Shawne Williams Dunks on Dwight Howard (Video)

There are very few occasions where we can say something nice about Shawne Williams.  For a guy who generally makes the news for getting into a fight or getting choked by Ron Artest, it must be refreshing to hear a compliment. When you find a way to dunk over Dwight Howard, you deserve one.  Normally I wouldn’t find Williams throw down on Tuesday night to be that impressive, but when it’s over a beast like Howard we can give you props.  Check out the video of Shawne Williams dunking on Dwight Howard, courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk:

Side note: the Knicks lost because they couldn’t play any defense. That’s different.

Marvin Williams and Shawne Williams Fight (Video) Suspensions Are Likely

This Shawne Williams cat must be some sort of pest, because for the second time in less than a month he was in the middle of some trouble. Last time he got into it with Ron Artest, this time with Hawks forward Marvin Williams. Here’s a video of the Marvin Williams-Shawne Williams fight from Friday night in Atlanta:

Marvin was immediately ejected and then Shawne was sent off as well after refs reviewed the play. Both players should expect suspensions from the league for throwing punches (if you can call them that), and Marvin’s suspension might be slightly harsher. As for our suspicion that Shawne is a pest, that’s exactly what Hawks forward Al Horford said “Marvin is a great guy. Shawne really had to get under his skin for Marvin to react like that, or do something to him.” The good news is the Hawks won, the bad news is that it happened so late you wish Marvin could have just let it go.

Ron Artest Briefly Chokes Shawne Williams, Refrains From Going Ron Artest

I’m no NBA insider, but I do know that a psychiatrist is about to be fired. After being on his best behavior all last season, Ron Artest seems to be breaking down in his second year with the Lakers. The volatile forward reportedly confronted coach Phil Jackson during a recent practice, and I have to say I believe the story after what happened Sunday night.

Artest got a technical foul for putting his hand on Knicks forward Shawne Williams’ throat in a choking position before retracting. The choking was the instinctual Ron Artest while the quick removal of the hand was the David Stern-ized Artest. Much like his comments two years ago, you could tell what Ron Ron really wanted to do but refrained from doing.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, later in the third quarter Artest went thug life on Amar’e Stoudemire, clothes lining the forward as he drove the lane. The move was completely excessive and indicated some frustration with Ron Ron. He seemed to be preparing for his NFL career after the NBA with the physical play. All I know is that if he keeps this stuff up, his brother’s prediction will come true. Here’s a video of the incident in case you missed it:

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