Steve Smith to Aqib Talib after the game ‘Ice up son!’ (Video)

Aqib Talib Steve SmithSteve Smith had a great message for Aqib Talib after the Carolina Panthers beat the New England Patriots 24-20 on Monday night.

NFL Network reporter Albert Breer caught up with Smith for an interview as the receiver was walking off the field. Breer asked him what happened between him and Talib (the two got into it several times earlier in the game). Smith, who is a notorious hot-head and trash talker, offered this answer.

“You’re gonna have to ask him. He didn’t finish the game. Ice up, son.”


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Aqib Talib and Steve Smith had a nice fight (GIF)

Aqib Talib Steve SmithIf the main event on Monday night Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots, the co-main event was Aqib Talib vs. Steve Smith.

The Panthers star receiver and Patriots star cornerback went after it throughout the first half. On the Panthers’ touchdown drive in the first quarter, Smith caught two passes for 47 yards. He also helped his team gain 15 yards thanks to the unnecessary roughness penalty Talib committed by holding onto Smith’s leg (as seen in the GIF at the top).

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Steve Smith: Janoris Jenkins needs to wear some condoms

steve-smithCarolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is still not ready to let go of his his anger toward St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins. After their two teams squared off on Sunday, Smith blasted Jenkins and said he would punch him in the mouth if he ever saw him on the streets.

Smith claimed he was angry that Jenkins googled information about him and said derogatory things about his wife. He reiterated that during an interview with Taylor Zarzour and Marc James on WFNZ the Fan in Charlotte on Tuesday.

“When I go against the opponent I talk and I may say hey I beat you and any of that stuff. But I’m not going to Google a guy’s wife’s name and try to find out little things,” Smith said, per Eye on Football. “It wasn’t just him, it was other guys on that defense that was saying it. And just to go to that extent.

“I talk mess and I love talking mess and that’s part of the game. But I would never walk up to a guy — first of all I don’t really know outside of watching him on video — and Google his wife’s name and her birthday and call her outside of her name and call that in the jest of sportsmanship or gamesmanship. … That’s not my deal. I take that as clear disrespect.”

Smith then decided it was his turn to get personal.

“It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms,” Smith added. “That’s what it sounds like he needs to wear.”

Jenkins has four children by three different women. He defended himself as a responsible father when he was entering the draft and was facing character concerns last April. Whatever Jenkins said to Smith, it obviously set him off to the point where he was still steaming about it 48 hours later.

Steve Smith: If I see Janoris Jenkins on the street I’ll punch him in the mouth

Steve-Smith-Not-Punished-For-Flag-Football-InjuryCarolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith looked like the Steve Smith of old on Sunday in a win over the St. Louis Rams. He caught five passes for 69 yards and broke more than one tackle en route to a 19-yard touchdown reception. The attitude associated with his game was also vintage 89.

For most of the afternoon, Smith was matched up against Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins. After the game, Smith told reporters that Jenkins “used the internet and Google for the first time ever” to research for trash talking, claiming Jenkins said derogatory things about his wife. Following his touchdown in the third quarter, which happened to be the 800th reception of Smith’s career, No. 89 pointed at Jenkins and broke into Deion Sanders’ trademark celebration.

“Well he thinks he’s Deion (Sanders),” Smith said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “He’s not. He’s just another notch on the bedpost. That’s 800. He ain’t no different.

“When you embarrass people you rub it in their face.”

Smith also added that he would punch Jenkins in the face if he ever saw him outside the football stadium. Whatever the second-year corner said, it clearly got under Smith’s skin. This is the same Smith who complained about getting leg-humped during a game a couple weeks ago and once came out and said Mark Sanchez sucks, so you know he doesn’t need an excuse to flap his gums. Jenkins may talk a little less if the two ever meet again.

Steve Smith rips refs for ignoring when he was getting ‘leg-humped and hugged’

Steve-Smith-Not-Punished-For-Flag-Football-InjuryCarolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is nearing the end of his career. The 34-year-old veteran’s stats this season have reflected that. Through four games, the former Pro Bowler has hauled in just 18 catches for 203 yards and a touchdown. However, he felt his performance in a 22-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals could have been better if the officials did their jobs.

More specifically, Smith felt that the Cardinals defensive backs were “molesting” him and that umpire Dan Ferrell did a “garbage” job officiating.

“I got a (pass interference) penalty, which is very interesting,” Smith told reporters, via Joe Person of The Charlotte Observer. “I got leg-humped and hugged a few times. Being a pretty good flag football player, I think I got my flag pulled on my jersey a few times. I would say pretty much, I take that one on the chin and just say it was me. I’ve got to play better.”

Smith said there was one route where Ferrell admitted he saw Patrick Peterson hold him but that he didn’t feel it was enough to warrant a call.

“I was told by the referee — whatever judge he was, No. 64 (Ferrell). He told me on my route (that) I felt like I got held, where (Peterson) had the back of my jersey and used that to slingshot his way through and bat the ball down,” Smith explained. “He said he grabbed my jersey, he saw it, but he didn’t think it was enough that changed the course of the route.

“It was pass interference in Mexico, Europe, rugby — in pretty much every other sport but in Arizona yesterday. But then when I pushed off it was pass interference.”

Roger Goodell will likely be sending Smith a special package in the mail for his critical comments, but he doesn’t seem to care.

“To be honest, I make enough money where if Roger wants to fine me he can,” he said. “But I really think that referee probably was the sorriest referee that I have ever met. When I dove for the first down (and) he was standing right there, he didn’t even acknowledge — he received a check that day and I hope he feels good. He was terrible. He was garbage.”

Smith has always been one of the most outspoken players in the league — just ask Mark Sanchez. With the Panthers off to another rough start this year, I highly doubt we have heard the last of No. 89.

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Steve Smith on Kerry Rhodes: ‘We ain’t in the same circles’

Steve-Smith-Not-Punished-For-Flag-Football-InjuryFormer Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes is currently a free agent. He’s only 31 years old and was once considered an above-average defensive back, so the fact that he has been unable to find work has left some people surprised. Over the summer, Rhodes’ alleged ex-boyfriend spread rumors that Kerry is gay. The rumors were fueled by photos of Rhodes laying on a bed with the young man and riding horses with him.

Now, many have speculated that no NFL team is interested in Rhodes because of the rumors about his sexual preference. During a discussion with CBS Charlotte’s Taylor Zarzour and Marc James on Tuesday, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was asked if he had spoken to Kerry at all or if has any idea why he has not been signed. He seemed adamant about dissociating himself with Rhodes.

“I don’t know Kerry,” Smith said emphatically. “We don’t go in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. I’ll let that be.”

For more context, Deadspin shared the audio with us:

We don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it was obvious Smith wants nothing to do with Rhodes. He has his own reasons for that, I’m sure. Zarzour and James sounded like they were looking for more of a football answer from Smith when they asked why he thinks Rhodes is currently unemployed. He could have just said “the NFL is such a competitive league” and left it at that.

Steve Smith: Mark Sanchez sucks

Mark-Sanchez-Tim-Tebow-backupSteve Smith remains as honest and outspoken as ever.

The longtime Carolina Panthers wide receiver was co-hosting The Drive on WFNZ 610-AM in Charlotte on Thursday when he bashed Mark Sanchez.

“He sucks,” Smith said simply.

“I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich,” he joked. (audio here)

When asked about Smith’s remarks, Sanchez said, “I wish him and his team a healthy, successful season.”

Smith’s comments came up in the context of a debate about NFL quarterback rankings. CBS Sports’ Will Brinson listed the Jets quarterbacks (Sanchez and Geno Smith) 30th out of 32 in his rankings, below even Blaine Gabbert (something I would dispute). Smith must have agreed in some shape, because he doesn’t think very much of Sanchez.

We’ve long been down on Sanchez as a quarterback. I give credit to Sanchez for playing well in the playoffs his first two seasons which helped his team reach the AFC Championship Game twice, but the reality is the Jets made the postseason because they had a stellar defense, excellent offensive line, and great running game. When the line and running game weakened and they tried going to a pass-heavy attack the past few years, the results were poor.

Sanchez will be lucky to start another 16 games combined during the rest of his career.

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