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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Stanford Basketball

Stanford band reportedly tried to use tubas to sneak booze into game

Stanford may be one of the most academically demanding universities in the country, but that doesn’t mean the school’s students are immune to the temptations of alcohol. College kids like to drink. Apparently the Stanford band is no exception. According to WDRB’s Rick Bozich, some members of the Stanford band were caught trying to use…Read More

Ray Lewis made sure UMass stood no chance against Stanford (Video)

Being a Massachusetts guy my whole life, I always root for UMass anytime they have a chance to do something great. Unless, of course, John Calipari is leading them to greatness because then the greatness will be inevitably stripped by the NCAA, but that’s a discussion for another day. The Minutemen advanced all the way…Read More

Video: Stanford Remakes McDonald’s Commercial (with Andrew Luck Cameo)

Stanford big men Dwight Powell and Josh Owens collaborated to remake the classic Michael Jordan and Larry Bird McDonald’s commercial. Only in their version, which is intended to promote a scrimmage Sunday, they play for a burrito instead of a Big Mac. Come for the intended comedy, stay for the Andrew Luck and Mark Madsen…Read More

Trent Johnson Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

Come to find out that there was more to Stanford coach Trent Johnson’s ejection Saturday than meets the eye. Luckily we don’t have to discuss the controversial nature of the move since Stanford ended up winning the game, but apparently Trent Johnson should have realized with whom he was dealing. The sleuthing Matt Spiegel at…Read More

Not News: Athlete Ineligible, Grades News: He Goes to Stanford

Commenter JS points out that USC’s chances of avenging their football loss to Stanford on the basketball court just went up immensely. Why? Well, stud Cardinal big man, Brook Lopez, not only is academically ineligible for the first nine games of the year, but he’s also suspended indefinitely for skipping class. Yeah, that’s a brilliant…Read More

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