Oscar Robertson tells Spike Lee that Carmelo Anthony should leave Knicks

Carmelo-Anthony-Knicks-DefenseCarmelo Anthony is set to opt out of his current contract with the New York Knicks and become a free agent. While the recent hiring of Phil Jackson has brought hope to a franchise in shambles, it may not be enough to convince Carmelo to stay. According to Oscar Robertson, Anthony shouldn’t consider sticking around anyway.

On Thursday, Robertson told Spike Lee (of all people) on SiriusXM NBA Radio that Anthony would be crazy to re-sign with New York.

“I would leave today. Let me tell you why,” Robertson said, as transcribed by Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk. “Wherever that kid has gone, when he was at Denver, they had a team that fooled around with the ball, then all of the sudden when they needed a basket, threw it to Carmelo. Then, when he shot the ball, they said he shot too much. Then when he didn’t shoot they said he didn’t shoot enough.

“No matter what he does in New York they’re going to criticize him, the people are going to criticize him, because you got guys on that team (the Knicks) that cannot play. You got guys that are hurt all the time…”

Spike was quick to point out that the reason the Knicks hired Jackson was to clean up the mess they have created. Robertson doesn’t care.

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Derrick Rose hits game-winning shot against Knicks, Spike Lee reacts accordingly (Video)

Derrick Rose is officially back. The Chicago Bulls point guard, who missed the entire 2012-2013 season while recovering from reconstructive knee surgery, hit the game-winning shot to give his team an 82-81 win over the New York Knicks on Thursday night.

Rose dribbled toward the baseline and hit an impressive floater over two defenders, leaving just 5.7 seconds on the clock. He was 7-for-23 from the floor and is a miserable 11-for-38 through two games, but at least he found the bottom of the net with the game on the line. While the game-winner was impressive, the best part had to be Spike Lee’s reaction.


Take it easy, Spike. There’s still 80 games left in the regular season. As far as Rose is concerned, this was a much better welcome back moment than the one Norris Cole gave him in the season opener.

Ray Allen denies Spike Lee’s request to film him for ‘He Got Game’ parody

spike-leeSpike Lee is apparently looking to film a spoof of his 1998 hit film “He Got Game,” and he needs Ray Allen in order to do that. Lee is reportedly doing a piece having something to do with Allen’s character Jesus Shuttlesworth, but it sounds like the project will have to wait.

According to the NY Post, Spike and his camera crew attended Thursday morning’s Miami Heat shootaround at AmericanAirlines Arena before Game 7. Allen, who is incredibly particular about his game day routine, had no interest in cooperating with the filming.

When Lee approached the Miami PR staffer, he was told Allen does not speak at shootarounds. It was unclear if the Miami publicist recognized Spike initially.

When Lee persisted, he was told Allen will be told of the request. Soon after, Lee got the bad news. Allen felt it would be too distracting before Thursday night’s monumental Game 7 against the Spurs and was sticking to his shootaround policy.

Spike has been around basketball enough to know that was a bad idea, let alone with a guy who eats the same meal, arrives at the same time, shaves his head at the same time, and practices shots from the same spot every time he has a game. And Thursday night wasn’t just a game, it was the last game of the year in which a champion was about to be crowned.

Lee, while disappointed, reportedly wished Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra good luck and went on his way. Hopefully he can catch up with Jesus at some point in the near future, because I’m interested to see what he has in the works.

Reggie Miller videbombed by Spike Lee on anniversary of huge finish

Reggie Miller Spike LeeTuesday marked the 18th anniversary of Reggie Miller’s improbable finish at Madison Square Guarden. Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds to give the Indiana Pacers a stunning 107-105 win over the New York Knicks in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals. Miller’s performance is widely regarded as one of the most improbable, clutch achievements of all time. It’s also memorable because Miller exchanged some epic trash talk with filmmaker Spike Lee during the game, as had become tradition for the two.

Well Reggie returned to MSG on Tuesday as a commentator for Game 2 of the Knicks-Indiana Pacers playoff series. Before the game, Miller announced his presence with authority by sending out this tweet:

No choke signs were exchanged, but Spike did get Miller back with a solid videobomb.

As the Knicks ran the Pacers out of the Garden in the fourth quarter, the fans got in on the act with a “Reggie sucks” chant:

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Spike Lee wears Jeremy Lin’s high school jersey at Knicks game (Picture)

You know how we know Jeremy Lin is special? The milk shake created in his honor and the $40,000 his game-worn jersey pulled in on eBay are decent indicators, but the photo above takes it to an entirely new level. According to ESPNNewYork.com, Lin’s high school coach Peter Diepenbrock said during a radio interview that he was going to bring Jeremy’s Pal Alto High School jersey to Madison Square Garden in hopes that Spike Lee would wear it. As you can see, Lee was all for it.

Lee reached out to the coach when he heard about the idea so he could make sure it happened. Diepenbrock had one of his former players deliver the No. 4 jersey to Lee’s people. As we all know, Spike is arguably the biggest Knicks fan on the planet. He’s certainly the most recognizable. It should be noted, however, that the Knicks streak was broken on Friday night. I’m guessing that will be the first and last time Lee rocks the Palo Alto colors at the Garden.

H/T @IamaGM

Spike Lee Gives Barack Obama Pair of Air Jordan Spizike Shoes (Pictures)

Forgive me for not respecting Barack Obama as a sports fan.  He is the Commander in Chief of the United States of America, so in a certain sense I respect him for that.  But as we have seen recently on more than one occasion, sports and politics don’t always mesh.  Oftentimes in the past, the President has been no exception. Obama claims to be a White Sox fan, yet he couldn’t name a single player on their roster a couple of seasons ago.  When hosting the NCAA champion UConn Huskies at the White House, he referred to legendary college coach Adolph Rupp as “Ruff.”  Regardless, he is still the President.  Maybe that’s why Spike Lee and Michael Jordan decided to present him with a new pair of Air Jordan Spizikes on Thursday.

Being from Chicago, Obama is supposedly a huge Bulls fan.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his knowledge of the Bulls consisted of only the names Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but who am I to judge?  He got a pair of special edition kicks in a personalized wooden box and I didn’t.  Maybe this was just Spike’s way of thanking him for ruining Rajon Rondo’s jump shot.

Pictures via Stupid Dope and Spike Lee on Twitter

Spike Lee Was Cussed Out by Kevin Garnett at End of Celtics-Knicks Game

Fans can be ruthless sometimes, but they also help make sports as fun as they are. Superfans like Spike Lee are the best because once you achieve an identifiable level amongst opposing teams, you become a source of motivation. Just ask Reggie Miller, who had some of his best and most memorable games against the Knicks because of Spike.

Apparently Spike Lee still can motivate an opponent to this day. In an interview with ESPN, Spike was asked about his most memorable conversation with a player during a game. His answer, as I learned via BSO, is very fitting given recent history in the NBA:

“But this last time against Boston — you know that game where they disallowed Stoudemire’s three? — Kevin Garnett lost it. He was cursing me out for no reason. Maybe because Stoudemire gave him 39 points, but take that vulgarity to Stoudemire. I’m not holding you and I did not even say s— to Garnett the whole game. That really surprised me. He lost it. He was cursing at me the whole game. He needs to calm the f— down.”

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