this season, matches up with him when the Knicks are on offense. If Lin responds the way he did the last time an opposing player disrespected him, it will be a long night for the Mavs.

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Shawn Marion Has Blond Hair After Losing Battle with Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle

I guess Shawn Marion is feeling emboldened now that he’s an NBA champion. The Mavericks forward showed up to camp Friday rocking the Sisqo. I know brazen fashion statements paid off for Dallas last year, but I can’t imagine this is a good sign for the upcoming season.

Shawn Marion on Mavericks as Underdogs: ‘I Don’t Give a F***’

If Shawn Marion has hopped on LBS yet today (since we know he does every day), he would probably have a few things to say about our man Patrick’s guide for picking the winner of the NBA Finals.  While the guide is terrific and certainly worth a read, it would appear Marion couldn’t care less about what sports bloggers or anyone in the media has to say about the Mavericks chances against the Heat.

Dallas is currently listed at +155 on the sports betting website Bodog.com, so the consensus in the gambling world is obviously that the Heat should win the seven-game series.  A lot of people aren’t giving the Mavericks the respect they deserve after coming out of the West, but according to Marion the team doesn’t care.

“We really don’t care,” Marion said as told by Hoopsworld.com. “At the end of the day, this about what we’re able to do and what we’ve done. Are all of these people giving us credit? I don’t give a f***. It’s just that simple. We don’t care. What does it matter? We’ve shown what we can do and what we’re capable of, but we’re not finished yet. We made the Finals, but this not what we came here to do. We came here to take the trophy home with us.”

While Marion said the right thing (aside from the f-bomb), he is completely lying.  Do the Mavs think they’re going to lose because everyone is picking the Heat? Of course not.  Do they care that everyone is picking the Heat? Absolutely.  Everyone wants to be the underdog.  With the way he’s been playing, I’m not sure Dirk should be a part of the underdog squad.

Shawn Marion Cut Himself Walking into a Glass Door

Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion was lucky he didn’t have the difficult assignment of guarding Kobe Bryant for all of Game 1 Monday night. From the sounds of things, he has much more simple tasks to worry about.

Marion was sporting a noticeable cut above his right eyelid that required a few stitches. Marion explained he hurt himself leaving the hotel Friday morning after Dallas closed out their first-round series against Portland.

“I got into a battle with a glass door and the glass door won,” Marion said. “Dead serious. It was an accident. I was in a rush trying to get on the bus and I slipped and I had my glasses on and I cut my eye.”

So he got cut because his glasses broke. Non-prescription fashion statement glasses.

Even though Marion loses points for wearing pointless glasses, he regained them by getting stitched up by a team doctor on the plane. That’s pretty hard, Shawn, but it still doesn’t keep you from joining this infamous list.

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Shawn Marion Offers Super Bowl Tickets to Anyone Who Buys His House

Shawn Marion really wants you to buy his house. Please? Pretty, pretty please? Fine, if you don’t want to fork over the $2 million he’s asking for without getting something else in the deal, Marion will respect that you’re a tough negotiator. How does a mansion, four Super Bowl tickets, and private jet transportation to and from Dallas for the game sound, all for a couple mill?

According to Pro Basketball Talk, via Fanhouse, Marion and his realtor wanted to spice things up a little and draw attention to the 7,600-square foot home he has on the market in Miami.  So they settled on the Super Bowl tickets.  I guess it’s a good idea.

Then again, if I had $2 million to spend on a Miami mansion in this economy, wouldn’t I be able to afford tickets to the Super Bowl?  I’m going to say yes.  One thing we can definitely agree on: if there’s two houses in Miami that appeal to you, both are the same size, both have a great location, and both cost $2 million — Marion has to have the edge.

Shaq Traded to Phoenix? Can the Suns Run on Diesel?

If ever passing a physical were a challenge, this would certainly be the case. Usually (as in the Johan Santana case) it’s a gimme. A piece of cake. But here they’re saying that passing the physical is the hangup between Shaq getting traded from the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns for Marcus Banks and Shawn Marion. Yeah, that’s kinda a big deal. Not such a given when it comes to the fossil that Shaq is. So how about this for a sec, how the hell is Shaq going to fit in with that run and gun style of Phoenix? And how the hell will they afford his $40 million contract over the next two years. What the eff are they thinking?

By getting rid of Banks that’s like $5 mil a year off the books. Marion was set to make around $18 mil in an option next year that Phoenix didn’t have to pick up. Instead, they’re now adding $20 million with Shaq. That’s ludicrous. I just can’t even fathom a move like this. Shaq hasn’t been healthy, hasn’t been productive, and his team hasn’t won. What could he possible have to offer? I just don’t get this move, I really don’t. Nice going by Miami though — at least they unloaded an assload of salary off their books. It’s not like Shaq was an asset to them any longer. Wow, I just can’t wrap my arms around this deal at all. The Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol must have everyone in the West dirtying their huggies BIGTIME. How else can you explain it?

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