Former Canadian skier Brian Stemmle upset about Stanley Cup visiting Canadian Olympic House

Patrich Chan Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is awesome. It’s probably the coolest trophy in professional sports, and it has to be the only trophy that has security detail 24/7/365. Having a chance to be around the cup is rare, so of course any time there is a cup visit, there’s going to be excitement. Which is what happened on Monday.

The Stanley Cup, which appears to have been in Sochi for a few days, was in the Canada Olympic House, where many Canadian Olympians seized the opportunity to take pictures with it. But there was one grumpy guy who complained about the cup’s presence.

Here’s what former Canada skier and current TV analyst Brian Stemmle had to say:

If so many athletes had a problem with the Stanley Cup’s presence, they probably wouldn’t have been so excited about checking it out and taking pictures with it:

Lighten up, Stemmle. The Stanley Cup is awesome and can do whatever it wants whenever it wants.

H/T The Canadian Press

Nathan Horton’s Day with Stanley Cup Shortened After Cup Misses its Flight

One of the greatest rewards for winning the Stanley Cup (besides finally being able to shave the beard) is getting to spend one day with it. It’s one of the best traditions in sports — every member of the team gets a day with the Cup during the summer, and they get to do whatever they want with it. Yes, even nasty stuff.

The first Bruin to get the Cup was winger Nathan Horton, who was knocked out of the series in Game 3. Horton was going to show off the cup at a parade in Dunnville, Ontario, but there was one little problem. The Stanley Cup arrived late.

Turns out the Cup arrived at the airport in Boston at 7:37am for an 8:00am flight, meaning it missed the 30-minute bag check-in cutoff and had to take a later flight. It didn’t arrive until 2:25pm we’re told, well after many fans had already left. Not only that, but Horton was short-changed on his day — he was supposed to have the Cup from 9am-midnight.

As for the rest of the Cup’s schedule, it goes to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Finland before returning to Ontario. Maybe one of the other Bruins will be kind enough to give Horton another shot with it.

Rate the New Jonathan Toews ‘History Will Be Made’ Stanley Cup Commerical (Video)

The NHL is certainly not the most popular sport in the U.S., but they aren’t going down without a fight. The “History Will Be Made” advertising campaign for the Stanley Cup that was launched last March may have inspired a parody or two, but if you ask me it’s getting the job done.  The newest edition of the campaign, which features Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, is a home run.  Check out the Jonathan Toews “History Will Be Made” Stanley Cup commercial, as pointed out by The Big Lead:

If you don’t appreciate that commercial you either really, really, really hate hockey or you really, really, really, hate kids.  Forget about the fact that some of those little tykes grow up and drink themselves silly.  The Toews commercial has set the bar high, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else the NHL will come up with as we approach the postseason. Your move, Where Amazing Happens.

Kristen Bell Crushed on Chris Osgood

Leave it to me to be right on time to the party and post this right after Chris Osgood had his worst game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Anyway, Kristen Bell, the star of Heroes, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars and much more, revealed her first crush to NHL.com in an interview:

NHL.com: If you could meet any hockey player, who would you meet and why?

KB: Chris Osgood was my first crush. Brad Pitt be damned, he had nothing on Osgood’s rookie skill and sad eyes. There was actually a day in high school when I wrote on a name tag ‘Mrs. Osgood’ and wore it the whole day. I really thought we were perfect for each other. I’d love to meet him and probably apologize that things never worked out.

NHL.com: If you had the Stanley Cup for one day, what would you do with it?

KB: I would start by eating an entire box of Fruity Pebbles out of it. Then I’d take an afternoon sponge bath in it. Then I’d retro fit it with handles and make it into a Stanley Cup handbag.

Fruity Pebbles + Sponge Bath = Dream Come True. I can’t think of much better things to do with the Stanley Cup, but one would involve this lovely young lady pictured down here. As far as the above picture of Ms. Bell, I have to give major thanks to my man Justin for the tip. And there’s one more included after the jump, just for him.

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