Anderson Silva suggests Steven Seagal’s influence on him overstated

Steven Seagal has been credited for being an influence on Brazilian MMA superstar Anderson Silva, but Silva downplayed how much of an impact the actor has had on his successful fighting career.

Steven Seagal Anderson SilvaSilva made his comments in English during a recent interview with Whoa! TV.

“Steven Seagal is good man. He no coach, no train me, but he is good man. He is a good person. That’s it,” Silva told Whoa! TV.

Silva was asked about supposedly being taught by Seagal how to do the front kick used to knock out Vitor Belfort.

“I trained front kick for a long time,” Silva said. “I started to train martial arts a long time ago. Steven Seagal showed me the movement, the little movement. I working hard on this kick for a long time in my life.”

This sort of matches what Silva said after the fight. Silva said after beating Belfort that Seagal helped him perfect the kick. Regardless, the friendship/association between the two became a popular subject matter for the future.

Seagal talked Silva up a whole bunch prior to Silva’s rematch with Chael Sonnen. He even got Silva a role in a police movie.

Despite all the hype surrounding the relationship, Brazilian fighter Demian Maia called it all a lie. The connection between Silva and Seagal might not be a lie, but if Anderson’s words are any indication, Seagal is not as much of an influence on the Brazilian’s career as we had been led to believe.

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Demian Maia: Steven Seagal-Anderson Silva relationship is all a lie

Steven Seagal Anderson SilvaSteven Seagal’s relationship with UFC fighter Anderson Silva is all a sham, according to another fighter.

Seagal is an MMA fighter and instructor who developed a successful career in the movies. Though he is most known for being an actor, Seagal is knowledgeable about the fight game and was even credited with helping Silva beat Vitor Belfort by teaching him a devastating front kick. Though the relationship between the two has been a notable storyline in MMA the past few years, Brazilian fighter Demian Maia told a Brazilian TV station that the relationship is fake.

“It’s a lie. It’s marketing,” Maia said, according to a translation by MMA.tv shared by Bloody Elbow. “Like every actor from Hollywood, when Seagal saw Anderson’s success, he glued himself to him. He was down on his career and made it up again. It worked because he appeared in the media again. He never taught Silva anything … For everyone who knows about it, it’s a joke.”

Allow me to call b.s. on Maia. Seagal said that Silva reached out to him in 2011. Was that just for marketing purposes? I’m sure marketing has a lot to do with it — Seagal has even gotten Silva into a movie — but why would it be so tough to believe that Seagal actually helped Silva with some moves? Maybe I’m a sucker and getting caught up in the story they’re trying to sell, but I do believe Seagal has helped Silva. I think Maia just has a negative thing with Silva after the way their fight at UFC 112 went three years ago.

Anderson Silva to star in Steven Seagal police movie

Anderson Silva is the latest MMA fighter who will try his hand at acting.

The Brazilian UFC middleweight champion will star in a police movie with his friend Steven Seagal. Seagal is a mixed martial arts instructor who turned into a notable action movie actor. Seagal has actually helped train Silva in past fights.

According to Fighters Only, Silva revealed to Estadao that he received the first draft of the script this week. The movie is supposed to be an action-packed police story.

“I will make a lot of fight scenes and this is also the first time I will act,” Silva tells Estadão (per Fighters Only). “I received a long plot and I will have the opportunity of putting in practice what I have been studying for some time.”

Silva, who beat Stephan Bonnar in October to improve to 33-4, sounds pretty serious about performing well as an actor.

“I don’t want to be seen as somebody who caught the role because I am on the media and to be a fighter. Of course it is difficult, I am not Lorenzo Lamas, but I want to do it well done to the people see that I am a good actor.”

Silva reportedly will begin filming in the US in December.

Randy Couture, Rampage Jackson, Cung Le, and Gina Carano are among the MMA fighters who have gotten into acting. Even Ronda Rousey has said she would be interested in a movie career. It seems like the two just go together.

With Silva’s impressive speed and fighting skills, one has to imagine the action in the movie will be great. His acting may be another story.

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Steven Seagal: Anderson Silva will beat Chael Sonnen ‘handily’

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will rematch on July 7 at UFC 148, and Steven Seagal is predicting a comfortable win for his friend.

“I think this time, they’re both going to be at their best,” Seagal said on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “I don’t think there’s going to be any controversy, I don’t think there’s going to be any injuries. I think two great fighters are going to go out there and have it out, and I think my guy’s going to win. My guy’s going to win handily this time.”

Sonnen dominated the first four rounds of their first fight, but Silva caught him with a triangle/armbar combination that forced Sonnen to tap in the 5th. Sonnen tested positive for elevated testosterone levels after the fight and was suspended for a year. He appealed the suspension and said he had been approved for testosterone replacement therapy, but that was just part of the controversy.

With the testosterone issues worked out, Seagal is expecting a much different fight.

“Chael last time had an extremely unfair advantage,” Seagal said. “Because, you know, that whole deal with I don’t know what it’s called, steroids, or whatever, performance-enhancing drugs or whatever. … I think this time, probably he’ll be a little more careful with that, and I think that will even the playing field.”

Seagal also told Helwani that Silva had cracked ribs before the first fight and advised him not to fight the last time.

Now I know what you’re wondering: Does Seagal have anything new in store for Silva to use in this fight?

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Randy Couture Challenges Steven Seagal to Fight

You might recall in May when Lyoto Machida knocked Randy Couture out with a straight up Karate Kid-style kick. That was the second time recently that a fighter used a front leg kick to the face to score a knockout, and actor Steven Seagal took credit for both of them. Since he was the victim of one of the kicks, Randy Couture joked that he wants to fight Seagal. Check out this video about a minute in:

I so would pay to see Couture vs. Seagal in the octagon, that would be badass. It certainly would have more intrigue than Belfort vs. Akiyama at UFC 133. What do you think, could Seagal take him? Can he walk the walk? I doubt it.

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Steven Seagal Says Anderson Silva Initially Reached Out to Him

I don’t know about you, but I still cannot get over the news that actor/tough guy Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva the kick he used to knockout Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 (watch the incredible video here). Like Del wrote, we figured Seagal being part of Silva’s entourage was more of a joke than anything else, and we were in disbelief when The Spider credited Seagal for the move after the fight. We’re still having trouble processing it all.

Given that Seagal taught Silva the move, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Silva’s the one who initially reached out to Seagal to form their relationship, but I am. In this interview with Ariel Helwani, Seagal talks about their relationship, including how they first met. It’s stunning:

Steven Seagal’s Training Helped Anderson Silva Beat Vitor Belfort

Steven Seagal is much more than just a badass Hollywood actor. People joke about the tough guy roles he stars in and patronize a lot of his cheesy movies, but UFC 126 proved Seagal is not someone you would want to mess around with in a dark alley — or anywhere for that matter. Don’t believe me? Just ask any of the countless fighters who have had their noggins cranked in by middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

If you were watching the fights on Saturday night, you probably laughed and were a little surprised to see Seagal standing in the front row wearing a nice set of yellow-tinted glasses. Those of us who are aware of his impressive background in martial arts immediately found ourselves wondering if Seagal was part of The Spider’s entourage.  It turns out he’s more than that.

When Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort with one of the best front kicks you’ll ever see on Saturday night, he was quick to give all the credit to Seagal.  In his post-fight press conference, Anderson said through his translator that Seagal “helped (him) perfect that kick,” which was one they had spent a lot of time working on in training.  How great is that?

Last time I checked, Chuck Norris wasn’t responsible for helping one of the best MMA fighters in the world defend his title.  Chuck may get all the credit and have all the quips written about him, but it looks like we need to start recognizing Seagal as the most hardcore badass in Hollywood.