Restaurant pokes fun at Jameis Winston with Famous Jameis crab special

Jameis Winston Dantannas

Two days after Jameis Winston was cited for allegedly stealing king crab legs from a grocery store, the jokes are still coming.

First we had all the brilliant photoshop and meme pictures. Then we had an Alabama grocery store label a pack of king crab legs the Jameis Winston kind. And now we have this.

Dantanna’s in Atlanta, which is an upscale sports bar specializing in surf & turf, offered a “Famous Jameis” special on Friday. The special includes one pound of steamed snow crab legs, Heisman hash browns, Seminole grilled corn and citation citrus butter. Gotta love the alliteration with the Heisman hash browns and citation citrus butter. Oh, and the five finger discount line was pretty good, too.

Had they done this a few days later it would have been old, but the jokes are still solid now. Then again, I’m not sure Winston will ever die this down. I mean who actually gets busted for stealing king crab legs? C’mon son!

Photo: Twitter/Dblk19

Packers bar trash talks Adrian Peterson over rushing record (Picture)


NFC North rivals Green Bay and Minnesota will meet in the playoffs Saturday, and matters are so intense even sports bars are getting in on the trash talk.

The Stadium View Bar and Grille located on 1963 Holmgren Way in Green Bay has placed two signs on its property taunting Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. One sign is hanging inside the bar while the other is outside it. Both say, “Adrian, this is what 9 yards look like,” which is a jab at AD for coming nine yards short of breaking the single-season rushing record.

Peterson still rushed for 2,097 yards on the season — which is the second-most all time — and two of his three highest totals came against the Packers. He rushed for 210 yards in the first game, and 199 in the second. The Packers have vowed to hold him below 200 yards in the third meeting between the teams.

Eric Dickerson still happily holds the single-season record with 2,105 yards.

Photo credit: Twitter/Keith Leventhal

NYC bar creates ‘No Sex on the Beach’ drink for Tim Tebow

Several New York City companies are not wasting any time trying to capitalize on Tim Tebow now that he is on the Jets. We have to hand it to one bar for its creativity.

Murray Hill sports bar Brother Jimmy’s has created a “No Sex on the Beach” drink — a non-alcoholic virgin version of the popular Sex on the Beach beverage — to encourage Tebow to visit the bar.

Additionally, Jay-Z’s 40/40 club says they will have sparkling cider on hand in case Tebow ever comes to the club.

The Jets reportedly will encourage Tebow to live in New Jersey nearby the team’s practice facility to avoid the tempting life in New York City. Think they’re overreacting? Tebow’s already been offered lap dances by a strip club.

Tim’s stayed strong and turned down plenty of enticing ladies in the past, but he’ll have to be extra disciplined in New York. This could get out of hand in a hurry.

Interested in the girl pictured with Tebow? Her name is Erin Drewes. Here is more information about her.

Denver Bar Sign: ‘Careful Ladies Big Ben is Coming to Town’ (Picture)

Boone’s Tavern, a bar in Denver, likes to have fun with the Broncos’ opponents by writing witty messages on a sign in front of the bar. Last week, their message to Kansas City fans involved a shot at former Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, who’s now with the Chiefs.

“KC we borrowed your BBQ but you have our sloppy seconds,” the sign said.

This week’s sign is much better.

“Careful ladies Big Ben is coming to town,” the succinct message says. So simple, so perfect.

It’s been a while since anyone took shots at the sexual assault allegations Roethlisberger faced. Last April, it was an Eminem song that ripped him. Then some ninjas protested his return from suspension last season. Since getting married, Roethlisberger has avoided must of the criticism, but this Denver bar won’t forget.

Broncos vs. Steelers. It’s going down Sunday.

Picture Credit: Josh Townsend via Clay Travis

LA Bar Banning Raiders Games Because Raiders Fans Are Causing Problems

A Venice, Ca. sports bar has decided to stop showing Raiders games on TV because Raiders fans were causing too many problems at the venue.

Deadspin brought our attention to the story when they posted the picture shown above (taken by a customer). LBS called Cabo Cantina and spoke with the bar’s manager who confirmed the story.

The bar’s manager, a man named Wayne, told LBS that there are two particular large groups of Raiders fans who were creating the problems. He says the fans began coming in last season without causing problems. There weren’t any issues for the first three or four games this year. But then the groups of fans started to bring in some friends who were causing problems.

“They were taunting, insulting, rude, loud, and making people feel uncomfortable,” Wayne told us. “People were leaving the bar, so we had to do something.”

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D.C. Bar Dropping Beer Prices to Match Jayson Werth’s Low Batting Average

Jayson Werth has struggled in his first season with the Nats and D.C. drinkers will reap the benefits. According to NBC Washington via NESN.com, Duffy’s Irish Pub in D.C. plans to have prices on certain beers discounted to reflect Werth’s low batting average.

“During the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, you can order PBR tallboys, Buds and High Lifes for whatever Werth’s batting average is at the time. For example, if the promotion started right now, at the time of publication, Werth’s .211 batting average would mean $2.11 brewskies.”

The bar wrote on its facebook page that they’re just having fun with Werth but they want him to turn it around. I’ll say they’re just taking the lead from this bar in Seattle.

The Nats admitted they overpaid when they signed Werth as a free agent to a seven-year $126 million deal in the offseason. Nobody should have expected Werth to repeat his success with the Phillies; Werth is in a larger park and has less support in the lineup. Still, seeing him hit in the low-.200s is a surprise. Maybe he heard about the promotion and was insulted because he went 3-for-5 with a home run Wednesday to raise his batting average to a whopping .218. Even .218 is a steal for bar-goers.

Texas Longhorns Sports Bar Opens in Pakistan

The University of Texas is popular enough to have its own TV network. It may be the strongest brand in collegiate athletics, boasting incredible amounts of fans and revenue from merchandise sales. Texas is so big in fact, that a Longhorns-themed sports bar was opened in Pakistan by an alumnus.

25-year-old Shanil Ali opened up “Longhorns Sports Bar” in Karachi, Pakistan six months ago. It sounds like a typical sports bar featuring walls painted orange and white, video games, and a menu of Tex-Mex and Pakistani food. The Express Tribune in Pakistan provides more details on the bar:

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