Sheldon Brown Hit on Steven Jackson a Nice Wake Up Call

Steven Jackson missed most of Rams training camp, as we all well know. I’m sure whatever cobwebs he developed were shaken of by this bone-bruising, missile-seeking, body-crushing hit by Sheldon Brown of the Eagles. Let’s go to the videotape:

Wow. LaRon Landry thought that hit was vicious. After seeing that play, it’s no surprise the Rams got run by the Eagles 38-3 in the most one-sided game on Sunday. I look like a dope for making them one of the Doc Brown picks, but I still believe they’ll be back. As for Philly, nice to see Donovan McNabb put together such a solid game. I also imagine that I’m not the only one who thinks lots of teams missed out by passing up on DeSean Jackson in the draft — he looks good.

Marshall Faulk Hating on Steven Jackson

As far as I had always heard things, the relationship between Rams running back Steven Jackson, and the man he eventually replaced at the same position, Marshall Faulk, was a good one. I remember hearing stuff about Faulk serving as a mentor to Jackson, even though Jackson was drafted in the first round to share time with Faulk and take the starting role. That must have been all P.C. stuff because apparently that’s far from the truth. Faulk sure made it seem like there are still hard feeling between himself and Steven Jackson when he joined The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio. Asked if he was surprised Jackson’s holding out, he said:

“I am surprised he’s holding out. I don’t know where he’s getting his advice. He’s played four years and he’s played every game once and he’s been hurt three times. I know if I was in the front office, even if it wasn’t Steven, even if it was someone else on another team, it would be hard for me to justify giving them a lot of money, regardless if he was ‘the team’.”

Marshall does qualify the statement by saying he’d have a hard time paying any player who’s holding out. That’s somewhat interesting to me because I’ve read that Faulk once held out himself. But Faulk took his comments to a more personal level. Talking about Steven Jackson running in Faulk’s shadow he said:

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Role Reversal: Agent Leaves Player

Not exactly something you see everyday, not that I follow the scene too closely. Usually it’s the player leaving the agent in search of greener pastures — or golden nuggets, shall I say. Sometimes a player leaves an agent because he wants to pursue a Hollywood angle and get some representation that specializes in TV and media appearances. Whatever the reason, it’s usually the player leaving the agent. After all, what kind of message does it send to clients if agents are walking away from their clients? Not a good one, especially if that agent has dreams of ever signing clients in the future. That’s why it was so strange to read what Florio posted at Pro Football Talk. Apparently Rams running back Steven Jackson was fired by his agent, Gary Uberstine.

The report comes from Sports Business Journal, and what makes this story increasingly strange is that Jackson’s entering a contract year. Why would an agent walk away from sure millions? Florio adds some other interesting notes:

This isn’t the first time that Jackson has been involved in an eyebrow-raising situation when it comes to his agent. Jackson’s first agent was Rocky Arceneaux, who also represented at the time Marshall Faulk, the incumbent starter when Jackson was picked by the Rams in round one of the 2004 draft. The conflict of interest was palpable, but Arceneaux continued to represent both men. He was criticized privately in league circles for the value of the initial contract that he negotiated for Jackson.

If that’s the case, then Jackson sure is a weird one when it comes to an agent. How do you sign with the guy that represents your competition for the starting gig? This story just seems way too weird, I’d really like to hear more on it. I can’t even think of a reason why an agent would leave a player set to make millions.