Donald Sterling, his gut, and wife Shelly hang out at Bellagio

Donald Shelly Sterling

Looks like Donald and Shelly Sterling aren’t exactly on the worst of terms despite their intense legal battles over ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Twitter user Tommy Lorenzo of TheVegasParlay.com shared the photo seen above of the Sterlings together at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Check out Donnie boy all decked out in the horizontal striped shirt and sweater around the neck. He’s only a dunce cap away from perfecting the Mr. Smee look. Guess nobody told him it’s 105 degrees in the desert this weekend. And we know he likes spending time out by the pool, too.

Just a reminder that in court, Donnie had this to say about wife Shelly.

“My wife is beautiful but she can’t run anything.”

Good to know that sort of verbal praise had no affect on their relationship.

Shelly Sterling going to court, concerned Steve Ballmer could back out of deal

Shelly-Sterling-Donald-SterlingNow that Donald Sterling seems to have made up his mind that he is going to fight to keep the Los Angeles Clippers, his wife Shelly Sterling has decided she will take Donald to court in an attempt to finalize her control over the Sterling Family Trust.

According to Tami Abdollah of the Associated Press, Shelly is seeking an emergency order for a hearing to try to convince a judge to grant her full authority to sell the Clippers. Shelly has previously stated that she is the sole trustee of the Sterling Family Trust and does not need Donald to sign off on the sale of the team after neurologists determined last month that he suffers from dementia and is “mentally incapacitated.”

Sterling’s lawyer Max Belcher claims Donald is fully capable of handling his own affairs.

“There isn’t the slightest evidence he’s incapable of managing his affairs,” Belcher said.

A separate report from TMZ claims Shelly is growing concerned that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could back out of his $2 billion agreement to purchase the Clippers. The tentative deal between Shelly and Ballmer reportedly contains an escape clause for Ballmer if it is determined that she does not have clear control over the team.

Should Donald win his case against Shelly and prove he is mentally fit to remain owner of the Clippers, the NBA will revert to its original plan of forcing Sterling out through a vote. David Aldridge of NBA.com reports that the league “initiated termination protocol” against Sterling last month but halted the process when it appeared Sterling was going to agree to give up the team.

The only thing we are certain of as the saga rolls on is that there are a ton of moving parts. That means the entire ordeal is going to take some time to sort out. Whether the legal proceedings are enough to scare Ballmer away remains to be seen.

Shelly Sterling to stay connected to Clippers after sale?

Shelly-SterlingShelly Sterling was in charge of negotiating the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The NBA previously made it clear that allowing Shelly to remain a part of the organization after Donald Sterling has been banned for life is not an option, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be connected to the team in any way if Ballmer buys it.

According to CBS News, the agreement between the Sterling Family Trust and Ballmer allows for up to 10% of the team ($200 million) to be used toward a charitable foundation that would be run by both Shelly Sterling and Ballmer. The foundation will reportedly be dedicated to underprivileged families, battered women, minorities, and inner-city youths.

The idea to allow Shelly to continue some role in the team was floated early on by her attorney, Pierce O’Donnell – neither he nor Shelly Sterling responded to a request for comment – and it was enthusiastically agreed to by the NBA. “The NBA was all over it in terms of support,” one of the individuals said. “It gave her a meaningful role and stake in the team, and gave the NBA 100 percent sale of the team.”

While the NBA has supposedly agreed to the charity work and Shelly’s involvement with it, a league spokesman said she will have absolutely no involvement with the basketball franchise itself if the deal goes through.

“It’s not accurate that Mrs. Sterling will have a role with the Clippers or a stake in the team,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

Of course, it remains unclear where Donald Sterling stands with regard to the sale of the Clippers at the moment. After dropping his lawsuit against the NBA and agreeing to sign off on the agreement, Sterling has apparently decided that he wants his lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine rescinded before he proceeds.

Donald Sterling was declared mentally incapacitated

Donald Sterling wifeWondering how Shelly Sterling was able to agree to a deal to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer without Donald’s approval? Now we have our answer.

According to ESPN LA’s Ramona Shelburne, experts declared Donald Sterling mentally incapacitated. Donald being declared mentally incapacitated allowed Shelly to become the sole trustee of the Sterling Family Trust. The Sterling Family Trust controls the Clippers, with Donald and Shelly each having 50 percent stake in the trust.

Being the sole trustee gave her the power to agree to a sale of the franchise. Shelly did just that, agreeing to let the former Microsoft CEO purchase the franchise for a record price of $2 billion.

Donald’s attorney has been vocal in saying they intend to fight the sale of the team, and you better believe that they will. They’ll go after Shelly, the Sterling Family Trust, Ballmer, and the NBA for arranging this sale without his consent and approval.

This sounds like the ultimate shady move and one that will be challenged in court.

Report: Donald Sterling agrees to let wife Shelly negotiate forced sale of Clippers

Donald-Sterling-wifeDonald Sterling is planning to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. On Friday morning, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported that Sterling has agreed to allow his wife Shelly to negotiate a forced sale of the team.

The NBA has not yet accepted the terms of the proposal between Donald and Shelly, and she will have to state her case in the coming days. If the proposed deal means having the Sterlings take their money and be gone from the league, I can’t imagine there would be much opposition from the NBA.

As Shelburne put it, the entire Sterling saga could come to an abrupt end if Donald transfers full ownership to Shelly and she agrees to sell the Clippers in their entirety.

Earlier this week, the NBA submitted its formal written case against Donald Sterling. One of the more interesting sections of the 30-page report stated that league investigator David Anders has reason to believe Shelly and Donald are “not in any sense estranged” and have spent time together since the racist audio recording was released. That seemed to set the stage for the NBA making a case that Donald turning the team over to Shelly is not a viable option.

However, the league would likely accept the proposal if it is a matter of Shelly agreeing to negotiate a complete sale. Adam Silver wants the Sterling family out of the picture completely. This would be one way of accomplishing that goal.

NBA: Donald Sterling tried to pay off V. Stiviano; Shelly Sterling is not his estranged wife

Donald SterlingThe NBA has submitted its formal written case against Donald Sterling, a 30-page report, as part of the league’s attempt to force the 81-year-old to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. The documents, which contain a number of serious allegations against Sterling, were reviewed by the Los Angeles Times.

One of the claims made by NBA investigator and former US attorney David Anders is that Sterling tried to pay off V. Stiviano to claim the audio recording had been altered. Sterling allegedly met with Stiviano on May 2 and offered to reimburse her for the embezzlement lawsuit his estranged wife Shelly Sterling filed against Stiviano several months ago if she said she had altered the tape.

“Mr. Sterling said that he would return the value of that payment to Ms. Stiviano through back channels,” Anders wrote in his report.

While Sterling eventually admitted it was his voice on the recording, the NBA claims he first told a league investigator he never said certain things that were featured in the recording. For example, Sterling allegedly tried to say he never asked Stiviano to stop posing for photos with black people and never told her not to bring Magic Johnson to games. The comments he later made about Magic make that harder to believe.

Perhaps more surprising is the NBA’s claim that Sterling and his wife Shelly are “not in any sense estranged.” Shelly has tried to separate herself from Donald since the audio was released by hiring a prominent divorce attorney and speaking out against the racist comments that were made. The NBA seems to think that is all a front.

Investigators stated that “significant evidence exists in the public record and otherwise that Mr. and Mrs. Sterling are not in any sense estranged.” The document said the couple attended nearly every home game this season together and were seen together in New Orleans for February’s All-Star Game.

The case also noted that the couple spent two days together immediately after the Stiviano recording went public, once emerging from a downtown restaurant where she appeared to answer “of course not” when a reporter asked if Donald Sterling was a racist.

Shelly and Donald are clearly viewed by the league as part of the same entity, and taking the team away from Donald and allowing Shelly to retain ownership is not the outcome the NBA is seeking. Sterling has until May 27 to respond to the NBA’s findings in writing.

Thanks to Deadspin for the breakdown

Shelly Sterling preparing to divorce husband Donald?

Donald Shelly Sterling

Shelly and Donald Sterling were married in 1957, though they have been estranged for years. But it sounds like Shelly may be prepared to finally divorce Donald.

TMZ reports that Shelly hired prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser several months ago to prepare the gold digger lawsuit against Donald’s girlfriend V. Stiviano. Wasser is the same lawyer who filed divorce papers on behalf of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Bryant. TMZ says a divorce seems imminent.

Though the two have been estranged for years and don’t sit together when attending Clippers games, the final straw for Shelly supposedly came last year when their 31-year-old son, Scott, died of a drug overdose. She apparently felt like he was more concerned with Stiviano than grieving with the family.

Additionally, Shelly put out a statement that differs from what she told Lisa Salters at the Clippers-Warriors playoff game Sunday.

“Our family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband. My children and I do not share these despicable views or prejudices.”

In comments to Salters earlier in the day, Shelly said she was not sure if it was her husband’s voice on the audio recordings. I guess she’s sure now.