Arizona Streaker Jacen Lankow Regrets Not Doing Jared Allen Sack Dance

Jacen Lankow has became infamous after pulling one of the most impressive stunts by a streaker that we’ve ever seen. The University of Arizona senior interrupted the UCLA-Arizona football game Thursday night when he ran onto the field dressed as a referee. A fight between the teams ensued, and Lankow was taken in by campus police. Now, thanks to KVOA-TV in Tucson, we know Lankow’s motivation.

Lankow told the TV station he came up with the idea while getting his oil changed over the summer. He says he wanted to do something really big before he graduated and this was it.

“It’s my last semester,” Lankow explained. “I’ve had a clear record so far. I just wanted to do something for fun. Good clean fun — nobody got hurt.

When asked about the possibility of punishment from the school, Lankow admitted he was worried.

“If I got expelled, my mom would be pissed!”

Contrary to what you would believe, Lankow insists he wasn’t drunk. In fact, he says he didn’t have anything to drink.

But his biggest regret from the infamous night?

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Video: Red Sox Fan Laid Out By Security Guard

Much like Phillies fans, we are all aware of how crazy Boston Red Sox fans can be.  Some are crazy in a fun way while others are crazy in an obnoxious way.  Then there are those who are just plain stupid.  Since we all love to give security guards crap for using excessive force (see Cal security guard who slapped a choke hold on a fan), it would be unfair to snub them out of a well-deserved pat on the back.  That is exactly what this Fenway Park security guard — who we call Ray Lewis for the purpose of this discussion — deserves for the hit he put on a Red Sox fan Monday night.  Check out this video of a Red Sox fan getting laid out by a security guard, courtesy of Jimmy Traina:

That hit by Ray Lewis could be even better than the one that Fresno State staffer put on a shirtless maniac in the Fall.  Note to the fan: if you’re going to run onto the field, put a little hop in your step.  The idea is to see how long you can go without getting caught, not to tip-toe around like you’re trying to win a Miss America pageant.  Wake up.

Ashley Vickers Gets Red Card for Tackling Borat Streaker (Video)

Note to all footballers: if a fan runs onto the field, don’t do anything — even if it holds the game up and/or makes you feel threatened. During a Conference South match between Dorchester Town and Havant and Waterlooville, Ashley Vickers had to learn that the hard way.  The Dorchester Town player decided to do everyone a favor and tackle a fan who rushed the field dressed in a Borat costume, only to be slapped with a red card by the official.  Have a look at the video, courtesy of BBC Sport via The Big Lead:

The red card was given for using “excessive force.”  Huh?  On an idiotic fan?  Maybe I don’t know enough about soccer, but I don’t understand this at all.  MLB players have tripped field-rushers before and all they get is a handshake from security.  An official throwing a player out of a game for taking care of business makes absolutely no sense to me.  On a separate note, I must admit the Borat theme was pretty classic.

Security Guard Lays Out Fan During Fresno State-Nevada Game (Video)

This B.A.M.F. of a security guard don’t need no Taser.  As a matter of fact it doesn’t appear that he needs any help doing his job at all, unlike some CFL security guards who can’t manage to take down a streaker.  All he needs is his legs, a shoulder, and some pure filtered adrenaline to complete the task at hand.  Check out this video of a security guard laying out a fan at the Fresno State-Nevada game and see for yourself:

Now that’s what I call a football hit.  Roger Goodell could watch the tape of that one all he wants in hopes of finding something to fine him for, but he’d come up empty.  Good thing the kid probably didn’t feel a thing.  He looked pretty numb if you know what I mean.  Thanks to S.I. Hot Clicks for the video and kudos to YouTube user shades2k5 for the tremendous background music to accompany the clip.